Have I ever told you guys how Gary and I met?

The story begins (not so surprisingly) with the Internet.

(Seriously. I think about 90% of my current friend circle are people I’ve met on the Internet!)

I’d just left my bar job and started working a 9-5, and suddenly I had weekends and evenings free… and no one to spend them with.

So I joined Plenty of Fish as a way to meet people and get me out exploring London.

I spotted this profile of a fun-looking guy wearing a Superman suit and we started chatting.

My opening line was: “nice Superman suit.”

Not very original maybe… but it worked!

On our first date, we met in Covent Garden (cos I was very Stranger-Danger aware and wanted to meet in the most public place I could think of) and then we spent the evening wandering the South Bank, chatting and grabbing drinks at different bars.

We also tried to go up the London Eye.

I’d done it waaaay back as an 11 year-old on my first family trip to London, and G hadn’t gone up for years either, so we thought it would be fun.

Unfortunately, it was already closed… and somehow we’ve just never got round to it since.

Well last week it was our 2 year anniversary, and I decided it was time for us to finally put plan LONDON EYE into action!

London Eye

London Eye

London Eye

London Eye

365 Tickets are a fab website where you can buy tickets to experiences all over the world, not just in London!

They do a whole load of special offers and bundles, so it’s worth checking out before you go on holiday anywhere (I’ve currently got my eye on their Disneyland Paris deals!)

Their prices are excellent, and I found the service really easy to use and very reliable.

We booked in our trip to the Eye and trundled on down after work on a Monday to find absolutely NO queues at all.

We waited maybe a grand total of 15 minutes, from first showing our tickets to stepping into the moving pod, which is an absolute WINNER.

(I’d definitely avoid it on weekends and bank holidays, as the queue can get to over 90 minutes long when it’s busy!)

And the experience itself was absolutely brilliant too!

I’d forgotten HOW slowly the whole thing moves. I kept thinking we’d broken down and then realising haha, nope. Just turtle-speed.

The views are fantastic. Even on our cloudy, drizzly day, we could see all the way over London.

I’ve become totally obsessed with tall buildings and fab views. Between this, St Paul’s last week and another exciting event I’ll be blogging about next week, I’ve been spoilt for choice recently!

I was a bit worried that we’d be crammed into our pod, with no space to move around and see it all from different angles, but actually we were fine. There was a couple of families and a few couples like us.

It was actually quite sweet to see how excited some of the kids got about being so high up in the air!

London Eye


London Eye

London Eye

London Eye


I also took the time to get all dressed up.

Cos if a girl can’t get all dressed up for date night, when can she, eh?

This sweet blue-printed dress* is from Monsoon and is a total DREAM.

I was a bit iffy about whether the length would suit me but it actually sits perfectly. It’s incredibly soft, super comfy and fits like a glove. The V-neck isn’t too low, the waist has a fabric to tie round it and it skims all my lumps and bumps perfectly.

Basically: I. LOVE. IT.

I wore it with a pair of my favourite ASOS Lily Pad ballet flats in nude.

Probably coulda/shoulda/woulda worn heels but OH THESE BABIES ARE JUST SO COMFY.

I have them in black as well and wear them alllll the times. They’re a bargainous £12 and the day ASOS stop stocking them will be the day I finally have a full-blown melt down over shoes.

I also added my ancient green Accessorize bag to bring out the accents in the print of the dress.

It’s funny, I’ve not used this bag in about a year and now suddenly it’s popping up in all my outfits and I’m back in love with it!



We finished the evening off with a curry at Mirch Masala.

Despite the hideous decor, it’s one of our fave places to eat because HELLO CHEAP. HELLO GOOD. HELLO YUM.

Our whole meal came to about £25 (including starters!), the service is always impressively fast and their butter chicken is one of my favourite dishes in all of London (and even Gaylord’s couldn’t change my mind about that!)

Surprisingly, I don’t have any photos of our meal.

Probably because by then I was so hungry I could’ve eaten a hippo, and ain’t nobody got time for photos when you’re that hungry.

Not even me!

*A massive thank you to 365 Tickets for gifting us our tickets to the London Eye.
*I was also gifted the Monsoon dress.
As always, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it! :)

  • Oh you guys!! I’ve never been either but I’ve always wanted to. These snaps are awesome and this dress looks amazing on you!

