makeup revolution eyeshadow greenmakeup revolution eyeshadow green

If you haven’t been following along, I started a FOTD Friday feature a few weeks ago. I bought a fabulous 144 shade eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution (for just £10!) and decided to challenge myself to use every single colour in the palette.

I really wanted to try out my green shadows, as they’re some of the ones I’ve stayed far away from until now (along with the blues and neons!).

So I incorporated them into a smokey eye look that would be great for a Christmas party. I combined it with some serious lash power, a nude glossy lip and a bit of light contouring.

Shimmery and perfectly seasonal!

makeup revolution eyeshadow green

I used the top olive green as base and swept it right into the inner corners of my eyes.

The really darker green I used in the crease. I also used it as an eyeliner on my top lashes, and defined the outer corners and under my eye slightly.

The middle green is a gorgeous very mermaid-y shade and I used it as a highlighter in the centre of my eye.

I’ve never been very good at smokey eyes before and I’m feeling quite proud of this to be honest haha!


Concealer: Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 ‘Fair’.
Foundation: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation in ‘Natural’.
Eyebrows: L’Oreal’s Brow Artiste eyebrow pencil in ‘Blonde’.
Mascara: No. 7’s Exceptional Definition mascara (love love love!).
Bronzer (for contouring): MUA Bronzer in ‘Shade 3’.
Blusher: Natural Collection blush in ‘Pink Clouds’.
Highlighter: Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in ‘Peach Lights’.
Lipgloss: Tanya Burr lipgloss in ‘Afternoon Tea’.

makeup revolution eyeshadow green


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  • You look so pretty in the top photo (as you do in the others!) I really like it really suits you, I have a green colour but not attempted to use it yet. I have blue/green eyes so should really. I also saw this palette in Superdrug yesterday but couldnt get it as was in a studio all evening and had nowhere to put it! xxx

    • Thank you lovely! :)

      I’ve always been told to use colours from the opposite side of the colour chart, so for my eyes: oranges and browns and golds. That might be a reason why I don’t usually go for greens and blues, but I think I need to experiment more to make them wearable :) xx

  • Ah I really like the green on you, it’s a colour I don’t use much either! Hope the Christmas party was fab and that the lindt santa was good! I have not cracked into the reindeer just yet, it is sitting under my tree!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you lovely! :) I guess it always just feels a bit… I dunno. Old? It’s like blue. I never really wear blue either!!

      You haven’t eaten the reindeer yet?! Wowsers. You have the patience of a saint!!! xx

  • Beautiful colour combo – it really suits you! I’m tempted to eat chocolate for breakfast so there’s no judgement here…

    Tara x

  • Jenny

    Wow your eyes are so pretty and it I always love green hues, especially at this time of year <3 That palette is huge! love it xx <a href="; | £100 Christmas Giveaway ♥

    • Thanks Jenny! :) it is isn’t it?! It’s gonna take me a while to get through all the shades I think haha xx

  • That’s such a cool patette! And wow the colours you chose look sooo nice together..and you eye colour is gorgeous! :)

    • Thank you lovely! :)

      I’m reeeeally loving the palette. Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadows are superb for how cheap they are! Plus y’know, ALL THE COLOURS xxx

  • I love this look and the colours are amazing!
    Want to hear a story? I have that same Natural Collection blush that you used. I got it when I was in London in 2012, dropped it on the floor and smashed it a few months after. But I still use it and it’s one of my favourite blushes!

    • I did that with the Peach Melba one! Smashed it but it’s still going strong in my makeup bag haha :)

      I just love how good value they are. And the Pink Clouds is such a great natural shade! xx

  • Christmas is a great time to bust out the looks you wouldn’t normally try, I think! A bit bolder, sparklier, etc. You can’t go wrong!

    Aisling |

  • Deimante Baurinaite

    Ah love this look! Must experiment with my own eye shadow palette in time for Christmas :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome Deimante!!! (fab name by the way!)

      I hope you’ll post some of them on your blog :) I’d love to see them! xx

  • Natasha

    You beauty! xo

  • You look beautiful! I love the green eyeshadow :) xx


    • Thank you Beth!! Oooh really? Can I be nosy and ask what eye colour you have? Not many people seem to use green so I’m curious! :) xxx

      • I have blue eyes :) I don’t use green myself because it clashes haha, but I think it looks lovely on you :) xx

  • Eilidh

    wow your eyeshadow is gorgeous!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    • Thanks Eilidh! :) I’m so proud of it haha. I always used to be so pants at eyeshadows. Hurrah for YouTube and Blog Tutorials!!! xxx

  • Ooh la la check you out, you look gorgeous!! LOVE the green eye shadow :)


  • That eyeshadow look is incredible ! Good job ! I’ll try to recreate it =)

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle