Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Payday Wishlist | August

Summer is almost halfway done.

Can you believe it?

It won't be long now til we're digging out the Winter jumpers, curling up under a pile of blankets in bed and wishing the sun would make it's re-appearance.

I realised the other day that, so far, I haven't really made the most of Summer 2014. I've been lucky enough to be invited to some very awesome events, but there are so many other, more personal, things that I wanted to do...

And I'm running out of time to do them!

My problem is that budgeting reaaally isn't my strong point. I literally live from paycheck to paycheck with £2 over if you're lucky. So if/when I go shopping on Payday, I then have to be pretty strict with how often I go out for the rest of the month.

In honor of this revelation, August's Payday Wishlist is a slight variation on the norm: I'm going to try and not spend so much on clothes and instead, spend my money on experiences and memories, rather than on objects.

One might even call it a Summer Bucket List!

(Though let's make a pact that if a couple of pretty dresses just happen to fall into my online shopping basket, no-one will judge me. M'kay?)

View of the sea in Mallorca

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How I Tame My Hair

Little Miss Katy Hair Routine

Ever wondered how I style my hair and what products I use?

Sure you have!

...OK maybe not.

But I've had a haircut recently and thought I'd share my routine with y'all, focusing mainly on the products I use regularly and how I tame my mane on a daily basis.

Read on Macduff!

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Wonderful World of Wonderground

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope y'all had time to enjoy the glorious weather and find fun stuff to do.

I've been pretty busy meeting friends, taking pics and going to events. So much so that I missed my Little Things post yesterday! Shock, horror!

But hey ho. Life's for the living etc etc.

And I'll make up for it by giving you guys some wicked posts of everything I've been up to.

Deal? OK.

So I'm gonna do this my way (because it's my blog yo!) and start at the very end of the weekend: last night's trip to London Wonderground with Official Theatre!

London Wonderground at Southbank Centre, view of the London Eye

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

So this morning I'm just chillin'. Y'know, reading some blogs, following links from blogs and reading some more blogs. Blogs. So many blogs.

Then I discover (Definitely) My Cup of Tea, written by Crissy.

All cool and dandy.

She's got some pretty cool posts and I'd definitely recommend checking her out. Good writing, good ideas. Oh and she's from Spain? Awesome.

And then I clicked on her About Me page.

She's only from the same freakin' city as me!

Now, it's a pretty small city okay? Like titchy. You could probably fit the whole of Palma de Mallorca into one of London's boroughs. There's only like 400,000 people living there compared to London's 8 million or whatever.

So in honour of this pretty awesome coincidence (I do so love a good coincidence), I'm gonna do The Blogmopolitan Quiz featured on her blog.

You know those questionnaires Cosmo magazine features when they interview a celeb? It's pretty much that.

The only thing missing was the little doodle self-portrait. So I took it upon myself to add that too!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lunch at Taylor St Baristas

Looking for somewhere to have lunch in London?

Tucked away in a little side-street near Bond Street tube station is a teeny-tiny little coffee shop called Taylor St Baristas.

One of my work colleagues took me here a few weeks after I started working in the area and I was totally blown away by their amazing grilled sandwiches, delicious salads and out-of-this-world coffees.

I've been going back every since!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair front of counter

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