3 Restaurants to Find A Cheap Lunch in Soho

August 13, 2015
Soho Lunch London

I heart Soho.

The small cobbled streets, the colourful walls, the bright shop windows, the fun energetic vibe… It’s awesome.

Wanna know what else what I find awesome about it? THE FOOD. Obviously.

I work relatively near Soho, so whenever I’m feeling flush (ie: the day after payday), I like to wander down on my lunch break and try out a new restaurant.

I always review these on Zomato, but I don’t usually feel like I’ve got enough material to make a whole blog post out of them.

Ya know what I mean?

But then the other day I had this idea, that maybe I could combine a few of my faves together and give you a mini guide to Lunch in Soho.

So here we are!

QUICK NOTE: for those of you who don’t live in London… I should probably explain.

Our idea of “budget-friendly” is probably definitely not your idea of budget-friendly.

So for the purposes of this post, I’m going to call it as anything under £6.

(PS. If you scroll to the end, I’ve also got a special treat in store for you!)

(*cough* GIVEAWAY *cough*)

Soho Lunch London

Bunnychow Soho London

Bunnychow Soho London

Bunnychow Soho London


The One to Visit for Warmth and Comfort:

I visited Bunnychow for a quick lunch a few months ago, on a day as grey and wet and miserable-weatherish as today is.

I fancied something hot and comforting to keep me going throughout the afternoon and had heard lots of good things about Bunnychow’s award-winning breakfast so decided to give it a go.

The inside of the shop is warm and friendly, with lots of wood used in the decor, plenty of spaced out tables, and a breakfast bar and stools lining the windows.

The staff were amazingly friendly and really helpful, explaining how the process of ordering worked, and recommending stuff for me to try.

A Bunnychow is basically a “small” loaf of bread, with the top sliced off, the insides scraped out and then refilled with delicious curries or, in the case of the Breakfast Bunny: a full English breakfast.

In the end I actually ditched the idea of the breakfast option and went for the Durban instead: thick mutton curry and rice with poppadom and mango chutney sprinkled on the top.


The curry was hot, filling and really well-flavoured. The bread was chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside, so it worked brilliantly at soaking up the curry and making sure the filling didn’t dribble out.

I rolled out of Bunnychow stuffed like a turkey, and all for the amazing price of £5. An absolute BARGAIN!

74 Wardour Street

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MaPlucker Soho London

MaPlucker Soho London


The One to Visit for Healthy Food That’s Really Yum:

Chicken and salad. You don’t get much healthier than that!

Appropriately based on Beak Street in Soho, Ma’Plucker is the newest funky chicken restaurant on the block.

I actually first spotted them on Loriley’s fab Instagram. Then I saw on Twitter that they were giving away free food to their first 500 followers so I got myself involved and headed over a couple of weeks ago to check it out.

Tiny from the front, the main floor actually opens way far back into the building and is far more spacious than you’d expect. It’s bright, colourful (we all know how much I like that!) and very cheerful.

The food is (of course) chicken. For their 3 way chicken deal, you’re given the option of either a bun, waffle or salad base.

I chose the mixed green leaves salad lightly dressed with vinaigrette, and also picked the garlic-herb mayo as my sauce, which came served on the side in an adorable tiny milk bottle.

For my main event, I picked the 150g portion of bbq shredded chicken. It was both delicious and HUGE. The bbq sauce was rich and moreish, the salad perfectly dressed and the garlic-herb mayo was a lovely little accompaniment.

The staff are friendly, the service quick and efficient, and I will definitely be back again soon to try the fried chicken!

Best part? My whole meal came to £6. SO MUCH BARGAIN.

75 Beak Street

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Fernandez and Wells Soho London

Fernandez and Wells Soho London

Fernandez and Wells Soho London


The One To Visit for Simple Food That Feels Fancy

Fernandez & Wells is a little Spanish-inspired place right down the road from the infamous Bao.

The outside is painted black, there are a couple of Spanish jamones hanging in the window and the signage is totally minimal. In fact, unless you’re looking for it, you might not even spot it.

The inside is small but homely, with the Soho-standard cool white walls and rustic wooden floors. There are a couple of small tables and a counter with stools, and it’s all very laid-back and chilled.

The food is simple but beautiful: a massive bowl of freshly-made feta and watermelon salad, which looked fantastic. Then there was a selection of artisan sandwiches, with fillings including chorizo, prosciutto and cheese.

All very simple and authentically Spanish, and all made with really fresh ingredients. My favourite kind of lunch!

I went for the grilled chorizo, red pepper and rocket on thick sourdough. It’s very bread-y, but the chorizo is perfectly cooked and goes really well with the charred red pepper. I also appreciated that they didn’t drown it in mayo or sauces, as the chorizo oil was more than enough dressing for it.

£5 is admittedly quite pricey for an everyday sandwich lunch, but it’s soooo good!

I’d definitely recommend it for a special working day treat.

43 Lexington street

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Fernandez and Wells Soho London

Fernandez and Wells Soho London

So there you have it!

3 places to find a yummy lunch in Soho for under £6.

Which do you think would be your favourite? :)

Or if you’re not sure ANY of these are for you, let me gently shove you in the direction of CentralDish!

They’re a super handy site where you can pop in your location and what you fancy eating, and they’ll find an awesome restaurant for you nearby based on your choice.

They’ve also recently launched a fab newsletter, where every week they’ll introduce you to their favourite dishes from all over London.

In honour of this, they’ve kindly offered to send a hamper FULL of delicious food goodies to one of my readers!

The contents of the winning hamper will be a surprise, but I can promise it will be good!

I received one myself last week and they stuffed it with a selection of special ingredients including granola from St John’s, jam from Ottolenghi and a massive jar of spicy sauce from Orange Buffalo (amazing on chicken!)

All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter via the link in the widget below, and make sure you’re following me on Twitter.

Couldn’t be simpler! :)

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2. Entry is open for UK residents only. (Sorry International readers! I love you.)
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