April 6, 2015
Happy Monday 020

I’m writing this from my sofa.

I’m wearing no makeup, no bra and my comfiest old sweatshirt.

I have hot cross buns, cinder toffee flavoured coffee and Spy Kids 2 on the telly.

Words can’t even begin to describe the levels of happiness occurring in my brain right now.

Why can’t all Mondays be like this?!

You may or may not have noticed that I went Internet AWOL over the bank holiday weekend. No twittering, no blogging, no vlogging, no photographing and minimal instagramming.

And boy did I need it!

Fun fact: social media detox is the absolute best antidote for an overly tired brain.

Add in 10h sleep a night, multiple naps and plenty of baked goods and OH HELLO.

I’m as good as new!

Happy Monday 020

1. Tea, Netflix and hot cross buns in bed. Best start to any bank holiday! I spent the whole of Friday in this exact position and it. was. bliss.

2. Mallorca! I’ve booked some days off work next month to fly home and I can’t wait. It’s very last minute, but the flights were super cheap and it’ll be nice to go home for some sun.

3. Rave dancing. Vicky and I went out on Saturday night with Gary and his friends and spent most of the evening recreating THIS video. So many giggles!

4. Sunshine on the terrace. How amazing is this weather?! We spent yesterday afternoon floating in and out of the balcony, just chilling in the warm sun. Vitamin D is just da bomb.

5. Chachouka. Eggs baked in a red pepper, tomato and chorizo stew, served with freshly baked bread. Bloody delicious if I do say so myself.

Happy Monday 020

6. Easter flowers. I bought some gorgeous pink, yellow and turquoise blooms and they’re making my living room all bright and happy.

7. Cinderella. I went to the cinema on my own last Tuesday and it was BEAUTIFUL. Mainly cos I didn’t have to share my popcorn with anyone. But also because the film itself was all kinds of stunning. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. If they do as good a job with Beauty and the Beast, I will be one happy Disney fan!

8. Blog friend catchups. Gin, sharing platters and a whole lot of laughs with the lovely Katie and Hannah on Wednesday!

9. Sunday roast dinner. The most divine roast belly of pork with baked quince and all the trimmings. ALL THE DELICIOUS.

10. Alexander McQueen at the V&A. The lovely Aisling took me along with her to see the McQueen exhibition at the V&A and it was faaaabulous. I’ve always been fascinated by his designs, but there are SO many levels of detail to them, that you just can’t seen until you’re face to face with them. He was such an amazing artist.

Happy Monday 020

It feels good to be back!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend :)


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