makeup revolution eyeshadow gold

Yup. I totally just named a post after a James Bond theme song.

Happy Friday! And welcome to the second of my new FOTD Feature. (For those of you who don’t know: FOTD stands for Face Of The Day.)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Makeup Revolution’s fab 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection Palette. It cost me a grand total of £10 and offers a choice of 144 (yes, 144!) fabulous shades.

Now, usually, I’d probably use about 6 of these colours and ignore all the others. But I thought it’d be quite fun to challenge myself to use every single one of them over the coming months (years?).

So here we go!

makeup revolution eyeshadow goldmakeup revolution eyeshadow gold

Look at all that golden coppery goodness.

Nearly a whole third of the palette is dedicated to varying shades of gold and brown, and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with layers, tones and depth of colour.

This is one of the bolder gold looks I’ve tried so far. In fact, I could probably say it’s more copper than gold?

I dunno. What do you think?

makeup revolution eyeshadow gold

I used four shades instead of three this time. The pale gold shade on the bottom far left is actually yellower than it looks in the pan. I used this in the inner corners of my eye.

Of the darker shades: I used the bottom one as an all-over wash on my eyelid, with the top shade in the outer corners and crease for definition. The middle bright-gold shade I used last, as a highlighter right in the very centre of the lid.

Lastly, I used a brown eyeliner pencil on my top lashline, to keep everything soft and smoky.


Concealer: Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer in ’01 Fair’.
Foundation: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation in ‘Natural’
Eyebrows: L’Oreal’s Brow Artiste eyebrow pencil in ‘Blonde’ (and eeesh, I really need to pluck my brows!)
Eyeliner: Pixi Endless Silky Eyeliner Pen* in ‘Bronze Beam’ (the softest textured eyeliner EVER)
Mascara: No. 7’s Exceptional Definition mascara (so much love for this mascara!)
Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in ‘Grand Cru’ (not my fave product so far…)

makeup revolution eyeshadow gold

I wear this look A LOT as I find it works really well with blue eyes. Opposing colour wheel magic is my favourite kind of magic.

I also love that I can quickly smudge it on with a nude lip, and it’ll instantly brighten up a plain jeans and sweater outfit.

And hey! It’s perfect for Autumn, right? Like having the whole of Hyde Park over your face. But in a super classy way.

makeup revolution eyeshadow gold


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  • 144 shades?! What is this madness. Can I still get it? Haha just like you I usually use like 5 of the palettes in those giant things, but there are SO many lovely shades in there! And I have to say, that copper shade is *absolutely* beautiful. Beautiful! I love wearing red lipstick but I usually just pair it with some eyeliner- I never thought of matching it with copper shadow. Im so happy I saw this because this is going to be my new go-to. This looks amazing!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • Yes you can! :) I found it in the Christmas Gift section of Superdrug about a month ago, but my friend bought hers last week and said they were still in store.

      I’d love to see your copper eye + red lip look! :D send me a link if you post it!! xxx

  • Alice Brocklebank

    Your eyes are flippin’ amazing! I love to wear copper tones at this time of year, too. I haven’t tried any Makeup Revloution products yet (I know, what’s wrong with me, right?) but that palette is definitely top of my to-buy list now!


    • You HAVE to try them Alice! Makeup Rev are really knocking out of the park recently. Their eyeshadows are all fantastically pigmented, and I have two of their £3 highlighters as well and LOVE them! :) xxx

  • You look lovely!

    Paige xx

    Skin And Roses

  • I would say copper. It does look great with blue eyes! Have a great weekend with your family.

  • Gorgeous look! Perfect for the festive season :) And sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead of you!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Thanks Mimmi! It was a lovely weekend in the end. How was yours? :) xx

      • I’m glad to hear that! Mine was really good as well :) A nice mix of relaxing and getting up to things! xx

  • I love the whole makeup, you look so lovely! I honestly like the lipstick on you, I think it looks great, what a classic red!

    Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you Shireen! :)

      I like the lip colour, it’s more the formula that I’m unsure about. It’s meant to stick for aaages but it just smudges round my mouth so I look a bit clown-like :/

      It seems to be I’m the only one with the problem though so could just be I’m not doing it right! xxx

  • That palette is insane!! Love the whole look, I must say copper/bronze is one of my favourite shades that I reach mostly for an easy but effortful looking eye makeup.

    • Thank you Elif! I’m so used to wearing shimmery golds and browns that I never really looked at copper, but it’s definitely going into my repertoire of favourites now :) so easy to blend and looks great! xxx

  • Jenna

    Thats a really pretty shade, i didn’t know it went well with blue eyes so Ill have to try it :)

    Jenna ||

    • Orange is on the opposite side of the colour wheel to blue so it sets off blue eyes perfectly and makes them stand out a lot more :) xxx

  • I love this! I used to wear gold coppery eyes like this to school all the time and I really loved it! It’s a great look on you and I love the lip color too!


    • Thanks lovely! I’ve always worn gold tones but was never quite brave enough to try orange until recently. Now I’m hooked! :D xxx

  • What a pretty look. I’d love to wear this to a holiday party. It’s got just enough sparkle to it!

    • It’s definitely going to be perfect for Christmas and New Year! :D xxx

  • Now that is some palette of colours I love the autumnal shimmery gold looks lovely on Lucy x

    • ISN’T IT AMAZING? I can’t get enough of it haha. I don’t think I’m ever going to have to buy another palette xxx

  • Aw you look so beautiful, love your eye make up <3

  • The colours look so pretty on you.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

    • Thank you Anca! It’s the power of opposing colours. Orange and blue complement each other perfectly! :) xx

  • Lexie Hockaday

    You have the most beautiful eyes! I definitely need an eyeshadow palette like that in my life, it would bring me hours of entertainment haha! xx

    • Thank you Lexie!! :)

      I’m definitely having fun with it in the mornings haha! xxx

  • Love this! I have been really gravitating toward goldish shadows lately. Or anything kind of shimmery and bronze. I picked up the Lush eyeliner in Fantasy the other day, it’s like painting gold leaf on my eyelids!

    Aisling |

    • OOOOH that sounds amazing!!!!! Definitely going to look that up. Would be perfect for Christmas parties :D xxx

  • Rachel Marie

    flawless make up! You’re so pretty :)

    love your blog design by the way x

    • Naww! Thank you Rachel :D

      The design is by the super-lovely pipdig xx

  • Fabulous makeup look. Beautiful eye shadow color

    Made in Mauve

  • You’re so lovely! x

  • Donna Louise

    Congratulations on the blog awards!

    Theres a Links Of London giveaway today on my blog x

  • This is such a great look – I love the depth of the shadows! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    • They’re amazing aren’t they? The pigmentation is fab but they later really well too :) xxx

  • Dee

    I’ve got total respect for you for doing FOTD! I’m not this confident to show my face this close but hoping one day to try. This look is perfect for you and glad you’re managing to use all those colours! haha! xxx

    Dee | PromptsbyDee

  • Beautiful autumnal makeup! x