Back in 2012, my not-so-baby sister, Ches, and I flew over to Dublin for a long weekend together.

We stayed in a cheap hotel bang-smack in the middle of Temple Bar, within walking distance of Dublin Castle. We visited the awesome Dublin Zoo (obviously), toured the Natural History Museum and took a day out to visit the lovely seaside village of Howth.

Food included two cream teas a day, lots of vegetarian lunches, pints Guinness and wine and whisky (spoiler: that didn’t end well). And were even lucky enough to be in town for Dublin Culture Night!

We trundled through lots of parks, took a ton of photos and just had some really nice quality sister-time together.

Little Miss Katy and Ches in DublinLittle Miss Katy and an elephant at Dublin ZooLittle Miss Katy walking across a parkAdult and baby elephants at Dublin ZooTiger eating meat at Dublin Zoo

How awesome is this? We didn’t even have to zoom in! We were literally this close to the tiger having his dinner.

I’m telling you. Dublin Zoo is on a WHOLE other level of Zoo-awesomeness. The animals have so much space and seem so much happier than in any other zoo I’ve been to.

Tiger climbing a tree to get his dinner at Dublin ZooChes on an elephant statue at Dublin ZooRed Panda at Dublin ZooChes and an elephant at Dublin zooAdult and baby giraffe at Dublin Zoo

We were there at just the right season to see all the baby animals too. Giraffes, elephants, hippos… it was brilliant!

Katy in the play park at Dublin ZooHippo at Dublin ZooFruit scones with jam and cream, cappuccinoLittle Miss Katy sitting on a tree trunkColourful buildings DublinDublin castleQueen of Tarts DublinChes and Katy selfieTea, lemon meringue tart and apple crumble tart from Queen of Tarts

If you’re ever in Dublin, I highly recommend a visit to Queen of Tarts.

We shared a fab vegetarian frittata with fresh ciabatta bread and pots of home-made onion relish for lunch. Then we hit the sweet stuff.

I had this amazing mountainous lemon meringue tart with clotted cream. Ches chose an apple and caramel crumble tart. Both were DIVINE.

We liked it so much we even went back on our last night to pick up takeaway boxes of their gorgeous baked chocolate tart!

Colourful Dublin PubChes looking out of the window on the DARTSea view in HowthKaty on Howth pier, wind blowing

Howth was gorgeous.

It’s a lovely little seaside village in the outer suburbs of Dublin. It only took us about half an hour on the DART (train) to get there from the centre of the city, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you have a spare day.

It’s very calming and picturesque. You can do long walks and hikes all along the peninsula from Howth, but our wine/whisky/Guinness hangovers required something a little bit more chilled…

After a lovely salady lunch at a cafe, we walked up the hill until we discovered an old church ruin with a beautiful graveyard and fab views over the harbour.

We were lucky to have pretty good weather with bright blue skies, but the wind was crazy, especially down on the pier!

Howth harbourKaty and Ches on Howth PierHowth light houseChes on Howth PierPastel houses in HowthView from Howth cemeteryChes asleep on the DART

Dublin has such an awesome vibe. The whole city just buzzes with energy. I’d love to go back one day!

Have you ever been? :)







  • Aw love your pictures! I loved Ireland when I went. Might do a throwback post like this my self next week an tag it back to you!
    Would you mind?

    • Of course!! I do love a tagged post haha :) I can’t wait to read all about it! xx

  • Oh what a lovely read!
    The pictures are lovely and it’s like I’m there! I have been to Dublin twice and loved it on both occasions. The atmosphere, the food, the accent :P
    Your article has also made me excited about autumn and jumpers and scarves haha!

    P.S You look beaut with long hair! xxx

    • Cheers doll!<3
      Gotta love an Irish accent haha, though I'm pretty sure it's why we had problems with whiskey/wine/Guinness!!!

