February 6, 2015


So I decided that, even though I talk about me A LOT on this blog (and I really do, don’t I? #sorrynotsorry), it’s actually been a while since I did a proper “get to know me” post.

You know, the kind where you get to discover my little quirks and habits and hear my favourite drunk stories (like about that time I carpet-burned my face after tripping UP the stairs… Fun times.)

This is The A to Z of Me. Enjoy.

VIX AND KATY (720x611)

A is for Autumn

In case I didn’t cover it enough in that whole period of September-November: I really love Autumn.

My birthday is in October so that’s Reason Numero Uno… But I just love everything about it.

The freshness of a cool breeze, the layering of knits and jeans, pulling my favourite boots out of the wardrobe, red leaves, hot coffee, and that lovely feeling of back-to-school NEWNESS.

B is for Birds


Seriously guys, I don’t think you understand how awful my fear is of these things.

I’m that person who crosses the road rather than try and walk round a pecking pigeon. Just in case it flies at me.

Seagulls aren’t much better either. I can just about manage canaries though.

C is for Cake

Too predictable? I really do like cake though.

Home-baked, still warm from the oven with a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

(If anyone fancies a gander, I even wrote an entire guest post for Amanda on the subject of my favourite cakes!)

D is for Dancing

I miss dancing.

Not the bootylicious Beyonce jiggle that you do at Liquid on a drunk Saturday night (oh the shame) but real, properly choreographed dancing.

The kind I used to learn three times a week at uni, and rehearse for hours on end and then perform in front of an audience. The kind that makes you sweat buckets and smile in triumph when you get your steps right.

(And the kind that, in my case, usually ended with me falling flat on my face in front of my entire year group…)

God I miss that.

E is for Elephants

My favourite animal!

I think they’re so beautiful and intelligent. I’m convinced they have a sense of humour as well! (Just look at that happy elephant in the pic below!)

Riding an elephant is very very high on my Bucket List :)

DSC_0156 (720x533)

F is for Friends


G is for Gin In A Tin

What is Gin In A Tin I hear you ask?

THIS, my friend, is Gin In A Tin.

An absolute British institution, especially favoured by Stagey folk.

H is for Hula Hoop

I was Hula Hooping QUEEN at school. Seriously. It’s one of my (many) party tricks.

The other is being able to solve a Rubix cube in under 5 minutes.

In case anyone was interested.

I is for Italy

I’ve wanted to go to Italy for as long as I can remember.

There’s just something about the whole country that fascinates me.

Admittedly, there’s the whole I LOVE PIZZA AND PASTA angle… But it’s so much more than just a love of carbs and cheese.

Ideally, I’d love to hire a car and spend a month roaming the whole peninsula. I want to see the incredible works of art in Florence. I want to see the inside of the Colliseum. I want to try wine in a vineyard and (yes OK!) eat proper home-cooked Italian pasta. I want to see the countryside of Sienna, walk the stone-cobbled streets of Verona and take a gondola through the canals of Venice.



J is for Jeans

When I was at uni, I owned ONE pair of jeans. One! I was much more into dresses and skirts back then and just didn’t see the point.

Funny how things change isn’t it?

Nowadays I’d wear jeans most days of the week if I could!

K is for Katy


Zara orange tartan scarf

L is for Lasagne

Fun story: I was actually a (sort of) vegetarian for 3 years.

After 3 (sort of) meatless years, I came home from school and Mum had made a beef lasagne and it smelt so good that I very nearly cried at the thought of not eating it.

And so I decided that this was getting ridiculous. So I ate the lasagne. And now I’m now longer a vegetarian.


M is for Mallorca

The island of dreams.

N is for Northern Lights

I’m completely and utterly fascinated by the Northern Lights.

I’ve always felt an interest in them (green shiny ribbons of light!), but it wasn’t until I watched the Joanna Lumley documentary that I fell in love.

Again: one for the Bucket List!

O is for Olives


I get teased about this a lot, because I’m “Spanish” and therefore should probably adore them but ick, ick, NO.

There aren’t many foods I actively dislike but olives are right at the top of that list.

Hate them. Bleh.

P is for Perfectionist

I wrote about this in more depth a few months ago but, basically, I have a classic case of Perfectionist’s Procrastination.

This means that because I think it’s never going to be good enough, I don’t even start.

Not good. Something I’m working on.

Q is for Quiet Time

I’m not a particularly quiet person. I’ve got a loud voice and I talk A LOT, but I’m actually an ambivert and really rely on my Quiet Time to restore my energy.

You can tell if it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had some chill-time by myself, because that’s usually when I start being a grumpy cow and eating all the carbs and crying about my lack of sleep.

Quiet Time is important.

Mallorca Es Trenc Beach

R is for Rhythmic Gymnastics

I did rhythmic gymnastics from the age of 4/5 until I was about 9. I was actually pretty good and won a bunch of medals.

Then I got bored and stopped.

Story of my life really. (See “P” above!)

S is for Singing

Another thing I miss from uni.

I’ve been struggling a lot with this one recently… I used to sing ALL THE TIME.

But now that I live in a teeny-tiny flat with walls of paper and shift-working housemates, I can’t exactly go around belting out numbers from Legally Blonde now, can I?


T is for Tickling

I am INCREDIBLY ticklish. All you have to do is poke me in the ribs and I collapse on the floor giggling like a child.

U is for Untidy

I am The Most Untidy Person in the Entire World. (Yes, that’s an official title)

One day I might actually upload a picture of my room on here, as it looks now (not that freak tidy version you saw last year).

This will be A) so you can see that I’m not exaggerating and B) to shame me into actually doing something about it…

V is for Vicar

My grandad was a vicar. He actually christened me when I was a baby, which I think is really sweet.

He passed away when I was little and, even though I’m not religious, I still like going to church sometimes, just to think of him and my Grandma…

W is for Wizard of Oz

My favourite childhood film :)

I used to watch this so often that, eventually, Mum had to make a rule that we weren’t allowed to watch it again until we’d watched the other videos in our collection (Videos. Sigh. I’m so old.)

I bought the DVD when I first moved to the UK for uni and I still watch it several times a year. It’s great comfort-watching for when you’re feeling ill!

X is for X-Rays

I have had an obscene amount of X-Rays taken in my lifetime.

I was am notoriously clumsy and have broken/twisted/fractured an impressive amount of appendages in my 23 years. Not counting that time I concussed myself at school (don’t ask).

The first time was when I was about 4. I tried to jump off a pile of large building blocks at Summer school and landed on my arm and got stuck in a cast for 6 weeks. Which, as an active kid who wanted to spend all my time in the swimming pool, was not fun.

I was in plaster pretty much once a year onwards from there really…

I think Mum might even still have my folder of X-Rays somewhere hidden at home. Might try looking that out when I go back next!

Y is for Yankee Candle


I’d never tried a Yankee Candle until I started blogging and then Gary bought me some and now I’m hooked and I’m NEVER going to be able to buy any other type of candle.

You bunch of enablers, you.

My current fave is Snowflake Cookie but I’ve got my eye on Vanilla Chai!

Z is for Zoo

I just really love the zoo.

Little Miss Katy YWP (720x480)

PS. Want to learn even more about me? Check out my About Me page or have a read of the 100 Things that make me Happy!


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