One of my favourite things about London is discovering new and quirky stuff to do in the city.

I hardly ever used to read Time Out and, if I did discover something going on, I was more than likely already late to the party. Everyone else would have been talking about it for months and I’d get the “oh didn’t you know? It’s closing next week…” chat.

(Sigh. You wouldn’t believe the amount of events I’ve missed because of this.)

But recently I’ve become addicted to hunting out those little gems of fun in the city…

And clueQuest is one of those little nuggets of gold.


I’ve had clueQuest on my list of things to do for a while. I played a miniature version of 6 escape rooms at an event in October and it was by far my favourite room of the bunch.

If you’ve never played an escape room before: you basically have an hour to work through all the puzzles and clues with your team to escape the room!

Usually the rooms have a story to them, so you might be escaping a prison cell or solving a murder mystery or, in the case of clueQuest, helping Mr Q (a cartoon mouse, in case you were wondering) save the world from the evil Professor BlackSheep…


So the point of this blog is that last week I met up with Natasha, Amanda, Erin, Emma and Jasiminne for an evening of escape room fun.

I know the girls pretty well already so it was nice to catch up and giggle before the lovely Julia from clueQuest called us through for our “briefing”.

She outlined our mission, explained the need to work as a team (cue ALL the Taylor Swift squad jokes) and gave us a quick tutorial on opening locks and using the tech we’d find inside the room.

Once we felt ready, she led us down the Corridor of Doom to our room, locked the door behind us, set the timer, and off we went!


Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell you much about our mission. Top secret government stuff ya know? Can’t have it falling into the wrong hands…

But I can tell you that it was SO MUCH FUN!

The puzzles are different, the clues are original, and the way the room is set up is SO clever. We did have a bit of the problem with the tech at one point, which was a shame, but Mission Control sent us a field expert to sort out the situation, so it didn’t affect our game much!

Everyone helped, calling out codes, throwing around pieces of puzzles and spotting things others had missed. We worked well together and managed to get out with 12 minutes to spare.

We were pretty chuffed!


I really do love escape rooms.

They’re fantastic as bonding exercises and they’re just SO much fun! If you’re into puzzles and games, you really need to try one.

I’ve only tried a few others (so far!) but clueQuest is already one of my faves. The story is colourful and imaginative and I adore the cartoon graphics and bright branding.

Two big thumbs up from me Mr Q!

Agent English, over and out.

*This post is sponsored by clueQuest.

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This post was written in collaboration with clueQuest. All thoughts, words, images and videos were created by Little Miss Katy.