About Me

Hi, I’m Katy!

I’m 25, a writer, photographer, feminist, foodie, and (most importantly) a Hufflepuff.

I grew up in sunny Mallorca, then moved to the UK to study Musical Theatre at uni. Now I live with my brilliant boyfriend in a tiny little flat in SW London.

By day, I’m a very bored (and hungry) receptionist. I spend 9 hours a day behind a desk with not much actual work to do – so I started a blog to help me figure out what I want to do with my life.

And here we are, nearly 3 years later!

little miss katy

OK so tell us about this blog of yours…

Little Miss Katy is a place for me to document and share my love of cooking, travelling, and life as a twenty-something year old in London.

My signature posts are my Happy Mondays, where I share ten Good Things that happened to me this week.

It helps remind me (and my readers) that no matter how utterly awful everything might seem, there are ALWAYS good things happening as well, if we just pay attention. They might be things as tiny as a really great sandwich or a dog on the tube, but they’re there.

You’ll also find a strong selection of easy recipes (mainly for weekday dinners and packed lunches), some city travel guides, posts about travel, restaurant reviews, and even a section on my personal style.