    Tara x

  • reneejessome

    Wow! That would be such a fun time!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Well at least your not so original line worked :) Great photos. London is a great city and looks even better from above. I like your dress, looks so pretty! xx

  • Sounds like you guys had a lovely evening! I love the london eye, i went on it for a birthday treat when i was 10 or something – i’d love to go back and see it at night time! That dress is super gorgeous, too. I have that accessorize bag in hot pink! would love that one and the lilac too. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Yeah, I was about 11 so same! It’s so nice doing it again. You appreciate it so much more when you’re older! xxx PS I soo nearly bought that bag in pink instead of the green! The navy one was also on my wishlist at the time :) xx

  • Some lovely pics from the eye Katy. xxx

    Amy at

  • Aaah, you two are just so sweet! What a lovely day out.
    Also – LOVE your dress, you look so pretty.
    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  • This sounds so lovely! Jealous of your day out! xx

  • Siobhan Rothwell

    I STILL love the colour of that bag, so pretty. Some of the photos you took from the eye are stunning!


    • Haha thanks Siobhan! It’s lovely isn’t it? :) YAY ACCESSORIZE! xxx

  • You look absolutely lovely! Glad you had a fab day, I’ve not gone on the Eye for years. I’ve been twice and both times refused to get up off the bench in the middle but I’ve gone to the top of the Shard since so should go on the wheel again for a proper experience! x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Naw fanks lovely one! :) haha yeah G spent a lot of his time on the bench. I reckon you’d be fine now though, if you’ve managed to do the tallest building in London lol! xxx

  • I need to try plenty of fish again! Happy anniversary xxx

    • Do it Angela!! I recommend it to everyone :) Tindr is all well and good, but it’s very physical. You don’t even get the chance to see whether they’ve got a good personality, and sometimes that can change your initial opinion. xxx

  • This sounds like the perfect way to spend your 2 year anniversary! I’ve actually never been on the London Eye, it’s been on the to do list for years! Also I love your outfit, your dress is tres pretty :) xx

    Ioanna |

  • I have never been on the London Eye. I’m terrible on ferris wheels so a little bit worried I’d be the same but stuck on there for an hour! Such a sweet way to spend your anniversary.

    • I honestly don’t think it’s as bad as a ferris wheel Flick! :) you’ve got more room for a start, and can sit down in the middle of the pod so you’re not looking straight down. Also it moves SO slowly that you barely even notice it, so none of the crazy winds on a ferris :) xxx

  • megsiobhan

    Gosh, I haven’t been on the Eye since I was at college, so that’s a good 4 years or so ago – although I felt the opposite – it went slow, sure, but the whole thing itself was over really quickly? Probably just me! Hahaha.

    And happy two year anniversary to the pair of you! :)

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    • Nope, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Considering how slowly it moves, I’m still surprised that it manages to go round in just half an hour! xxx PS. thank you!! :)

  • I love hearing how couples meet – what a lovely story and it’s great that you finally managed to go back to where it all began! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  • I was scared the first time I went on the London Eye but I manned up and went on again and really enjoyed it :)
    Lots of love,

    • Yeah it is hiiiiigh. Takes a bit of getting used to. What freaked me out the most was how you have to step on when it’s still moving!! xx

  • Awww so nice that you finally got to live out your first date on your 2-year anniversary! It is so slow though isn’t it!! haha. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • I honestly kept thinking we’d stopped hahaha. I’m surprised it only took 30 minutes to be honest. It felt like it SHOULD take longer! xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    This is the bad thing about getting into a relationship at 16 – our first date was a trip to McDonalds after school, before he dropped me at the bus station (previously voted Britain’s Ugliest Building..). I don’t particularly want to relive it! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    • Hahaha oh babe! That is a cracker of a first date. THERE IS NOTHING BAD ABOUT A BIG MAC. Burgers <3 xxx

  • Aw, happy (belated) 2nd anniversary! What a great way to celebrate it :) I went up the London Eye the first time I was in London, about seven or eight years ago. The view was seriously amazing! Would love to do it again, as it was so long ago. Also, that dress is beautiful, and you look amazing!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Thank you Mimmi! :) it’s so worth doing again. I couldn’t remember it at all from when I did it 7 years ago! xxx

  • Happy 2nd anniversary, you pair of cuties! A trip up the London Eye (and curry, oh yes!) is such a lovely way to celebrate. I’ve been up the London Eye once and loved it – the views are absolutely stunning.


    p.s. you are a mega babe in that dress, Katy! What a beautiful shape and colour. I love date nights for the excuse to go a little bit girly.

  • Happy anniversary Katy! Thanks for sharing your first date story, that was so cute :) also good work on the stranger danger – i’m sure your parents would be proud of that one ;) xxx Sophie

  • That’s a really sweet story! Congrats you guys – glad you got to do it this time around! xx

  • You have certainly been thrust up into the London sky a lot lately! Good thing too because your photos are fab x Happy 2 year anniversary too!

  • I haven’t been up the London Eye in years!! I remember you could see for miles. Maybe a return trip up is needed.

  • Ooh, I’ve never been on the London Eye – thanks for the tips! It looks like you have incredible views up there!