A Morning in Valldemossa Mallorca

May 19, 2015
Valldemosa Mallorca

I heart Valldemosa.

I hadn’t been for years, but it’s still as beautiful as I remember…

Valldemosa MallorcaValldemosa MallorcaValldemosa MallorcaValldemosa Mallorca

It’s known for being Frederic Chopin’s love shack.

He and his (married) lover George Sand stayed at the monastery for several months back in the 1800’s. He composed some of his very best music here, while she went on to write a book about their time in Mallorca.

You can actually visit the apartments where they stayed, but it’s expensive and I really don’t think it’s worth it unless you’re a massive Chopin/Sand fan…

Valldemosa MallorcaMallorca May 2015 (45)Valldemosa Mallorca

The streets are paved with stones and nearly every doorway is decorated with greenery and flower pots.

It’s stunning at this time of year!

Valldemosa MallorcaValldemosa Mallorca

One of my favourite things about the town is the tiny little local shops.

They’re stocked with all sorts of Mallorcan products, from woven baskets to flavoured seasalts harvested in the South East of the island.

I loved these pots of locally-produced preserves. Look at all those flavours!!!

Sangria marmalade anyone?

Valldemosa MallorcaValldemosa Mallorca

My big recommendation is (of course) about food: make sure you try a potato bun!

They’re a local specialty and absolutely freaking delicious. Soft, fluffy, dusted with icing sugar and perfect for dipping into milky coffees.

More food stuff to try: anything with oranges or almonds in it. They’re locally grown and really nice! A slice of traditional almond gateau with almond ice cream always hits the spot for me.

Valldemosa MallorcaValldemosa MallorcaValldemosa Mallorca

It’s not a big place but soooo worth stopping by for an hour or so.

The views are fabulous, with a little balcony-view-point where you can see the sea, mountains and valley all spread out around you.

It is a bit of a popular spot, so probably best avoided at the weekends and at high season (July-August). But if you’re there at any other time of the year, make sure you stick it on your list of places to visit!

We drove up on our first day, with Dad and my sister Ches, and honestly I couldn’t imagine a nicer way to start our holiday :)


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