So I went paddling on the 23rd of December.

Yup. Uh-huh. True story.

This is Es Trenc, one of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches.

In Summer, the place is usually rammed with locals and tourists, but in Winter, the teeny tiny village is pretty deserted.

My best friends, Lucia, Ana and I, took a trip down there while I was home last week and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves (except for the occasional horse-rider, jogger or naked man…)

It was a gorgeous day for taking photos: warm, sunny and perfectly blue-skied.

The sand was white and powdery, the water was crystal clear and, well… see for yourselves!

Mallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachKaty beach mallorcaMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc Beach

I’d taken my coat with me in case it was chilly, and couldn’t resist getting Ana to take some OOTD shots!

This is the divine ASOS Camel Coat that I haven’t stopped talking about in weeks and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since it arrived on my doorstep.

It’s kind of like an oversized blazer and is so incredibly comfortable. It goes with everything and is especially great for just throwing over ripped jeans (New Look) and a jumper (Primark), like this, to just pull the whole outfit together.


I’m also a massive fan of my new leopard print slipper shoes (New Look).

Aren’t they purrrrdy? (geddit? purr! leopard! OK shutting up now…)

The first time I wore these, they literally shredded the back of my heels in all of 2 minutes.

Not much fun.

But I got to work with some Vaseline and a nail file and I’m SO glad I didn’t give up on them!

It’s taken me a few of weeks to break them in but they’re one of my comfiest pairs now.

Mallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc BeachMallorca Es Trenc Beach

It was an absolute gorgeous morning, and we finished it off by going out to lunch at a restaurant in Villafranca called El Cruce.

They do fantastic local specialties with super fast service and reeeeeally delicious food.

We started with HUGE portions of snails with allioli, arroz brut (a sort of rice soup) and sopes mallorquines (a bread and vegetable based soup).

For mains we went for frito mallorquin (our Spanish equivalent of stirfry!) and perfectly cooked pork steaks and lamb chops with fried potatoes and salad.

And we finished off with coffees and a crema catalana (creme brulee) to share.

I wish I could show you photos, but I don’t have any. Because (basically) it was all so good, and we were so hungry by that point, that I just forgot.

Whoops! Bad blogger. Bad. *slap on the wrist*

It was all SUCH good quality food, and so incredibly cheap as well!

We each had two courses, and we also got two courses to takeaway for Lucia’s brothers, and the WHOLE bill (including water, bread and olives) came to just over €40.

Which is about £35.

For five two-course meals, plus extras.


Have you ever been to Es Trenc? :)

If not, I really recommend hiring a car next time you’re in Mallorca and making the journey.

It’s SO worth it!

  • I LOVE your outfit in this post! xx

    • Thank youuu! :D So do I! I’ve literally been wearing a variation of this every day for about two weeks haha xxx

  • What sort of temperature was it there Katy? I’m going on my hols in a couple of weeks and it’ll be about 18-20c, I can’t remember what that feels like! Xx

    • 18-20c sounds about right! This day was about 20-21c I think :) it’s COLD at night though, about 4c, so make sure you take your Winter stuff too! xxx

      • It’s not Spain, it’s the Canaries but I’m sure the advice applies. I’ll make sure I check the night temps! :D xx

        • Oooh it will be even nicer in the Canaries I’d imagine!! They’re further south than us so it tends to be even warmer :) xx

  • £33? Holy smokes, that’s a bargain!

    • I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s worth the hour’s drive just for that haha! xx

  • Looks gorgeous! Vaseline and a nail file? I might need a run through how this works, i’m terrible at breaking in new shoes and I’ve given up on so many beautiful pairs! I’d love to hear your breaking in tricks! Jennie x

    • Noted and post will be coming in the next couple of weeks! :) thank you Jennie!!! xxx

  • Beautiful photographs, this beach looks gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

    • Thanks Ionna! It was lovely :) I hope you had a good Christmas! xxx

  • Oh wow, this looks incredible! <3 And so un-Decembery! Amazing! Also, that meal sounds like it was a steal! x

    • I know right! I think I’m going to have to start saving all my holiday time for Winter from now on. It makes SUCH a difference to get a bit of sun in December :D xx

  • Not a bad blogger at all! Some times you just have to enjoy the moments :)
    Love your outfit and the coat (like I’ve said before) is AMAZING. So very jealous of your Mallorca adventures x

    • Ezzzz’actly :)

      Thank you lovely! It’s possibly the best item of clothing I’ve ever bought. Ever. Totally worth the spend! :) xxx

  • Emma


  • ninegrandstudent

    That sea looks glorious. I haven’t been on a nice warm beach in over four years – only in Scotland! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • Ouch. And I bet that’s not warm at all!!!! :/ I’d loove to go to Scotland though. I bet the beaches there are super atmospheric! (I’ve been watching Skyfall and I’m imagining it all covered with mist and stuff. It’s exactly like that right?) xxx

  • The beach looks like a beautiful place to escape to. I love your outfit, especially the jeans! xx


    • Thanks Beth!! They’re from New Look :) super skinny and high rise! I tried looking for them online but couldn’t find them :( xxx

  • I love walking barefoot in the sand. The feeling is so peaceful and comfortable. Love your photos and writing.

    • Isn’t it just! I didn’t want to put my shoes on again haha. Thank you very much!! :) xx

  • Sam

    These photos are beautiful and the sea looks so peaceful and calm! I am kinda jealous that you went there :’) because we had snow in our garden and I am personally not a fan of the cold!

    Happy New Year to you!

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    • Thank you Sam :) I do love the sun/warmth a lot, but I’m gutted I missed the snow here! Looks like it was fun :D xx

  • Hannah Sundae

    That beach looks stunning! I’d much rather visit when its less busy :) I once paddled in the sea on Christmas day – except in Wales! It wasn’t quite so warm and sunny :P xx