FEAST Food Festival at Tobacco Dock

August 4, 2014

Y’all know how much I love a food festival.

In fact, let’s stop kidding ourselves here: you all know how much I love food full stop.

Therefore I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say that when Nuffnang kindly invited me to go and check out FEAST London over the weekend, I RSVP’d faster than I’ve ever RSVP’d for anything in my life.

So on Saturday morning, Gary and I skipped breakfast and hopped on the DLR down to Tobacco Dock.

veggie burger, chicken skewers, veggie pittaTobacco Quay red telephone boxesTobacco Dock interior

There was a fab mix of restaurants, street stalls and bars selling their stuff, all spread out over the venue. I’ve never been to Tobacco Dock before but it’s a gorgeous venue, with amazing architecture inside and a pirate ship parked out front on the river!

FEAST London menuThe Breakfast Club chorizo hash and eggs benedict

After doing a quick lap of the building to figure out where everything was, we grabbed our first meal of the day: breakfast from The Breakfast Club!

“Egg Benedict” for me: fried egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. Gary had the Chorizo and Lemon Hash: fried herby, lemony potatoes and onions with fried chorizo sausage and drizzled with a gorgeous lemon-y mayonnaise.

And you can’t have breakfast without coffee so we also hit the Monkshood Coffee van for lattes.

Monkshood Coffee from a vanAnnie Mae's Mac'n'cheese stallAnna Mae's Don Macaroni

Our next stop was Anna Mae’s for Gary’s favourite food: mac’n’cheese. We chose the Don Macaroni which had added crispy bacon bits, basil oil and fresh basil.

Our first thought was: “£6.50 for one small cup of pasta say whaaaat!”

But we shared one between us and, actually, that was more than enough. It was super rich, filling and delicious and we could probably have stopped eating for the day right there (except LOL, of course we didn’t)

The Brulerie mini creme bruleesThe Meringue Girls meringue selectionSpring RollsPrimrose Bakery peanut butter cupcakesWatermelon juice and lemonade on ice

After the mac’n’cheese fest we decided we needed a little hydration and, after G (somehow) managed to convince me that 11am is too early to start on the cocktails, we headed to the Pink Grapefruit juice bar for freshly pressed watermelon juices.

At £2 I thought these were reaaally well priced and we popped back here several times during the day to try some of their other options. Their home-made lemonade was gorgeous and we also shared a strawberry and apple smoothie which was delicious.

Actually, pretty much every single stall was selling at really reasonable prices. Most of the mains were between £4 and £6, and you could pick up little cakes and snacks for about £2 each as well.


Chopped herbs and spices and veggiesDrinking a juiceThe Cheese Truck grilled cheese sandwicheshome-made marshmallowsVeggie burgers being cooked Lemonade and pineapple juiceAssorted cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

Hungry yet?

Ha! Sorrynotsorry.

Let’s take a little break and have a look at what I wore shall we?

Jeans tshirt leopard print cardigan

Oh heeey weekend casual.

Jeans, T-shirt, fake All Stars and cardigan. This used to be my uniform for school back in the day.

Looking at it now, I’m remembering why I moved away from it (HELLO HIPS AND THIGHS). I love how comfy and easy it is to put together but I just don’t think it’s working for me anymore. Sigh.

I think I need to find some more casual dresses that I can just throw on instead… Eh, I’ll work on it.

What do you think of my new backpack? It’s black leather(ish) and huuuuge. I can fit my make-up bag and big camera and all my bits and pieces into it quite happily and it doesn’t kill my shoulders.

AND it only cost me £9 in Primark. Winning.

Black tshirt and leopard print cardigan

Minimal make-up and my new favourite twisty-up-do.

My hair didn’t dry properly before we left so I did this in 5 minute on the tube with a handful of hairgrips I (luckily) had in my bag. Super easy and just makes me look that little bit more put together.

OK on with the food pics!

The Meringue Girls mini meringues rainbow assortmentNotting Hill Kitchen custard tartsLemons, chillies and corianderBlack paella from Negra y MorLMK eatingLMK eatingStrawberry smoothieNotting Hill kitchen croquetas and chorizo breadAlcoholic ice lollies poptails


I didn’t eat EVERYTHING that I took a photo of okay??

I wish I had… But I didn’t.

Unfortunately my stomach said “no more” after the breakfast, mac’n’cheese, jerk chicken (spicy and delicious from Mama’s Jerk Station) and salted caramel cupcake (from Primrose Bakery). And the juices. And the million and one tasters.

What I would have eaten if my belly hadn’t already been full:

The ranch burger samples we tried from The Table were amazing, so I definitely would have had a full-size version of that bad boy.

We stopped at Notting Hill Kitchen for chorizo bread but I wish I could’ve tried one of their custard tarts. They were golden, flaky and looked amazing.

Negra & Mor was one of the last to start cooking, but it was so much fun to wander round every 10 minutes and see what had happened since you last left. We watched the friendly old man cook up a black paella from scratch and it looked incredible! But by the time it was done, I just had no room left at the inn (my belly)…

Then there were grilled cheese sandwiches, mini meringues, home-made marshmallows, little pots of different creme brulees, healthy vegan salads, duck sandwiches, cocktails, waffles and maple syrup…

Primrose Bakery M&M cookiesBright flowersTiger statue tobacco dock

Aaaand we’re done. No more photos. I promise.

Thank you Nuffnang and FEAST for the lovely day! We both really enjoyed the atmosphere an would definitely come again next year.

More food! All the food!


Foodies Festival at Clapham Common

Street Food at Pump Shoreditch

Dalston Food Market

*Our entry tickets for FEAST London were gifted by Nuffnang.
We paid for all our food and drink ourselves :)


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