Happy Friday!


It’s my last day of work before the Christmas holidays! Christmas dinner and drinks with my friends tonight! I’ve just printed off my boarding pass and booked my taxi to the airport and I’m flying off home on Sunday!

All the excitement! (and all the exclamation points.)

Let’s move on shall we?

Last week I posted about my morning Winter skincare routine, and today I’m here to talk about my EVENING skincare routine.

Rodial Stemcell Skincare range

For makeup removal I’m still totally addicted and loyal to my Pond’s Cold Cream cleanser.

I wrote a review and how-to-use guide for it a few months back and I can honestly say it’s completely transformed my skin for the better.

It’s the best makeup remover I’ve EVER used. No stinging in the eyes, and makes it easy to wipe away even the toughest of waterproof mascaras. I do still get the odd spot (hormones. whatcha gonna do eh?), but on the whole my breakouts are far less severe and don’t last as long.

Cleanser: sorted.

Moisturisers, however, have been more of an issue.

The Body Shop day cream I reviewed last week is fab but, for evenings, I wanted something thicker, creamier and more indulgent.

When I first started using Pond’s, I was using Simple’s Rich Moisturiser. Basic and cheap. Then I tried Pond’s Hydro-Nourishing Cream, which my skin liked much more than the Simple’s Rich.

Now, I’ll probably go back to it in Summer but, for Winter, my poor sensitive skin really needs an extra heavy boost of nourishment. Something that can repair the damage from a day’s worth of yucky tube air, freezing cold winds and dehydrating central heating.

I’d been toying with the idea of splashing out for a high-quality serum and moisturiser when Rodial offered to let me try some of their moisturising products from their Stemcell Super-Food range*.

And I’m IN LOVE.

Rodial Stemcell Skincare range

My absolute favourite product from the range is the Super-Food Facial Oil* which I apply right after cleansing, before my cream-based products.

It’s light, non-greasy and smells absolutele diviiiiine: of roses and coconut.

Over the serum I then use one of two cream moisturisers, depending on how heavy a moisture boost I think I need.

The lighter option is the Super-Food Day Cream*.

This is (obviously) meant to be used in the mornings, but I find it just a tad too heavy, especially when I need it to sink in quickly so I can do my makeup for work. So it’s become my every-night moisturiser.

About twice a week, I then swap it for the Super-Food Glam Balm Multi*.

I find it really hard to describe the texture of this one. It’s something between a cream, a gel and an oil?

I shake it all up in the tube before squeezing it out, as this mixes all the oils into the rest of it. Then I massage a tiny pea size amount all over my face and neck.

It’s a bit greasy, but I can FEEL my skin soaking up all the goodness and it’s great for giving my face a really intense hydration boost.

Almost like a face mask! :)

The cool thing about this one is it also comes with a list of 100 ways you can use the balm. It’s not just for faces! I’ve been using it on my hands and feet at night, and it works great as a cuticle oil as well.

Pictured below from left to right: Glam Balm Multi, Day Cream, Facial Oil.

Rodial Stemcell Skincare range

The last item I was sent is the Glam Balm Lip*.

Again, it smells nice but, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t spend £19 on a lip balm. Not when my £1 Vaseline tubs do just as good a job!

All the products in the Rodial Stemcell Super-Food range are created using stemcells from the alpine rose.

Supposedly, because the alpine rose is an evergreen flower (it blooms all year round), using the stemcells in skincare helps protect the skin whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Now, I have to be honest with you guys: I’m not entirely convinced that this is actually a thing that works. From my own research, it doesn’t seem to have much scientific basis.

But I can tell you that every product holds it’s own in the moisturising stakes, and I’ll definitely be buying the Glam Balm Multi and the Facial Oil again, once my samples run out.

Which is saying a lot, because at £35 and £60 respectively, these babies don’t come cheap!

Rodial Stemcell Skincare range

I’ve always been really resistant to spending a ton of money on skincare and beauty products. For years I’d just pick the cheapest option I could find (mainly Simple!), without really thinking about whether they actually worked for my skin or not.

And I am still wary of expensive products (what if you pay £60 for something that then brings you out in hives?!)

I use a £4 cleanser, Vaseline as a lipbalm and Herbal Essences is my haircare provider of choice (I’m currently obsessed with their Chamomile range!). My makeup is pretty much all Max Factor, Rimmel and Makeup Revolution.

I’m very much a quantity over quality kinda gal!

But I’m starting to realise that some products might actually be worth spending the extra cash on (especially if you can get a sample to try first!)

There’s no denying that my skin is MUCH nicer since I started using a better (and more expensive) moisturiser. I keep getting comments on it from everyone. It’s smoother, clearer and my makeup glides on SO much easier.

In fact, mostly on the weekends I’ve stopped wearing foundation altogether!

And if that’s not a good sign I don’t know what is :)

But what do you guys think?

Are you a high-end lover or would you rather spend £4 on a moisturiser and then buy three lipsticks with the money you saved?

And if you’re in a mixed mind like me, what type of product WOULD you consider spending a lot of money on?

*All Rodial products were gifted to me for review purposes.

As always, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it! :)

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