Love London?

Love cakes and tea and pretty green sandwiches?

Love the idea of seeing all the touristy parts of the city without getting swallowed up by actual tourists in actual tourist hell?

Then I think you’re gonna like this:


London Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea Bus

BB Bakery is a chic little cake shop and bakery in Covent Garden.

They’ve now expanded into doing teas on boats as well as buses, and everything is beautifully branded with their super stylish illustrations.

I think we were all a bit worried about how serving a whole afternoon tea on an actual moving bus was going to work.

What about plates sliding around the tables? And cake trays throwing macarons everywhere??


But, actually, everything is both super safe and super efficient.

There are adorably illustrated travel cups for your hot drinks, with little cup holders dug into the tables so there’s no danger of spillages at all. (Unless you’re me. Obviously.)

Orange juice is served in bottles. Cake trays are longer than is traditional, with only two tiers, for extra stability.

The plates are even semi-attached to the table with little suckers!

They’ve thought of everything, and it actually makes for a really comfortable experience.

London Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea Bus

The food and drink selection is brilliant.

We started with little bottles of orange juice and an extensive choice of hot drinks: from coffee, to hot chocolate and several different types of tea.

Then there was a fantastic tray of savouries: smoked salmon and soured cream on blinis; chicken salad rolls; mini mushroom quiches; ham, cheese and mustard mayo sandwiches, as well as cucumber sandwiches (on green bread!).

The blinis and mini quiches were my absolute favourites. Gotta love a bit of smoked salmon!

For sweets we had mini raspberry cupcakes topped with buttercream frosting; delicious choux pastry buns filled with custard (everyone LOVED these); gingerbread sponge with custard and berries; and the richest, squidgiest, best macarons I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Honestly, they were OUT of this world.

Definitely worth trotting down to Covent Garden for a box I reckon!

BB also provide gluten-free, vegetarian and halal options, so no worries on that front. If there’s anything you can’t eat, they’ll replace it with something else no problem.

London Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea Bus

Scones are the ultimate element of an afternoon tea aren’t they?

I think I could manage without everything else, but English Breakfast tea and a scone is a must for me!

The afternoon tea bus scones are fresh, crumbly and split perfectly down the middle without the need for a knife.

They come with individual tubs of proper Cornish clotted cream (that crust!) and teeny tiny jars of strawberry and apricot jam, and are an absolute perfect finish to the meal.

Especially when they come accompanied by views like this!

London Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea Bus

The tour bus route starts by Trafalgar Square before looping around Big Ben, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill, Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus and finishing back at the beginning again.

The waitresses were really friendly and helpful, and they’d occasionally point out certain landmarks which was a nice touch.

The only thing I can really suggest to make it even better would be if they maybe had a tour guide who could casually wander round and give a bit of historical info and fun facts about the places.

The views were obviously fantastic, but I would have loved to actually learn something as well.

(Kinda like the small tidbits of stuff I found out on this tour and on this one!)

That’s my only niggle though, as I absolutely loved everything else about it!

It’s not cheap, with adult tickets coming in at £45, but if you’re looking for a fab afternoon tea experience that’s a little different from the norm, this is definitely one to look out for.

You can find all the details about booking it on the BB Bakery website :)

London Afternoon Tea BusLondon Afternoon Tea Bus

Massive thank yous to the lovely team from Rennie’s for inviting us down for this!

I initially thought it was a bit of a weird choice but actually, if you think about it, it makes total sense.

Because when you have indigestion from too much cake, who’re you gonna call?


(Sorry. I’m done. Bad jokes over. For real.)

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