August 29, 2016
louisiana chilli kerb

Happy Monday!

Ahhh the Bank Holiday. Always the best kind of Monday don’t you think?

I’m currently sat on my bed with a cup of coffee beside me and What A Girl Wants on the telly. I have nothing planned for today except writing blog posts, editing photos and a Legs, Bums & Tums class at the gym (because it’s my favourite and usually I’m at work and can’t make it! ♥︎)

It’s been a pretty quiet week for me. Work’s been a bit mental, with lots of moving around different buildings which always messes with my routine and my work flow…

(Sorry. Give me a minute. I just got distracted by Colin Firth dancing in leather trousers.)

(OK I’m back.)

Other than that I’ve not really done much. I’ve been catching up on sleep and doing coconut hair masks and painting my nails and OH IT’S BEEN NICE. It really has.

louisiana chilli kerb

1. Louisiana Chilli Shack. Jaye and I went to KERB in Camden and now I basically just want to eat Voodoo chicken, vegan cornbread and green salsa with Science Cheese forever and ever. Which leads me to…

2. Science Cheese. OH. MY. GOD. It’s molten mature cheddar cheese, made at a lower pH level so it doesn’t go solid and it’s basically everything that’s good in the world. Have it drizzled over nachos, BBQ beef, voodoo chicken or cajun bean-wa at the Louisiana Chilli Shack in Camden. THANK ME LATER. (PS. And everything served at the Shack is 100% gluten-free. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

3. BFG Dream Jar trails. We chased Her Majester’s dream jar trail across 15km of Westminster, Belgravia and Chelsea yesterday and it was so much fun! I caught up with two friends, took tons of photos and ended with a pork roast dinner on King’s Road. Lovely!

4. Flatlay tshirt. OMG THIS TSHIRT. Getting Personal and the lovely Dorkface came up with the idea to have a bunch of us send each other surprise boxes of gifts, and Erica picked me and sent me this t-shirt that says EAT. SLEEP. FLATLAY. REPEAT. and it’s basically the best t-shirt everrrrrr. She knows me to well ♥︎ #ShareASmile

5. Fetamole. I had smashed avocado mixed with crushed feta and lime juice (on a toasted English muffin) for breakfast – and I feel like it definitely deserves a Happy Monday mention. Recipe idea from Rosie!

friends fest london

6. Friends Fest. Who better to visit the Friends TV show festival with than with my favourite Bangarang girls? I’ll be there for you indeed! We twirled umbrellas on The Sofa, sat at the kitchen table in Monica’s flat, drank prosecco at Central Perk and even jumped in Joey’s canoe for a photo op. WINNER. (They’ve just released more tickets if you’re interested!!!)

7. Trying out a new look. There’s nothing quite like trying out a new look to get you out of your comfort zone! I popped in to Vix’s birthday drinks on Friday and decided to brave my snazzy new ear cuff and GUYS I FELT SUPER COOL. (I also got to meet a whole bunch of favourite Twitter people in real life and it was awesome ♥︎)

8. Champagne on the casino Sky Bar. The lovely Claire invited me as her plus one to join her for the relaunch of the terrace Sky Bar at Asper’s casino and we had a BLAST. We were joined by Kelly and her friend Grace and spent a gorgeous few hours soaking up the sun with goblets of champagne and delicious BBQ food. Lots of giggles and a huge catchup made it a perfect afternoon.

9. Ariel socks. Charlie got me socks from Korea and they’re Little Mermaid themed and have a tail detail on the ankle and I DIE. THEY’RE THE BEST SOCKS EVER. And I say that with a pretty impressive sock collection in my drawer.

10. London. Sometimes I get so tired of this city. Gary’s been sending me photos of his visit to North Yorkshire and I’m so jealous of the open fields and purple hills… but then I wander past Westminster and look up at Big Ben and I get that rush of WOW I LIVE IN LONDON THIS IS SO COOL… and somehow that keeps me going.

big ben london

I feel like I’m ready for summer to be over now.

It’s been a weird one, with humid air and anxiety-ridden days. And I’m kind of done and over it.

I want a fresh start, some fresh air and some pretty autumn leaves to accompany it.

I’m just… I dunno. September always feels like a new beginning, and I think I’m ready for that now.

So if someone wants to give Mother Nature a shove in the right direction – that would fantastic. Tah!

Hope you all have a very wonderful week guys. ♥︎


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