I think Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour is one of my new favourite places in London.

The pub downstairs is all dark wood and stuffed pheasants hanging from the ceiling, but upstairs? Upstairs is a beautiful vintage mishmash of floral wallpaper, velvet sofas and antique furniture.

There are pretty trinkets dotted around, patterned china on the tables… and it’s all just so PRETTY.

Throw in some cracking food, a feather boa, and a gin cocktail (or three) and you’ve got yourself an afternoon tea party!

mr fogg's gin parlour afternoon tea mr fogg's gin parlour

mr fogg's gin parlour
mr fogg's gin parlour
mr fogg's gin parlour

Start your G & Tea (that’s actually the name of the afternoon tea. Yay puns!) with a beautiful refillable cocktail, served in a teapot for two.

Jasmin and I carefully analysed the menu and plumped for the pun-iliciously named “Do Give This A Chai” – chai tea and almond butter infused gin, topped with honey and lemon.

It’s one of the most bizarre cocktail creations I’ve heard of but OH IT’S GOOD. ♥︎

The chilled gin is spicy from the chai, sweet from the honey… and it’s basically Autumn in a cup. And I love that.

mr fogg's gin parlour mr fogg's gin parlourmr fogg's gin parlour afternoon tea mr fogg's gin parlour afternoon tea

The food is fab as well.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a soft spot for savouries, and it’s something I think a lot of afternoon teas overlook in favour of their cake selection. Not so at Mr Fogg’s!

Their sandwiches are both absolutely huge and absolutely delicious. Soft, fresh bread, stuffed to bursting with the classic fillings of egg mayonnaise; sharp cheddar and pickle; and cream cheese and cucumber.

Jasmin and I polished off more than our fair share of these, as they were just so good! The egg ones, especially, were perfect.

They’ve also included a mini vegetable frittata, which was full of flavour, and made a nice extra addition to the savoury tray.

mr fogg's gin parlour afternoon teamr fogg's gin parlour afternoon tea

The sweets were both generous in size, and English in flavours:

The lemon posset, topped with edible pansies, was sharp, creamy and utterly divine.

The meringue nests were filled with a light vanilla custard and fruit slices – simple but effective.

I skipped out on the banoffee tartlets (in favour of another egg sandwich!) but the reviews from the other girls were overwhelmingly positive – not too sweet, and the pastry was perfectly crisp.

The scones were reaaaaaally nice… but tiny. We only had one each as well, and I think we all would have liked another one, especially as they were so small to begin with!

mr fogg's gin parlour afternoon tea mr fogg's gin parlour mr fogg's gin parlour

Overall: a massive thumbs up from me.

The giant sandwiches definitely sold it, but the lemon posset and inventive cocktails were also winners. The scones would be on the list too if they’d just make them a little bit bigger!

It’s pretty expensive, at £40 per person – including a gin teapot to share between two – but one to keep in mind if you’re after something a little bit special. It would be absolutely epic as a hen do venue!!

The service was fantastic, our waiters were all really helpful, very friendly and informative about the different gins.

OOH AND I JUST REMEMBERED. They also have an on-site magician. Seriously. He did card tricks and close-up magic and I nearly had a heart attack at one point. I KNOW it’s sleight of hand but I still don’t know how the heck he managed it!!!!

Definitely one for a hen do, a birthday, or just a fancy catch up with Mum.


*I was a guest of Mr Fogg’s for this visit.
All words, photos and egg sandwich loving are my own.

  • This place seems to be amazing. I love little places like that. They always have so much character and warm feeling about them. The food looks so delicious and I love the vintage style. Beautiful photos. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Isabelle Collins

    I love places like this, the food looks gorgeous and your photos are breathtaking! x

  • This sounds (and looks!) PERFECT for my birthday treat. I’ve been searching for soo long for something to do so brilliant timing! Drooling just looking at those photos…

  • Becca

    This sounds right up my street! A teapot of gin and cake – I don’t think I could ask for much more haha xx

  • Oh my god that’s literally my dream – gin, afternoon tea, a lovely vintage location… wow. Your pictures are amazing, I’m definitely going to visit!
    – Emily from

  • Such a dreamy and beautiful place, I would looove to visit it! And everything looks so incredibly tasty!

    xx, Matea

  • Donna Wishart

    Gin is pretty much my favourite thing in the world – second to that? Afternoon tea. It’s my Birthday on Monday and I think I may just have to visit! x

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    Ooh ok THIS LOOKS AMAZING!! Will definitely have to book in thanks for the inspo and some beautiful photos xx

  • Laura Torninoja

    This place looks absolutely AMAZING! I’m in love with the decor and this is definitely somewhere I’d love to take someone special! I don’t even like gin but I’m really dying to visit now… :D

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Oh WOW Katy this looks bloody delicious!! xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Manja Zdravković

    Amazing post! :D

    & check out my blog, I am new here! Thanks!

  • The slow pace

    Uy qué rico!!! Creo que lo mejor de UK es el afternoon tea… sin duda!

  • This would be such a fun thing to do for a hen do! Although I can’t believe you skipped the banoffee tartlet – it looks amazing. My belly is rumbling looking at these lovely photos. Would it be totally wrong to try and sneak gin into the work teapot? :) x

  • Yum,Yum and Yum! #charliesonlinestore likes this :)

  • I love gin so this afternoon tea looks perfect! I find that the sandwiches are often my favourite element of afternoon tea these days and these ones look so good! x

  • Jessica Riley

    I love all the cute details and having a Gin Afternoon Tin is such a nice twist on the traditional options. Stunning photos.




    The Crown Wings

  • This sounds SO GOOD. Gin! <3 <3 Your photos are AMAZING too!

  • I don’t think that’s too badly prices, especially if you get a couple cocktails out of it! What a cute looking setting too. Anything with gin in I’m sold.

  • Brooklyn

    This looks so fun. I love how creative your tea pot was!

  • This looks absolutely divine! The gin cocktail sounds delicious – I love all the clever things people come up with :D Your photographs here are STUNNING and now I want nothing more than a full on afternoon tea. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Ohh pricey, but I suppose it does include a very unique cocktail, was there any other alternatives to gin or tea, i’m not a fan of either weirdly! The venue looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in an Agatha Christie program ( a good thing!). xx
    Amy at Amy & More