February 20, 2015
spring 2015 style concept

I have a big wardrobe.

Not just big either, but VARIED. Plenty of skirts, dresses, funky-coloured jeans, crop tops, blouses, blazers…

And yet every day I somehow manage to end up pulling my hair out because none of my clothes work together and ohmygodihavenothingtowear!

Sound familiar?

I’ve recently been reading a lot about minimal dressing, finding a style concept that works for you, and creating a wardrobe around a uniform. I didn’t think I really had a uniform, until I started reading Into Mind, a blog about personal style and minimalism (here’s her FAQ post about Minimalist Wardrobes.)

It’s the perfect starting guide to exploring what it means to have a minimal wardrobe and has some ace tips on defining your personal style.

And, after reading it, I’ve realised I definitely DO have a uniform. We all do.

It’s what we pull on without thinking. That one look that we wear over and over again in different combinations. The first outfit we’d reach for if we were getting dressed in a hurry (and if all our clothes were washed, pressed and actually IN the wardrobe, not lying about on our bedroom floor…ehem)

It feels effortless, yet always makes us feel confident and good about ourselves.

spring 2015 style concept

Step 1: Figure out my uniform

This was the best way for me to quickly assess what my favourite outfit is, and then separate from that WHY I like it so much.

At the moment, my day-to-day uniform is skinny jeans, a soft crew neck sweater and ballet flats.

(I’d love to know what yours is!)

Step 2: Figure out my style concept

I wanted to make an inspiration board of sorts, that would bring together all the items of my wardrobe and create a framework for my style. Something that I could draw from when I go shopping so that, eventually, my entire wardrobe works together as one.

Basically: I want to be able to pull anything out of my wardrobe and know that it will suit me, make me feel good and go with at least 70% of the rest of my clothes.

Then it won’t take me as long to get ready in the mornings and I can sleep for longer. Which is my main priority in life at the moment.

So here’s how I created the style concept for my Spring 2015 wardrobe:

spring 2015 style concept


OK first of all: COMFORT. In capital letters.

Living in London, you end up walking a lot. And I know from experience that if I’m constantly tugging down a slightly-too-tight skirt or wearing heels (other than my super comfy block heel boots), then I’ll just be miserable all day.

Simple shapes is my next rule. No ruffles or frills or *shudder* peplums. Clean lines and basic cuts.

And finally, my clothes have to be versatile. I frequently get on the tube at 7am, then might have a lunch meeting and finally end the day at an evening blog event. So I need my outfit to take me through the whole day without any massive changes.


Skater dresses, swing dresses, skinny jeans, cigarette trousers, crew neck jumpers, loose shirts, ballet flats, plimsolls.

Flattering, chic, easy to mix and match and (most of all) COMFORTABLE.

2015 is all about the comfort.


You can see it more clearly in the picture above but basically:

MAIN COLOURS: white, grey, black and pinky-beige (nude).

ACCENT COLOURS: berry, sea green, dusky rose, navy and light blue.

Again, easy to mix and match, and they’re all in the colour palette for my “type”, which is Light Summer.

(There’s an ace post on Into Mind about finding what colours work best for your skin tone/hair/eyes. It’s super interesting!)

spring 2015 style concept

And this is the final draft for my Spring 2015 style concept. Ta-dah!

Some of the stuff I actually already own, which is great, but hopefully this will also give me a bit of a framework to shop with. This way I know exactly what sort of thing will and won’t fit into my style, so I’m not throwing away money on things I never wear.

It’s also going to help me out with the next step which is:


(Yes, that’s a link to an Eminem song.)

I think that having a clearer idea of what I do want to wear on a regular basis is going to make it much easier for me to get rid of the stuff that DOESN’T fit into my style anymore.

Watch out charity shops: you’ve got a huge haul coming your way this weekend!

Do you have a style concept / mood board for your wardrobe? I’d love to hear your thoughts!! :)

UPDATE: Check out my Autumn 2015 Style Concept! :)


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