Lunch at Taylor St Baristas

Looking for somewhere to have lunch in London?

Tucked away in a little side-street near Bond Street tube station is a teeny-tiny little coffee shop called Taylor St Baristas.

One of my work colleagues took me here a few weeks after I started working in the area and I was totally blown away by their amazing grilled sandwiches, delicious salads and out-of-this-world coffees.

I’ve been going back ever since!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair front of counterTaylor St Baristas Mayfair sandwichesTaylor St Baristas Mayfair noodle and sweet potato salad

The choice of sandwiches and salads changes every day, and there’s no specific set menu. So you never know what you’re going to find when you visit.

There’s usually 6 or 7 sandwich choices ranging from goats cheese and cherry chutney to coriander and chilli chicken with mango, and anything in between! Then they always have two options of main salads (including one for vegetarians), and a varied selection of small take-away salad boxes.

I had the chicken and giant couscous salad with sugarsnaps, sultanas, chickpeas and the biggest cherry tomatoes I have ever seen. It was absolutely delicious and I only wish I’d ordered the larger portion!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair chicken and giant couscous saladTaylor St Baristas Mayfair goats cheese and cherry chutney sandwichTaylor St Baristas Mayfair cakes and muffins

There’s always a fab selection of yummy cakes and muffins too, and they even have gluten-free options available.

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair orange and almond gluten free cakeTaylor St Baristas Mayfair random books on the windowsill

Such an incredibly random collection of reading material piled up on the window-sill haha.

The space is small, but it’s got such a cool, eclectic and chilled out vibe to it. A mismatch of wooden tables, chairs and benches of all size. Wooden floorboards and white walls decorated with hand-painted sketches and mismatched prints just pinned up on the wall anyhow.

It’s always quite busy in there, especially from about noon, so it can get a bit cramped and you may end up sharing a table with someone. But just makes the atmosphere is buzzy and friendly.

And I really like that!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair artwork on the white wallsTaylor St Baristas Mayfair flat white coffee

Their coffees. Oh MAN their coffees.

Their website says they won the ‘Best Coffee in Mayfair’ award in 2012 and I can totally see why.

Their basic blend has a really rich, nutty taste and and is totally delicious with a chunk of chocolate brownie!

Everyone I’ve spoken to agrees their coffees are the best in the area. Half my clients come into work in the mornings with one of their takeaway cups and when anyone asks me for recommendations I always send them in the Taylor St direction.

Much better than your standard Pretacostabucks!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair frequent coffee freaks blackboardLittle Miss Katy selfie drinking a coffee at Taylor St Baristas MayfairTaylor St Baristas Mayfair flapjacks and chocolate browniesTaylor St Baristas Mayfair flat white coffee and chicken salad

Here’s the only downside: it’s pricey.

My portion of salad and a small flat white cost me £8… which is a lot even for London!

So I don’t visit as often as I wish I could. But this just makes it all the more special for me.

I go there to treat myself. I take my Kindle and just chill in a corner with good food and coffee. It’s also a really great place to take friends if you’re looking for somewhere a bit more upmarket that a Pret.

I’ve even arranged job interviews and business meetings here!

Taylor St Baristas Mayfair front of counterTaylor St Baristas Mayfair chicken and giant couscous salad with giant terry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and sultanasTaylor St Baristas Mayfair outside facade

If any of you fancy a visit, Taylor St Baristas actually have branches all over London, as well as one in Brighton. You can find all the info and addresses of where to find them at their website.

Do you have a special lunch place? What’s it like?

And if it’s in London, please let me know in the comments. I love discovering new places to try out!



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