I love me a good afternoon tea.

There’s something so very classy and elegant and everything-I’m-not about it. Puts me in mind of pretty dresses and fancy china and elegant tinkly pianos in the background. Plus there’s usually cake, which you know I love!

So when Patisserie Valerie invited me down to their Soho branch to try out their new Afternoon Tea menu, guess what my answer was? (Spoiler: I said yes please!)

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea is priced at £25 for two people, or £30 for two people with a glass of prosecco each. Which I think is REALLY reasonable, especially considering most other London tea places would charge that same price per person.

I was very impressed at how much food you get for that price too!

We started with a selection of finger sandwiches: I loooved the salmon and cream cheese, but the chicken and pesto won as overall favourite. Then we also received little red pepper and cheese quiches, which were still warm, and perfectly light.

Next, we moved on to the scones. Two each: one plain and one fruit, served with a little pot of clotted cream to share, and an adorable mini jar of jam each.

And finally, a selection of Patisserie Valerie’s finest fancy cakes: mini chocolate eclairs, a mini Victoria sponge (my fave!), a slab of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, a slice of airy chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing, and a bizarre summer fruits mousse cake.

All this with a refillable pot of tea included (unlike the sneaky folk over at Kettner’s who gloss over the fact that the price of their afternoon tea doesn’t actually include tea…)

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea

I did think the sandwiches could have been a bit fresher. However, overall, the food was actually reaaaally good considering the price. The scones were a special favourite of mine: super fresh, still warm, and smothered with liberal helpings of jam and cream (not cream and jam!)

The team were all super friendly and helpful as well, which is always appreciated!

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon TeaPatisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea


It’s not exactly a luxury spot, but if you’re looking for an afternoon tea that delivers the goods without breaking the bank: definitely check out Patisserie Valerie!


Afternoon Tea on BB Bakery’s London Bus Tour

Afternoon Tea at St Paul’s Cathedral

Afternoon Tea at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

Afternoon Tea at the W Hotel London

Afternoon Tea at the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel

Four Styles of Afternoon Tea in London

*I was a guest of Patisserie Valerie for this event.
As always, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it! :)

  • Oh my God, major food envy right now! I absolutely LOVE afternoon tea, and this one looks absolutely gorgeous- I love Patisserie Valerie :) glad you had a lovely time! xx


  • This looks incredible! Every time I walk past Patisserie Valerie I end up drooling just looking in the window, I’ll definitely need to investigate a trip for afternoon tea x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • They’re definitely kings of window displays!! It always looks unbelievably yummy :D xxx

  • Emma Reilly

    I looooveee afternoon tea! I’m so with you on the whole jam first then cream for scones. You cannot beat a fresh just-out-of-the-oven scone! It looks like you got loads for the price! I’ll have to try it out at my Liverpool branch :) Great photos and hilarious commentary as always Katy!!!

    Emma xx

    • Aww thank you Emma!! :D #TeamJamThenCream

      Let me know if you do try it out, I’d love to know what you think :D xxx

  • I love Patisserie Valerie, and I love taking home a nice slice of cake :D

    • I feel liek I reaaaally need to try this. I’ve never tried their big cakes before! :D xxx

  • Ah this looks like so much fun! I will definitely have to check it out once I get to London :). Can’t wait for a good afternoon tea. The cakes look amaaaazing!! Great post :)

    Kalee |

    • Defiinitely look it up Kalee!!! :) it’s not a fancy place, but if you’re just looking for ace food that’s not crazy expensive, they’re brilliant! :) xxx

  • Sam

    Well this place looks mighty fiiiiiine! I definitely need to get myself down here :) Looks like you had some wonderful company too xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    • Go for it Sam!! It’s so worth it, especially for how cheap it is :D xxx

  • Major blog envy right now – chocolate testing and afternoon tea. Both are part of my DNA lol love the photos making me hungry xx

    • Allllll the food basically haha! :D sorry for making you hungry! xxx

  • I’m pretty sure I grew a double chin inside just looking at all the cakes x

  • These photos are lovely, it sounds like you had a really nice time :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  • phoebe davies

    Oh my god it looks so good!! I have never been there but have always been tempted because they always have the lovely cakes in the window haha x

    • Cakes in a window is a sure-fire way to get me to go into a shop haha!!! xxx

  • Ahhh…I’m all about the smoked salmon sandwiches too!

  • ninegrandstudent

    Craving a smoked salmon sandwich right now! I’ve never been to Patisserie Valerie, but make take a trip having seen how reasonable the Afternoon Tea is! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • They’re soooo good! Definitely worth a trip if you’re nearby :) xxx

  • Oh these all look too good! I do love a good afternoon tea – I never even go for the pastries – it’s all about those sandwiches and scones! x

    • Yep, I’d choose sandwiches and scones over the cakes as well! (But y’know, seeing as they’re there anyway… :P) xxx

  • I LOVE the cakes at Patisserie Valerie, so excited they do afternoon tea! My excitement is pretty short lived though due to the fact that we don’t actually have one in Newcastle – SULK! I keep hearing rumours that one will be opening soon, fingers crossed!

    • I’m sure they will do. They’re doing so well at the moment! :) fingers crossed for you!! :D xxx

  • Jenn

    oh wow this looks amazing! It’s a pretty decent price for afternoon tea too -I’ve seen some that are just crazy expensive!


    • I know right?? I went to another one on Saturday and it was £25 each NOT including a pot of tea. Crazy! :O xxx

  • Mmmm it looks so nice =]

  • Oh maaaaaaaan I so hungry! Looks amazing and so cheap!

  • I’d not been at all either until a few weeks ago when my friend celebrated her birthday there! The cakes are glorious and the tea….oh my goodness, it was beautiful.

    • I feel like I need to go back and discover these cakes. The miniatures were fab so I can only imagine the big ones! :D xx

  • I have such a craving for scones at the moment!! But a cream then jam girl myself.

    • I’m not sure we can be friends anymore Kelsey… #TeamJamThenCream

      • It’s the age old debate but cream first, lots and lots of clotted cream.x

  • I can’t believe all of this was only £25 for two people. These pictures make me crave for scones and cake so much…

  • If I could live on scones alone, I absolutely would. OH GOD GIVE ME ALL THE CAKE NOW x

    • I feel like our next meetup date should be somewhere with scones and prosecco. Just a thought… <3

  • This looks amazing! I never really go to patisserie valerie because tbh, its a bit expensive when you’re ordering cake etc. all seperately so I’m in awe of how affordable this looks without losing any of their quality. I really hope they bring this to some of their sites in other cities! :) x

  • I pass our local Patisserie Valerie so often and am always tempted! <3 Gisforgingers xx

  • This looks ridiculously good value. Do you know if you have to prebook or if you can just pop in? x

  • OH nom nom nom this looks perfect and delicious

    Thuymi & Mitch

  • wow ! I am loving this type of post ! and I am already planning to go with a friend! How did you managed to get the invite ?

  • Mmm I’ve been on the look out for a good and cheap afternoon tea place! This seems to tick the box very nicely indeed! :) Thanks for sharing! Love Andrea xxx

  • Marie Ritchie

    Well i took my sister to afternoon tea in Newcastle store we had no smoked slmon sarnies my cakes and scones looked nothing like yours well maybe but duller and scones were a bit on dry side and quiet flat so i presume as you were invited to blog that they made sure everything was perfect for you and your party Like your self i love afternoon tea and was left feeling deflated also felt sorry for my sister as she was excited about going in for first time