Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

OK you can stop laughing now.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, I can actually cook, and I do actually really enjoy it (when I’m not slicing my hand open on super-sharp knives…)

Three Mobile very kindly invited a few of us down to the Jenius Social kitchens in Islington, to have a play around with some of the new Samsung smartphones, drink plenty of fab red wine and indulge in lots and lots (and lots) of reeeeally good food.

They’re introducing Spain into their international phone plans soon, which basically means you’ll be able to use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

Even the data comes included!!!

(I literally just renewed my contract with Vodafone and I can’t even begin to explain how annoyed I am that I didn’t know this existed. SIGH.)

So with Spain on the brain, it seemed only appropriate to get stuck into a Tapas-themed class!

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

We started the afternoon with a glass of (absolutely delicious) red wine, some chorizo frittata and a platter of cured meats and olives.

And a lot of photos.

Because duh, we’re bloggers.

As soon as we’d got the hang of our schmancy new photography equipment, we moved into the kitchen, where head chef extraordinaire Andrew introduced us to our menu.

Then we got to work!

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

TORTILLA DE PATATA (Spanish omelette)

1. Peel, dice and parboil a couple of potatoes.

2. Dice an onion.

3. Run your knife down the side of the chorizo sausage, just enough to split the skin, and then unpeel the skin from it.

(You can leave it on, but taking it off means that it will release more yummy paprika oil and makes for a generally nicer dish!)

Cut the chorizo into rough slices about 2mm thick. Try not to slice your fingers. (I obviously failed at that bit.)

4. Crack 6 eggs into a bowl and whisk them all up. No need to add salt and pepper, cos the chorizo is already plenty salty!

5. Turn the oven on to about 180 centigrade (fan-assisted). Heat some oil in a small-ish, deep-ish frying pan that you can stick in the oven.

6. When it’s hot (be patient!), put in the onions and cook over a medium heat for about 10 minute until soft.

7. Add the parboiled potatoes and continue to cook for another 10 minutes or so.

8. Then add the chorizo and stir it all up (try not to crush the potatoes too much). Feel your mouth begin to drool as that heavenly paprika-chorizo scent starts to waft up towards your nostrils.

9. Once the chorizo looks crispy and slightly charred around the edges, pour in the beaten eggs and grab a wooden spoon or a spatula.

10. Start stirring! You want to pull the cooked eggs off the bottom of the pan, so they don’t stick. Kind of like you’d do with scrambled eggs

11. Once it actually starts to look a bit like scrambled eggs, even it all out a bit on top with your spatula/spoon and stick it in the oven for ten minutes until it’s set.

And finally…

Turn it out onto a plate and demolish!

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social (41)

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social (47) (720x405)

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

CHORIZO AL VINO (Chorizo in Red Wine)

1. Do the whole “slit, unpeel, chop, don’t slice fingers” thing that I mentioned in Step 3 above.

2. Heat some oil in a pan until it’s hot but not smoking (maybe turn the extractor on at this point!)

3. Panfry the chorizo quickly (for about a minute), and then add a glass of red wine.

(3A. Optional but recommended: take a sip of your own glass of red wine.)

4. Mix the wine in and keep stirring gently. Let the wine simmer down and reduce slightly, but don’t let it evaporate completely.

5. Serve immediately!

How easy is that?!

This is actually one of my favourite tapas dishes EVER.

It goes great with some hunks of crusty bread, a dash of aioli and a massive glass of red wine on the side.

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Those were the two dishes I was (sort of) in charge of, but we also had so many other amazing things!

Becca got stuck in making us some amazing spiced meatballs in tomato sauce (a bit like the ones I made the other day, but with less cheese!).

Elly was all over the prawns cooked with garlic, lemon, chilli and parsley.

The lovely Shikha made the amazing feta, pomegranate and coriander salad.

But the star turn of the night came from Kristina who, apart from making asparragus wrapped in parma ham, also created these AMAZING figs.

Drizzled with a tiny bit of balsamic, wrapped in salty, wafer-thin parma ham and then baked for 10 minutes, they were DIVINE.

I could have eaten seven of them.