      PS thank you!! I want it back now haha xx

  • Whoa, this was an awesome throwback! :) And yes, I baked banana oats muffins yesterday- it was my first time and they were surprisingly so good :)


    • Thank you Grace! :) oh wow banana oats sounds fab. Breakfast muffin say whaaat. Will you be posting the recipe on your blog? :) I’d love to read it! xx

      • I will! I’m planning on posting it next month though…want me to tweet you when it’s up? :)

  • thriftoclock

    I love this post! Looks and sounds like such a lovely trip to look back on. I’ve been to Dublin a handful of times and absolutely loved the zoo. Phoenix Park is lovely as well, just for walks and I also went to a concert there too one time. I want to go back now! :)

    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

    • Thank you!

      Phoenix Park is gorgeous. We walked through it for a good few hours before hitting the Zoo haha. Perfect picture-taking backdrop! :) xx

  • I loved this post!! All the pictures were amazing! Thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to Dublin but would like to someday. :)

    • Thanks Faith! You definitely should if you get the chance :) it’s such a friendly, cool city!! xx

  • It looks SO nice there! Your photos of the zoo are great! That hippo doesn’t look real though haha I’ve never seen one in real life!

    Cassie — yescassiewill.com

    • Haha 100% real I promise!

      And here’s a special extra pic for you of Mamma and Bubba Hippo together just to prove it ;) xx

  • I loved this post and the photos, brought back so many memories as I spent a lot of time and many trips in Dublin some years ago, I’ve never been to the zoo though which looks amazing so if i’m ever back there, that is definitely on my must do list.

    Belle x Part of Belle’s world

    • Thanks Belle! :) definitely check it out, it’s worth the trip! xx

  • You girls are so cute!! I really want to go to Dublin, I’ve never even been to Ireland!

    Tara xo

    • It’s quite a expensive city but totally worth it :) I think you’d really dig the vibe in Temple Bar Tara!! It’s v cool xx

  • Looks lovely! I love that you take your readers to new places, How amazing would it be to go to Dublin, and I would so be hitting up those lemon tarts! This may be a dumb question but is cream tea, simply a cup of tea with cream?


    • A cream tea is a very English thing, it’s when you have a cup of tea with (usually) a scone, jam and clotted cream :) it refers to the two parts of it: the eating and the drinking! xx

  • Oh wow Dublin looks gorgeous!! I’d love to visit one day. I love visiting the Zoo. This one looks like incredible – you girls were so close to the animals, crazy!

    Wine and whiskey never end well! Hahah :) Xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    • There was glass in front of the tigers (obvs) but they were really sat that close! Which makes me think that the staff were obviously super good at their job cos the animals were so chilled and relaxed :) which makes me love it more! xx

  • Aww man makes me want to go back there. I went there on my own after I finished University for a few days and I went to Howth (rhymes with both for those who want to know lol) it was so cute and I had fish and chips in a little restaurant near the harbour. I didnt go to the zoo though, I went and found Oscar Wilde statue though and also saw Riverdance at the Gaiety Theatre. I want to go back! xxx

    • It’s such a lovely chilled out village isn’t? I think it’s definitely worth havign a day out of the city to explore one of the smaller places.

      Ooooh I WISH we’d have been able to see Riverdance! I love watching it so much xx

  • Both Howth and Dublin look really lovely! And it looks like you and your sister had a great time :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Beautiful pics! I really want to go to Dublin, one I haven’t yet made it to. Good to know about London zoo lates as well as I was considering going soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • I think it’s finished for the summer anyway hun. We went to the last session! But yeah, not something I’d do again next year :/ xx

  • Aww baby giraffes – I’m in love!! I also recorded bake off (can’t wait to watch it) Gisforgingers xx

    • They were sooo cute!! But baby elephants are my fave :) luckily we had those as well!! :D

      Watched bake-off last night. It’s so good. Such lovely chilled-out, no-drama/bitchiness, easy watching! xx