Happy Monday

    Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

    Pergola on the Roof

    Happy Monday! I’m writing this with one eye on my phone, cos someone just put a lure on the building next door and aaaaaall the cool Pokemon are turning up to the party right now… Guys, I’m hooked on this game. Gary finally downloaded it on Saturday, so we spent all morning chasing Pokemon over Clapham Common. My step count has never looked healthier. More news from this week: the heatwave FINALLY seems to have calmed the hell down. I’m…

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  • new look white skirt

    My Swishy White Midi Skirt

    I love swishy midi skirts. And I really reaaaally love this swishy WHITE midi skirt. It’s light and summery and so perfect for our current crazy London weather. I feel a…

  • Cabana Brasil Brunch
    Happy Monday

    Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

    Happy Monday! Gosh this month is going by quickly. They’ve been moving me around different buildings at work quite a lot lately, which means the days seem to go by so…

  • gap boyfriend jeans

    My New (Accidental) Boyfriend Jeans

    Today’s blogpost is going to be short and sweet. Basically, I bought some boyfriend jeans. I’ve been after some for ages. but I was really struggling to find some I liked.…

  • prezzo summer menu

    The New Summer Menu at Prezzo

    There’s something about Italian food that ALWAYS feels Summery, no matter the time of year. The tomatoes, the herbs, the garlic, the wine. Yes, I get the same feeling from Spanish…

  • Happy Monday 11.07.16 - 1
    Happy Monday

    Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

    Happy Monday! Anyone else having serious hair humidity problems this week? I made a bit of an error of judgement and used my super-volume Oribe hair stuff again this morning. Which…

  • ghd azores

    My Summer Hair Routine

    Hairdressers are frequently perplexed by my hair. It’s quite fine, but I have a LOT of it, which makes it look much thicker than it actually is. Texture-wise, it’s also very…

  • happy monday 02
    Happy Monday

    Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

    Happy Monday! It’s 9:30am and I am feeling productive and kick-ass. There’s nothing quite like ticking off part of your to-do list before 7am to get the blood pumping! It’s been…

  • coffee in rome

    Postcards from Rome

    On an evening in Romaaaaa! Yes. Dean Martin. You babe. Many years ago, when I was a teeny tiny fourteen year old, I fell in love with Rome. For 10 years,…

  • bramley apple and bacon frittata

    Bramley Apple and Bacon Frittata

    It’s very nearly July. Like, in two days time it’s going to be July and, in my head, that is really, officially, truuuly Summer… And yet. AND YET. I scheduled a…