They weren’t on the original menu plan but we all immediately demanded that Andrew add them to all his classes in the future.


Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Can we please just take a moment to also appreciate that every single photo in this blogpost was taken on a mobile phone?


There is not one DSLR image in here.

I was given a Samsung Galaxy S5 to play with, and I’m completely in awe of the camera on it.

The focus, sharpness and color settings in each shot have completely blown me away.

Usually I end up having to colour correct my photos a bit, because they’re too yellow or too blue. But these have pretty much all been perfect.

I’m seriously impressed. As much as I love my iPhone 5S (and I do, I love it a lot), I have to admit that the camera on it is nowhere NEAR as good as the one on the Galaxy! Not even a little bit close.

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Three Mobile Tapas Jenius Social

Massive, MASSIVE thanks to Three for inviting me to this. I had a blast and it was sooo much fun trying out a different camera.

Huge thank you to Andrew and the amazingly hospitable team at Jenius Social as well!

The class was fab. Incredibly relaxed, really informative and they were totally chilled about all of us drinking wine and taking a million photos of EVERYTHING. Winner.

I’ll definitely be back! :)

PS. My lipstick stayed on for THE WHOLE EVENT. I feel like that’s something to celebrate.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Grand Cru, in case you were wondering.

  • Oh K.

    Oh my gosh I ADORE tapas! I love queso fundido. Those figs and that salad look amazing. Making me super hungry. *cries into coffee* / creative + lifestyle blog

    • Hahaha sorry Jackyyy :D WHAT IS QUESO FUNDIDO?! I’m guessing melted cheese something. But what?! xxx

  • This sounds like so much fun! I love chorizo sausage. Hella impressed that your lippy stayed on the whole time!

    Tara x

    • It’s amazing! I’ve hated the Rouge Velvet ones for AGES and couldn’t figure out the formula at all. Applied it at about 2:30pm and at 7pm it was still there! Even after multiple wines/nibbles/laughing! So impressed :) xxx

  • Seriously girl, stop making me so hungry!! Everything looks absolutely delicious!! The camera on that Samsung IS pretty snazzy indeed!

  • Ohhh Katy this is incredible! Might have to go and start making my dinner as I’m now really hungry!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

    • Hahaha go Lauren go! Might I suggest chorizo something for dinner? ;) xxx

  • This Looks SO BUFF MATE. Next time we get together, you’re cooking!

    Katie x

    • DEAL. As long as there’s wine/gin involved as well. I think I’m a better cook when I’m tipsy… xxx

  • UUuggghhh! I was invited to this but couldn’t come because of stupid working real job evening thing. The food looks so tasty and I want it all in my tummy right this second. Also ace photos, I’m impressed with the Samsung camera! x

    • SO SAD YOU COULDN’T COME :( you would have loved it Amanda! xxx

  • SO impressed these photos were taken on a phone!
    Now I want some tapas!

    • Haha go and make some Rosie! :D the Spanish omelette works just as well with red peppers or prawns or anything really. You can just throw in anything you’ve got in the fridge which is AWESOME :) xxx

  • I used Three when I lived in London. And I have to agree, I too am impressed you took these photos with the Galaxy. Better than my camera! :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • I think my DSLR would be better than the phone… if I knew how to use it properly! But actually I think I got more good shots with this than I usually do with my “proper” camera. Everything’ so focussed and clear! :) xxx

  • I have been really impressed with Three both in Northern Ireland and in ROI. I’d love them even more if they sent me some of that chorizo and a few figs though… did you save the fig recipe??

    • I wasn’t in charge of the figs unfortunately! If you tweet Kristina she might be able to help you :) I think they’re literaly just sliced open, wrapped in the ham, drizzled with some olive oil, balsamic and a sprinkling of salt, and then in the oven for 10 minutes! Super quick and easy and soooo yummy! xx

  • Jennifer K

    These look fantastic – we do a lot of ‘tapas’ nights that aren’t strictly Spanish food, but I’ll be saving these recipes for next time because they look so tasty!
    I take all my photos on my Galaxy S4 – I never truly appreciated my phone camera until I started blogging!

