Skincare | Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Range

Happy Friday!


It’s my last day of work before the Christmas holidays!

Christmas dinner and drinks with my friends tonight!

I’ve just printed off my boarding pass and booked my taxi to the airport and I’m flying off home on Sunday!

All the excitement! (and all the exclamation points.)

Let’s move on shall we?

Last week I posted about my morning Winter skincare routine.

Today I’m here to talk about my EVENING skincare routine.

Rodial Stemcell Skincare range
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Would You Rather? | Christmas Edition

Christmas Would You Rather Little Miss Katy

One week til Chriiiiistmaaaas!

I’m very excited. Can you tell?

And I’m amping up my festiveness with plenty of Michel Buble/Idina Menzel/The Snowman soundtrack; stuffing my face with chocolate and mince pies; and getting my present wrapping done this evening to the sound of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

In honour of all this Festive Madness, I’ve got down and jiggy with the WOULD YOU RATHER tag: Christmas Edition.

I did a similar beauty post a couple of months ago, so when I spotted it on Dee’s blog I knew I had to give it a shot :)

Fun fact: today is also the official “Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf Day”!

I’m having a moral dilemma with myself where on the one hand I reaaaally want to join in, and on the other hand, there is a very strong likelihood I’d get fired…

(OK maybe not fired, but I definitely don’t think it would go down well in the world of corporate reception-ing!)

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Theatre | ‘Cats’ at the Palladium

Now, I want to pre-empt this review by saying that I’m the most skeptical of people when it comes to popstars in musicals.

But the one question everyone (seriously. everyone.) keeps asking me whenever I mention that I’ve seen the Cats revival is: what is Nicole Scherzinger like? Is she any good?

And my answer is this:

Nicole Scherzinger is fabulous and has the vocals of a theatre goddess.

Inevitably, the response to this is: really? *eyebrow raise*

YES. Seriously!!!

No, but really Katy… is she actually any good?

Yes. She is FABULOUS.

(TL;DR at the bottom if you cannae be bothered to read it all!)

Cats Nicole Scherzinger London

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Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday Little Miss Katy

Happy Monday!

Monday already. Scary isn’t it?

Only 10 days til Christmas and 2 weeks until we hit 2015!

And can you believe this is my sixth Happy Monday post?! I started writing them as a way to cheer me up on the most miserable day of the week, and so far it’s doing the job.

I’m much more aware of when I’m having a good time and I’m slowly starting to notice the smaller moments of happiness. Those ridiculous couple of seconds when you think: YES I’M EATING A MCDONALDS IN THE PARK AND HELLS YES IT’S AWESOME.

You guys seem to be enjoying them too which is great because it’s definitely something I want to keep up in the New Year :)
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Skincare | The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Collection

I love advent calendars.

When we were little, my Mum made us a fabulous advent calendar out of felt. Every day you take out a little figure to eventually make up a whole nativity scene.

It still goes up in our house every year, and every year there’s always a lot of sneaky shuffling about, cos everyone thinks they can place the scene in a better position than anyone else (chickens shouldn’t go on the roof Mother!).

I’ve seen so many awesome ideas for advent calendars this year, everything from story-books for children, to a tree ornament a day.

So I was super excited to be asked to contribute to The Body Shop’s Christmas Blogger Advent Calendar this year!

They’ve sent me over a whole bundle of skincare products from their Aloe Vera range and I’ve been having a jolly old time testing them all out.

I also get to play Santa Claus to you guys as they’ve given me TWO more sets of products to give away!

How’s that for Christmas came early? ;)

The Body Shop Aloe Vera skincare
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