April 13, 2015

Happy Monday!

Is anyone else really confuzzled about the days?

My brain keeps telling me it’s Tuesday which is both a little depressing and not very helpful!

It’s been a pretty quiet week again for me, which was actually GREAT cos it turns out I wasn’t quite as back to normal as I thought I was last week.

Here’s the thing: I’m not very good at expressing bad emotions.

I pretend to everyone that things are OK and I’m not upset about anything. Then I bottle it all up and coast along quite happily, slowly adding to the pile of things that are getting to me, until one day (that would be yesterday) I accidentally have one too many Pimms and end up having an emotional breakdown and ugly-crying until I give myself a headache.

Which is obviously not an ideal situation, but it’s something I’m working on…

Last week I wrote out one of my favourite quotes on a Post It note and stuck it up on my desk, right by my computer monitor, to help keep me inspired when I start getting too “woe is me”.

It’s from one of my favourite musicals, based on one of my favourite books:

“You know Daddy, it isn’t the big troubles in life that require character. Anyone can rise to a crisis or face a crushing tragedy with courage.

But to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh? I really think that requires spirit.”*

IMG_0097 (720x649)

1. Chorizo burgers at the BBQ. Went to my first barbie of the year yesterday. I don’t remember the end of it (pimms, mojitos and gin, oh my) but I do remember the chorizo burgers. Gary and I made them with beef mince, chopped chorizo, lots of smoked paprika, an onion and a red pepper and they were PERFECTION. If I do say so myself.

2. Winning pub quiz with Team Jasmin! Jasmin, her boyfriend Paul, Gary and I won the pub quiz bingo last week. £70 between us and the life-affirming feeling that comes from knowing the name of Ant and Dec’s autobiography.

3. White hot chocolate. For Christmas, my sister got me a mixed box of Whittard’s hot chocolates. Gary and I are slowly making our way through them and this weekend I discovered the delight that is white hot chocolate. But white chocolate the likes of which I’ve never tasted before. It’s soft and creamy and sweet and luxurious and like an actual hug in a mug.

4. 100,000 page views. Yeah so this happened on Friday… EEEEEK! Little Miss Katy hit 100,000 page views on Google Analytics. And with just two weeks to go until my one year anniversary! Tiny numbers to some, but a massive, massive milestone for me.

5. Gary. So I don’t share too much about my relationship on here for obvious “trying to keep some things private” reasons. But I just want to take a moment to be soppy and say that, if I didn’t think you’d all get bored of hearing it, he’d be on this list every week for all his amazing support, his unshakeable belief in me and all the crazy stuff he has to put up with from me ♥

IMG_0058 (720x592)

6. Debenhams press night. I went to the press night for Debenhams’ Beauty SS15 collection and it was faaab. Tons of new products to lust over (I fell in love with this divine Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow palette) and I even got the chance to make my own moisturiser with the help of Trilogy, one of their newly represented brands.

7. Katie Brennan’s list about things 20-somethings miss from uni. So accurate. So funny.

8. Lazy Saturday. A delicious lie-in followed by a chachouka brunch, lots of book reading, some sitting on the balcony in the sun and a whole lot of relaxing. Blissful and much-needed.

9. Olivia’s drunk tweeting. I’d been having a bit of a poopy evening but within 2 minutes of logging back into Twitter I was rolling around crying with laughter. To then read her brave post about invisible illnesses the next day was a real eye opener as well. What a babe.

10. First cider of the year in a pub garden! I’m not trying to wish away time or Spring or anything but yeah… SUMMER.

IMG_0077 (720x655)

So, do you guys know what day it is today?


I’m beyond excited. This whole “wait a year for the next series” thing is looooong…

Very excited to catch up with Aria and Jon Snow and Sansa and everyone. Especially as some of their stories have already caught up to the books, so we’ll be seeing brand new story info! Eeek!

Who else will be watching it??!

PS. Looking for something more to read? Check out Angie’s post about the wonders of Cape Town! Her photos of blue skies, sushi and penguins are enough to inspire anyone’s travel lust!!

*The Secret of Happiness from Daddy Long Legs (The Musical) by Paul Gordon
(Originally a novel by Jean Webster)


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