I really like going up tall buildings in London.

The views are always spectacular, especially if you manage to catch the sunset!

Recently I’ve been doing quite a lot of hiking up tall buildings. From trudging up the million and one stairs at St Paul’s cathedral, to going up and around the London Eye.

Not to mention when I went for Christmas Dinner at the Shard. That’s still one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had!

But I’ve found somewhere new that actually comes pretty close to topping it…

I’m talking about the OXO Tower Wharf building.

Shoot up in the lift to the 8th floor of this tucked away gem, and you’ll discover the award-winning OXO Tower Bar.

It’s got it all: yummy food, fabulous cocktails and, of course, STUNNING views.

Just see for yourself!

Oxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice Cream

I was invited down a few weeks ago to have a taste of their fantastic menu, try a few a lot of their amazing drinks and, most importantly, get stuck into their fabulous Summer Superfood Ice Cream flight: The Nice Cream Trio.


We started the evening with several rounds of perfectly balanced cocktails, created by the lovely Head Barman, Ian Goodman.

Now, can I just say: their drinks menu is IMPRESSIVE.

The cocktail menu alone is several pages long, and it really does have something for everyone.

I loved the freshness of my lychee based Southbank Cocktail, and I also had a taste of Thorne’s fabulous Gothic Manhattan, a staff favourite of bourbon, liquorice and cherry.

The English sparkling wine was also spectacular, and well worth investing in with friends for a special occasion (or, y’know, if you’re a moneybags, I suppose you could just pay the cool £55 price tag on your own…)

After a couple of drinks, we decided food was needed to line our empty (and already tipsy) stomachs.

We ordered a selection of bar nibbles to pick on, including chorizo, olives, falafel and the most diviiiine crispy squid with parmesan aioli.

(We may or may not have also ordered another round of drinks at this point….)

Oxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice Cream


Sunset goals.

By now we were well-lubricated, well-fed and sooo ready to fill our dessert stomachs.

The OXO Tower Bar, alongside artisan ice cream company Taywell Ice Creams, has created the most amazing selection of superfood ice creams and served them up as one amazing collection of healthy and delicious ice-creamy goodness.

They’re super Summery, super English and combines a whole bunch of healthy superfoods.

I mean, it’s so healthy it’s basically a salad.

My favourite was the Baobab, Chia Seed & Cranberry. Smooth, creamy and served with a beetroot crisp, it was absolutely delicious.

And Beetroot is a vegetable so basically it counts as one of my five a day.

The other flavours were Bee Pollen & Raspberry Ripple, and Charcoal & Strawberry Ripple. Both nice, with fab textures and colours, but just not ones I’d order again on their own.

Oxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice CreamOxo Tower Wharf Superfood Ice Cream

We had a fab night and it was so lovely to have a proper catchup with everyone.

Much hysterical laughter was had and I don’t think poor Thorne knew what to do with himself when faced with a herd of semi-intoxicated blogger females.

Our mission of the night became to make him blush as much as possible.

And you can imagine that, with the likes of Frankie, Marie, Suzy, Miho and myself involved, the poor guy didn’t get a moment’s peace!

Thank you so much as well to the lovely team at the OXO Tower Bar, who were all so attentive and kind.

I absolutely loved this place and this it’s an amazing spot for a romantic date or a fancy girly catchup!



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  • Minniemousechic

    This place looks incredible! the food and drinks look amazing but even better the views!

    • The views were definitely my fave part! Going at sunset was an especially inspired touch haha xx

  • I’ve always wanted to eat there- now I know I have to! x

    • DO IT! Worth doing some snacks and cocktails for a special supper :) xx

  • I’ve always wanted to go to the oxo tower, this meal looks lush!

    • It was brilliant! I definitely want to go back and try the brasserie food :) if the bar snacks were this good, I think the actual meals must be awesome! xx

  • That place, food, drinks… everything looks great! *Drools*


    • I know right?? I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find it! xx

  • Siobhan Rothwell

    I’d love to try this out one day! The cocktails look drool worthy


    • They were so so good! The bourbon and licquorice was especially inspired! xx

  • Stunning photos, as always! And those cocktails look out of this world!

    Laura xx

    • Thank you Laura! :D the cocktails were amaaaazing. Really well balanced and delicious. I highly recommend them! xx

  • Your photos are fantastic, Katy – and it was so good to see you and the others again, have a laugh and taste that superfood ice cream

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • Thanks you so much Suzy! :) so lovely to see you again too! xxx

  • reneejessome

    Omg everything looks SO good!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • I want to go! The drinks look SO good.

    Tara x


  • Uuuuhhhhh man this looks so amazing. Glad you had a good time!

    Jas } jaspooleblog.com } photography & life

  • Beautiful photographs as per! Sounds like you girls had an amazing time. I’d love to take my boyfriend there for an anniversary meal! the views are gorgeous xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Thank you lovely! :D definitely look into it for your anniversary, it’s a fab spot! xx

  • Ooh that looks good. You liking heights you need to try Skygarden next 37 floors up its stunning x

    • It’s on my list Angela!! :D along with Duck and Waffle at the Heron tower! xx

      • Oh god yes Duck and Waffle is on my list definitely looks lush x

  • I loooove Oxo, haven’t been in ages though! Views are spectacular aren’t they :) Those drinks sound yummy, the superfood ice cream sounds… interesting! haha. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • It was my first time and I loved it! :D the ice cream was lovely, just very different sorts of flavour haha. The chia seed one was faaabulous though. Would totally have bought a carton of that one! xx

  • Semi intoxicated is a good word. Because no one was drunk. :p

  • Woah those views :O

    And that ice cream!!!




  • Edward Vreca

    This looks like my kinda place. I definitely have to take my best friend here for an amazing night out. I love your blog posts. Look forward to reading more about the interesting places you visit.

  • Tea ke

    it is such as lovely place I’d love to go!