• I've been feeling so uncreative recently. I don't know what's happened to my photography mojo, but it seems to have just disappeared somewhere under a pile of grey clouds, fluorescent lightbulbs, and dirty laundry... How do you stay inspired when things seem a bit blah? 🌿
  • Today has been another tricky one. I ripped a brand new pair of tights as I put them on. Forgot my foundation. Forgot my lunch. Had to deal with rude contractors, broken fire alarms, and infuriatingly slow wifi at work. But Gary just surprised me by arriving home three days early from his latest job, and now we're curled up in bed with a cup of tea and the crossword. So all's well that ends well. 🌿
  • We've woken up this morning with sore heads from too much red wine at dinner last night. Gary's offered to push through and make breakfast, so I'm lounging in bed, wearing my comfiest leggings, sipping hot tea, and leafing through my beautiful copy of Angela Carter's Book of Fairytales... ☕️
  • I started this morning in an awful mood, waking up late, running for work, and forgetting my glasses. I don't work well when I'm stressed, so I decided to cheer myself up by buying coffee and chocolate pastries for my office team. Then I pressed play on my favourite Spotify playlist, went for a walk in the sun, and jumped head first into a whole new business venture. Now I'm at home, with a belly full of garlic chicken, lemony rice, and charred sprouts. Gary's poured me a glass of wine, and I'm curled up in my favourite pyjamas, working out the logistics of my new side hustle. It's been a good Friday. 💛
  • Our work computer picked up a virus this morning, so I got exactly zero work done all day. Now I'm home, and I really should be writing tomorrow's blog post, but instead I cooked salmon and chorizo spaghetti, Gary opened a bottle of prosecco, and we're about to start watching Fantastic Mr Fox on Netflix... 💛
  • After a quiet morning of work and breakfast on the sofa, I wrapped up warm and headed out to meet Charlie at Collective in Euston. Isn't it the cutest co-working space you've ever seen?! 💙
We spent the afternoon chatting blogs and Instagram with a whole host of friendly, talented and passionate bloggers at #YouCanSitWithUsLdn. @iamkristabel did such a fab job organising everything, and I've come home feeling inspired and ready to kick some blog butt this week! 🙆🏼
  • I met the girls for brunch this morning. We ordered bagels and giant coffees, then spent a productive few hours planning our trip to Japan. We've now got a pretty clear idea of where we're going, what we're doing, and how many months I'm going to have to spend eating baked beans to save up for it all... 😂🙈