I’ve got something absolutely ROCKING to show you today!

If you like music, color, contemporary interiors, sharp cocktails and sweet cakes – then this is the afternoon tea for you.

Wrestle your way through Leicester Square, slip past the doormen and stride into the uber-cool foyer of the W Hotel London.

Upstairs you’ll find the W Hotel Lounge: floor to ceiling windows, an impressive collection of decorative plates, touches of bold red in the upholstery, and some seriously good cocktails.

But we’re not here for the cocktails. (OK, so we’re not here only for the cocktails…).

We’re here to try the W hotel’s punk rock Anarch’tea (again!)

afternoon tea w hotel london

w hotel london

w hotel london
w hotel london

passion fruit cocktails

On the recommendation of our waitress, we started with a Lust for Life cocktail. Cachaça, zesty lime and sweet passion fruit make for a sweet and sharp cocktail that I could drink by the bucket.

(For the record: I didn’t. But I could.)

It’s fruity and sharp and absolutely yum. I’d go back for the cocktail alone to be honest – that’s how good it was.

It almost overshadowed the cake tray. Almost. But not quite.

Because the tea-tray – wait for it – the tea-tray is made out of VINYL RECORDS. How cool is that?

The sandwiches are basic (simple fillings and bread that to be honest could be a liiiiittle bit fresher), but the scones are as spectacular as I’ve mentioned before. Fresh, buttery and crumbly, with plenty of jam and clotted cream to dollop on top.

But the real rockstars of this show are the cakes!

punk rock battenburg

chocolate roulade

punk lips cake

The cakes are all named after songs and bands from the best of British punk.

So you have the God Save the Queen – The Sex Pistols’ cake, a slice of super soft and moist red, blue and white Battenburg, with a sweet marzipan icing crown.

Then there’s Shut-Up – The Stranglers’, a pair of red lips with a silver zip, made of white chocolate and stuffed with frozen strawberry and basil parfait. This was one of my favourites, but it’s veryyyy sweet.

The silver studded chocolate Swiss Roll is called Going Round in Circles – Alternative TV’. It’s super dark, super chocolatey and really, really good. I couldn’t finish my slice because it’s so rich, but Vicky absolutely loved it.

And finally, I give you the Mohican-inspired cake:Sigue Sigue Sputnik – 21st Century Boy’. Soft and jelly-like, filled with mousse and, again, incredddddibly sweet.

This is very much a sweet person’s afternoon tea. If you’re more of a savoury girl (or guy!) then this is maybe not one for you!

strawberry and basil parfait

w hotel london

scones w hotel london

afternoon tea w hotel london

So final thoughts: the savoury treats need a bit of work. Honestly, the sandwiches were bland and forgettable.

BUT. The cakes are insane. Insaaaane.

Favourites: the parfait lips, the cocktails and (of course) the scones. If I ever find scones that are better than these, I’ll be sure to let you know!


*We were guests of the W Hotel London for this visit.
All scone and cocktail loving is my own!
(Also the photos and words and all that stuff…)

afternoon tea

  • I love how innovative this tea is!

    • It’s fab isn’t it? The flavours are super different and bold, and I loved that! xx

  • This sounds like my dream place, just look at those beyond amazing cakes! xx

    • If you like cake and sweet things, you’d definitely love it Matea!!! xx

  • Brooklyn

    My dream afternoon tea, basically!

  • I went to the W for afternoon tea last time i was in London, we did the high fashion afternoon tea and it was beautiful!

    • Ahhh bet that one was cool!!! I love that they have a new, really clear theme every year :) means I’m more likely to go back and try the next one! xx

  • This is one on my wishlist, it looks like so much fun.

    • It’s really fun! The sweets are really different as well. I loved that it’s not the usual petit-fours or traditional cakes, but really bold and exciting flavours and textures! :D xx

  • I did this a couple of years ago for my dad’s birthday and it’s good to see that they have changed the cakes to make it one to re-visit. I love the setting of the W tea room – it’s nice to visit one which isn’t overly girlie! x

    • Yep, they change the whole menu every year I think, cos they give it a whole new theme :) I know they did a high fashion one once, as well as a rock and roll one I think. And yes, I totally agree on the neutral decor!! There were a couple of lads having tea with their parents behind us, and it was nice to see it more as a family thing than just one for the girls! xx

  • hellojess

    This looks awesome! I’m in London in the next couple of weeks so I’m deffo gonna have to give this one a go. Those cocktails, man oh maaan!

    • Definitely look into it Jess! I think ti’s £30 per person, including hot drinks, and then the cocktails are £10 each if you want to add them in :) really good value for money! xx

  • The cakes do look absolutely insane! x

  • W Hotel London – I’ll be there or be square by the looks of it! #London!

  • This looks amazing! Bookmarking this for my trip back to London next year!

  • Oh god this looks so yummy…that battenburg though! x

  • Hayley Rubery

    1.) You look BLOODY AMAZING LADY! <3 2.) I adore the W Hotel and 3.) those cocktails sounds DREAMY AF! (as does the afternoon tea tbh!) – definitely checking this out ASAP!

    Hayley xo

  • I love cute thought out afternoon teas, this one looks so good! Also, that cocktail, buckets would be appropriate for sure by the sounds/looks of it.

  • I LOVE the W hotel – had no idea that they did such a cute afternoon tea! Looking lovely as always chick

    Elle Bloggs