clueQuest | an Escape Room in London!


One of my favourite things about my job at Thinking Bob is discovering all the quirky stuff going on in London. I hardly ever used to read Time Out and, if I did discover something going on, I was more than likely already late to the party. Everyone else would have been talking about it for months and I’d get the “oh didn’t you know? It’s closing next week…” chat. Sigh. You wouldn’t believe the amount of events I’ve missed…

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strada flatlay
London Restaurants

A Delicious Dinner at Strada!

I love food. This is an established fact. What you might not be aware of is that, since moving to London, I’ve become a leeeeettle bit of a food snob… Just a little bit. And it’s not something I’m…

red hair
Happy Monday

Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday! So the last few weeks have been a bit of a ‘mare for me health-wise. Not sleeping properly, not eating properly, stressing about, well… everything. And I’m going to be entirely honest here and say that I’m…

Mad and Kaffe brunch Copenhagen
Europe Restaurants

Copenhagen | Brunch at Mad & Kaffe

When Vicky and I were planning our trip to Copenhagen (and I say “planning” in the loosest sense of the word…), the one thing we did do serious research on was brunch. Because you can take the girls out of…

Copenhagen 2016

Postcards from Copenhagen

Oh Copenhagen. What a city! A couple of weeks ago, Vicky and I ran away to Denmark for a night. We caught a stupidly early flight from Gatwick on Saturday morning and returned on a late flight Sunday evening. It…

hot cross buns
Happy Monday

Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday! So I nearly forgot to write this post because in my head it’s actually Sunday. WHICH IS NICE. Because it means Friday is actually only four days away. Hurrah! Despite the bank holiday, this week has been…

happy monday
Happy Monday

Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday! So I’m going to jump right in and say that it’s been a really rough week for me. Like, go home and cry at the end of every day kind of rough. Partly holiday blues, partly quarter…

how to blog
Happy Monday

Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday! So, once again, I have been slacking off on the blog front. This time, though, I had a pretty legit excuse in that I’ve been off on TWO travel trips in the space of 14 days. I…

mcdonalds flatlay
Happy Monday

Happy Monday | 10 Good Things

Happy Monday! OK so I am LOVING my new early morning routine. My goes off alarm at 6:20am, I’m up by 6:30am, tea and toast in the kitchen (which means no distractions), then blog work until 8:30am. That gives…

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