January 12, 2015

Another week, another Monday!

Apart from taking blog photos and occasionally going to the cinema, weekends tend to be pretty quiet for me.

My blog schedule is Monday to Friday and I like having the weekends to just chill out, catch up with Gary and Netflix and eat all the food in all the world.

However I’ve spent pretty much all of this weekend running here, there and everywhere to events, which could explain why it doesn’t quite feel like Monday yet!

I really feel that we should have another day’s holiday, just to recover from the weekend… That’s allowed right?

IMG_7624 (720x720)

1. Dusky pink roses. We get fresh flowers delivered once a week to work, and on a Friday I’m allowed to take them home with me. Usually I can’t be bothered to carry them along with all my other million other possessions, but last week we had pink roses and I couldn’t resist! They’re bloomin’ gorgeous! (geddit? BLOOMING)

2. Birthday drinks and dinner for the gorgeous Rebecca. It is an ACE feeling when you realise that your internet friends are now officially Real Life friends too! :D

3. Home-made cottage pie and buttered leeks for tea on Wednesday. Chef Katy is in the houuuuuse! *party emoji*

4. Goodreads. I discovered it on Friday and I am FULLY OBSESSED. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a site where you can keep track of and review books that you’ve read. You can also list ones that you want to read, and keep everyone updated on how far into your current book. Which is great if you’re mucho nosy like I am!

5. Laughing my head off with Erica at the Sex Tape DVD launch on Tuesday. Cocktails, oysters, champagne jelly shots, bed-head makeovers and photobooth hilarity.

Sex Tape launch

6. I ordered these black coated super skinny jeans from New Look with one of my Christmas vouchers. I can’t WAIT for them to arrive. Watch out Sandra Dee, my knits-and-jeans uniform is about to get 500% cooler!

7. Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin is my new happy-jam. It might not have the smartest lyrics in the world but it makes me jiggle-dance at work and that’s really all I need in life.

8. Yesterday’s brilliant dinner conversation after doing the Jack the Ripper tour. One of my favourite things about blogging is meeting like-minded people and it was so awesome to exchange thoughts about the industry with some awesome other bloggers! :)

9. Half a bottle of red wine and Pretty in Pink on the telly on Friday night. #TeamDuckie

10. This pizza canvas tote bag from Primark.

IMG_7682 - Copy

So these are some of my favourite things from this week. What are yours? :)

Update on the Reading Situation: I managed to amass a total of 5 hours on the tube over a period of two days and am happy to announce I actually managed to tick two whole books off my Classics To Read list: Frankenstein and The Importance of Being Ernest.

I really loved Ernest (pure, frivolous fun and I now really want to see the Colin Firth/Rupert Everett adaptation!), but I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about Frankenstein. It’s one of those books where I think you need a bit of space and time to reflect on the moral of the story.

Have you read them? What are your thoughts?


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