We had a glorious time in Prague. The food was cheap, the beer was cheaper, the company amazing and the weather…unpredictable.

I loved it. The architecture is gorgeous and I snapped some amazing views from the top of castles and towers and things. We had some amazing food and I drank far too much wine for my own good (like that’s ever stopped me).

OK, so we all know that I could ramble on about our trip to this gorgeous city for hours but I heard that a picture speaks a thousand words so I thought I’d just show you instead.

Unfortunately I forgot that I’m as trigger-happy with a camera as I am with a keyboard. Oops!

Grab a cup of tea, a KitKat and prepare yourself.

This is a very pic-heavy post!

This was our first meal in Prague. Gary went to this restaurant last time he was visiting and has not stopped talking about their beef stroganoff since he got back. We ordered beef goulash with sour cream and home-made dumplings (delicious!), wine for me and beer for him.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the entire bill came to only £8.50! Food and drink in Prague is super cheap, especially if you go off the beaten tourist track.

The Astronomical clock in the Old Town square is a must-see. We climbed to the top for about £5 and the views are superb!

These guys were playing old-school jazz on the Charles bridge. Brilliant!

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I love zoos. I made my sister take me to Dublin zoo when we visited, so it only seemed fair to make Gary come with me to the one in Prague! (not that he complained)

I also really wanted to go on one of the river-boats, so when we heard you could get TO the Zoo IN a river-boat…well. That pretty much decided it.

After a lovely quiet boat journey back, we headed on down to a bar by the river for cocktails and gorgeous views before getting massively involved with the best Thai curry I think I’ve ever eaten at Lemon Leaf.

I totally recommend it if you’re ever in Prague!

  • Katy your pictures are lovely! I went to Prague last April, despite it being absolutely freezing and getting fined/nearly arrested for getting on a tram without paying (oops- didn’t realise you buy a ticket beforehand!) I loved it. Such beautiful buildings and cheap drinks! Haha xxx

    • Thank you Lucy! :) I can’t wait til I can get my hands on a DSLR though haha.

      G got caught in Berlin with the ticket thing (they don’t make it easy do they!) so we just avoided the public transport and walked everywhere! (apart from the boat).

      And yes, the architecture is GORGEOUS. I must have taken a hundred pictures of the buildings alone! It’s just such a lovely city :) xx

  • Sounds like you had an amazing time. Lovely pictures!

  • Lovely pictures, looks like you had an amazing time :)


  • I’m going to Prague next month and I’m so excited!! It looks amazing :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • It’s lovely Jasmin! :) you’ll love it. Look up a restaurant called U Kroka one night. It’s in the Praha 1 area and is number 2 on Trip Advisor. AMAZING local food. Like out of this world good. And super cheap! xx

  • Your pictures are amazing. Brings back memories when I was there two years ago. Great Blog! If you have a chance I hope you check out my Blog.


  • Love your photos! What a fun trip… Would love to go to Prague one day. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Bekka
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    • You should definitely go one day! It’s a really beautiful city :) xx

  • Looks like you had an amazing time. I have never been to Prague before, but would love to go after reading this.


  • i just adored Prague… the dolls, the views, the snow… just so pretty!

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I was completely obsessed with the architecture. There are many, MANY pics of random buildings that didn’t make it into this post haha! xx

  • Wow what a fantastic trip, looks like you had a great time!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr