March 16, 2015
Happy Monday

Hello, hello and Happy Monday!

Here we are again. Back to the daily grind.

It’s been a busy weekend for me. Friday involved impromptu cocktails, tapas and far too much gin. On Saturday I was invited to attend the launch event of Kylie Jenner as the new brand ambassador for Nip + Fab.

For anyone who’s interested: Kylie was a bit of a let down. The poor girl’s been media-trained within an inch of her life and it’s stripped her of all personality and charisma. There was no substance to anything she said and it was just all a bit disappointing to be honest.

But all’s well that ends well, and Saturday ended very well, with me and the girls (but especially me) stuffing our faces with burgers and popcorn and muffins.

Because food solves EVERYTHING. Fact.

Happy Monday

1. Meeting Jaye and Charlee! Lovely ladies and ace bloggers. I’d actually met Jaye at an event a couple of weeks ago, but it was great to have a chance to properly get to know her. Charlee I’d only ever spoken to via Twitter and blog comments, but it was awesome to finally put a face to the name! :)

2. BACONNAISE. We went to GBK after the Nip + Fab event and I ordered sweet potato fries that came with this delicious mix of mayonnaise and bacon that made my hangover cry tears of pure joy. (I may or may not have actually also eaten Charlee’s portion… Sorry Charlee.)

3. Going to the theatre on my own. I love going to the theatre alone! I used to go quite a lot, but it doesn’t happen as much anymore. I was invited to go and watch Peddling, a one-man play written and performed by Harry Melling (aka: Dudley Dursley!). It was BRILLIANT. He’s such a talented writer, and his acting is fantstic. Peddling tells the story of a homeless Boy living on the streets of London. The language is fantastic and I absolutely loved it. It’s only playing at the Arcola theatre until March 28th, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Happy Monday

4. Lie in on Sunday. I had late nights every single evening last week and I then had to be up super early on Saturday. So Sunday was my one lie in day and OH BOY DID I ENJOY IT ♥

5. New swing dresses! I’ve bought two new dresses from Boohoo this month, and also was lucky enough to win one from Debenhams in the prize draw at Jasmin’s London Blogger’s Meetup event for Wild Hearts. The shape is flattering, they’re soft and super comfy and, most important of all, I can eat all the burgers without being judged for my food baby. Priorities.

6. Teen Throwback playlist. Anna and Lily made this ace Teen Throwback playlist on Spotify and I’ve had it on repeat since Friday. YOU GUYS MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD.

Gaylord Restaurant Zomato

8. TACO CAR. That is all.

9. Peanut butter on crumpets. Had ’em for tea on Monday night. Salty, chewy and delicious. They are the BEST lazy girls supper ever. Especially when combined with

10. Attempting to take outfit photos on the platform at Shoreditch station. Crying laughing at the epic FAILS provided by my face. You’re welcome… (and yes, I will DEFINITELY be re-shooting these!!!)

Happy Monday

SO I meant to get this posted this morning, but instead I watched fifty million YouTube videos on how to do DIY Balayage Ombre at home.

Because tonight’s the night folks!

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it for a while. My Pinterest Hair board is chockablock full of ash-blonde ombre-balayage looks and now that my hair has completely grown out, I’m in the mood for a change.

I’ve always coloured my own hair, but I’ve never done highlights or ombre or anything fancy like this before… Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t go belly-up!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday ♥


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