Guys, I think I just discovered my perfect red nail polish.

Seriously. It’s perfect.

For Christmas last year my aunt and uncle gave me a bottle of Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Knockout. I hadn’t got round to using it yet as my nails have been so short (I bite them, don’t judge me). But I recently stopped biting them and thought I’d test it out.

Liz Earle isn’t what immediately springs to mind if someone mentions nail polish. So I really wasn’t sure what to expect…

Little Miss Katy red nail polish Liz Earle


Knockout is this gorgeous pillar-box red shade. I’ve been struggling to find a proper bright red nail polish for ages. Every time I buy a new one it turns out to be just a little bit too pink or orange.

This is a perfect, totally true red. No pink, blue or orange in sight.

Unfortunately my iPhone is playing it’s usual trick of being rubbish at taking pics. But trust me, it’s very red!

I need to buy a new nail buffer, so my nails weren’t particularly smooth, even after putting on a clear base coat. The formula is pretty thin so I wasn’t expecting any miracles. But this is only two coats of colour and honestly? This is the glossiest my nails have ever been. Seriously. They are smooth and shiny and it really looks like I’m wearing Shellac!

Because it’s so thin, it also dries ridiculously quickly so even when I re-did them at work (shh) and carried on typing straight after, they stayed smooth and polished, not a smudge or chip in sight.

And did I mention the colour is perfect? Because it totally is.

Little Miss Katy red nail polish Liz Earle


The Liz Earle website claims that the formula is chip-resistant and lasts up to 12 days. I did mine on Friday and they’re doing pretty OK so far. A bit of wear on the tips but I do a lot of typing so 4 days is actually pretty good for me!

They also say that the formula is enriched with avocado and borage oils which helps strengthen and protect the nail whilst you’re wearing it. I haven’t taken it off yet so I can’t tell you whether that’s true or not.

But to be honest, the colour and gloss of this red nail polish is so fabulous, even if it didn’t do as claimed? I so totally wouldn’t be bothered.


Yes. Totally yes.

The formula is glorious and the colour is spot-on. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone to buy a red nail polish, then remembered this one and stepped away from the stand empty-handed.

But I do have my eye on three other colours in the range: Ebb Tide, a sophisticated mushroom shade; Grey Dawn, a pretty cool-grey; and Rhapsody in Blue, which is a lovely navy colour.

Roll on Payday!

Little Miss Katy red nail polish Liz Earle

What is your go-to red nail polish?

How was everyone’s weekend? Gary and I went to see the new X-Men film yesterday. It is so good. So, so good. The perfect balance of character drive and action and fab performances from the whole cast (old and new). Talking of which, if you’ve seen the whole series you’ll really appreciate some of the cameos!

Personally I hope they never make another film again. As weird as that sounds, it is just such a perfect ending to the series. Another film would just ruin the ending…

Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?

Drop me a comment and let me know!