London | Five Restaurants at Victoria Station

Last night I ate all the food and now I think I’m broken.


I fear I may never be the same again.

It’s like 11:25am and I haven’t had breakfast yet. There’s half an hour until I go on my lunchbreak and I’m not even sure I can quite stomach that yet.

And those of you who follow me on Twitter know how much I like my lunch!

I was invited along with a couple of other foodies to check out the restaurants at the newly refurbished Victoria Place Shopping Centre at Victoria Station in London.

You guys, we had not one, not two, but five courses over five different restaurants.

The things I do in the name of blogging eh?

Victoria Place Prezzo
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Quick Halloween Makeup | The Rag Doll

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously in awe of some of the Halloween makeup tutorials I’ve seen lately.

The artistry that some of these girls are putting into their costumes is absolutely brilliant. From Georgina’s INCREDIBLE female-Hades makeup tutorial, to Victoria’s sexy tiger look, there are SO many posts to be inspired by.

But what happens when you have NO TIME in which to get ready for Halloween?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to go to a party straight from work or haven’t had time to go shopping for a costume or face paints or anything.

So for 4 years now, I’ve been wearing variations of the Rag Doll costume.

It’s sooo easy to do and I can use stuff I already have in my wardrobe and makeup bag, which saves me a bundle of cash.

I do actually change my hair, makeup and dress every year, but every year I love my costume, I’m comfy and I manage to creep everyone out.

And the beauty of it is it literally takes 10 minutes to pull together!

rag doll halloween makeup tutorial
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My Top 5 | Halloween Films

Happy Monday folks!

I haven’t done a movie list in aaages (you can read my previous ones here and here) so with Halloween week upon us, it felt like the right time to do another one:

My Top 5 Halloween Films!

Now, keep in mind that A) I’m a wimp and B) I’m a wimp.

I just can’t do scary.

So these are all mainly funny, family, musical and crazy-based films.



Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Thoughts on Kindness from Strangers

Anthony Nolan thank you stranger

OK so remember yesterday when I wrote a post about my awful week and how I was going to be super positive about it all?

Can’t you just guess that I got home last night, made a delicious bolognese and then my housemate accidentally dropped a tub of black pepper on it? That I overslept this morning for the first time in months? That I’ve spent ALL DAY trying to get rid of accidentally-downloaded malware on my computer? That it’s taken me hours to get this post to load and save?

I’m telling you, when it rains, it doesn’t just pour, it CHUCKS it down!

And adds a hurricane and a couple of cats and dogs in as well. Y’know. Just for funsies.

But it’s Friday! Hurrah!

And life could be a lot worse.

(Though I have to admit there was a short moment this afternoon when I thought my blog had been eaten up by a virus that I wasn’t so sure about that…)

Have you heard of Anthony Nolan? It’s the UK’s Blood Cancer Charity and Stem Cell register. Every day at Anthony Nolan incredible people help save the life of a stranger with blood cancer by donating their stem cells.

Last week, they launched their newest campaign: THANK YOU STRANGER.

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10 Happy Moments in a Bad Week

I’m having one of those weeks.

You know the ones.

The weeks where you get elbowed off tubes and drenched by rain on your way to work, drop your coffee, have opportunities cancelled, forget your outfit for a fashion launch, realise half your blog HTML is out of sync and has to be fixed…

I know it’s nothing huge and I’m being a bit of a drama queen (it’s my trademark don’tcha know?) but it really hasn’t been a great one.

Since I moved the blog to WordPress I feel like there’s just so much admin and tech stuff to sort through and fix. Half my posts’ format has gone all funky, half my links are broken, my views are waaay down, my bounce rate has gone sky-high, I can’t answer comments as often nor as fast as I’d like…

I feel like I can’t concentrate on what I really want to actually do, which is write and take photos and talk to you guys.

After wrestling with code for hours, my brain-juice is gone, and I’m really struggling to get myself back in a creative groove where I can write posts I actually feel happy with.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or just me, but I feel all out of sorts. Like I’ve lost my confidence.

I had a bit of a mini-meltdown about it all last night (send Gary sympathetic thoughts you guys, that man puts up with a lot!) but if there’s one thing I hear you all mention again and again when you’re talking about Little Miss Katy, is that it’s always radiates positivity.

We all have down days. Even us positive sunshine-minded folk. There will always be days and weeks when things go wrong for us.

But when the going gets tough, the tough quote Harry Potter:


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


So here you go, this is me turning on the light:

Happy Moments

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Travel Dreams | Turkey Delight

Hagia Sofia

Y’all know I like travelling.

I love visiting awesome new countries and experiencing their culture, architecture, food (mmm… food…), historical sights and (my special favourite) their zoos.

I think travel is an incredible way for us to connect as human beings. It broadens the mind, cheers the soul and opens up new horizons (literally). And I really reaaaally wish I could travel more often.

The problems are, as always, dollar and time.

Or rather, my continual lack of either.

I was a-thinking and I realised that actually, one of the things I enjoy most about travelling is the prep. The research. The bit where you start to look into a different country’s history and immerse yourself in travel guides and booklets and maps and TripAdvisor reviews and blogs and all sorts of exciting things!
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