    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • The Galaxys all seem to have pretty awesome cameras! If I weren’t so attached to my iPhone I think the S5 would definitely be my next choice of phone :)

      To be fair, the feta isn’t really Spanish but more Greek. It was meant to be Manchego but he couldn’t get hold of any haha! That’s the beauty of dishes like this though, you can just swap stuff around to fit in with what you can find :) and it’s still bloody yummy! xxx

  • Emma Reilly

    Wow!! I was just admiring the quality of the photos and was so surprised that they were all from a mobile! Excellent quality! Looks like so much fun :) You made me laugh with your cut fingers haha, bless you!

    Emma xx


    • I knew it was going to happen haha. If anyone is liable to slice her hand open at an event it’s definitely me! *monkey emoji* xxx

  • Everything looks absolutely divine! I can NOT believe that these photos were taken with a phone! Amazing!

    She Will Be

    • I was SO impressed with it! Even looking at them on the phone I didn’t think they’d be this good! But once you get them blown up on the computer you can really see how good the quality is :) the colours are honestly some of the most true to life I’ve ever photographerd :D xxx

  • Naomi

    YUM. That looks like my own personal heaven. I LOVE tapas so so much. xo // Naomi in Wonderland

    • They’re my favourite! Little picky dishes like tapas or mezze are always a feature in my house :) so easy to throw together and just try a bit of everything! xxx

  • Well this was every bit as wonderful as i’d hope – proper good Spanish food porn! That chorizo dish is going to be made very soon. Just showed it to my fella and he has demanded it is made for him! I think he’ll have to fight me for it though!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


    • Haha hurrah! I can’t wait to see what he (and you!) think of the chorizo. It’s SO quick and easy to make :) side of warm crusty bread, and maybe some salad or sauteed greens ify you’re feeling healthy and you’re good to go! xxx

  • ninegrandstudent

    Your lipstick looks gorgeous – glad you mentioned the shade as I was going to ask! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • I literally put it on at about 2pm and didn’t rea-apply AT ALL. And it’s still there in the last photo which was about 7pm :D

      It’s taken me a long while to get the formula to work for me but now I’m like <3

  • Yum, yum and yum love a bit of tapas xx

  • Omg the food looks divine =] looked like you had an amazing time

    • It was brilliant thank you Emma! :D so much awesome food haha xxx

  • Heather

    Sounds like an excellent evening! What a great idea to get you all cooking, looks very tasty!

    Heather x

    • So much fun! :) it’s a great ice-breaker too. Definitely one of my fave kind of events! (also cos then we get to EAT it all!) xxx

  • OMG I literally thought everything was on a DLSR :o and food porn is big time here, luckily there’s only three minutes left to my break so I can stuff my face with the food I have as a substitute. Also, I never said how much I love your blog and you’re writing style xx

    • I KNOW RIGHT?! The camera is freaking insane on that thing.

      Sorry about the food porn. Glad you had food to keep you going through it anyway hahaha!!!

      And thank you so much Francesca!!! :) that means a lot xxx

  • Sounds like such an amazing event! Look at all that yummy food and wine! And the quality of the pics is fantastic considering they have all been taken on a phone. I used to love my old Samsung, might have to switch back when it’s time for an upgrade later in the year. xx

    Ioanna |

    • I was completely floored Ioanna! Was definitely NOT expecting the pics to come out as well as they did. The crispness and colours are just mind-blowing! xxx

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Seriously amazing photos Katy, especially considering you’re normally an Apple lady! It was such a fun afternoon and I agree Kristina’s dishes were a real highlight, though let’s be honest, there wasn’t a dish going that I couldn’t have polished off alone! Hope your hand is healing well :)

    • Thank you Shikha! :D haah I definitely could have eaten all of it all over again, but those figs… THOSE FIGS. I really need to recreate them at home this weekend :)

      It was lovely to meet you! Hopefully we’ll see each otherat another event or something soon :) xx

  • Jo Fisher

    This looks like so much fun my dear! Your photos are making me drooooool. love spanish food!

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

    • Haha thank you Jo! :D it was reaaaally fun! So much food though! xx