October 10, 2016
happy monday

Happy Monday!

And happy belated birthday tooo meeee!

I totally meant to write up a birthday post on Wednesday, but then we had to rejig our morning schedule so I could go and collect a camera lens from Charlie (MY SAVIOUR. MY ANGEL.), so I ran out of time.

And then we were in Budapest.

I took my laptop, and had planned to write up a couple of posts while we were there but then… I didn’t. And I can’t say I’m sorry about it, cos I’m really not.

We had such a LOVELY time. The hotel we booked was Aria Budapest Hotel and it looked beautiful and had amazing reviews.

And then, when we arrived, they told us we’d been upgraded to a super luxury suite! A giant room, with a giant bed, a balcony, and all sorts of pretty things (that I’ll show you in more detail next week!).

And THEN I got to eat all the chicken paprikash and drink all the £1.50 wine.

Basically it was the best. birthday. EVERRRR.

We ate, we drank, we slept, we wandered along the Danube, watched the musical fountain, explored Margaret Island, and I took over 1000 photos in two days.

It was a blissful four day retreat from our crazy busy lives, but I’m also kinda happy to be home and back in our cosy little flat.

East, West, home’s best… Right?

(Except not really. We’re already planning another trip for December!)

happy monday

1. The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin. I raced through this in about six hours yesterday. It’s SO GOOD. I was completely hooked and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

2. Teapot. I’ve been on the hunt for a teapot for what feels like FOREVER. I wanted a proper fat, round, porcelain teapot. Simple and plain with no frills or flounces. I finally found one for £8 in Sainsbury’s yesterday and it’s perfect and I love it. Teapots for the win.

3. Wine and cheese. Our wonderful hotel in Budapest offered complimentary wine, cheese and live music, for two hours every afternoon. I basically want to move in and never leave. FREE WINE AND CHEESE, YOU GUYS.

4. Musical fountain. This was one of my highlights of the trip. The fountain on Margaret Island “dances” along with classical music, blared out every hour from speakers around the park. It’s beautiful and mesmerising and I loved it.

5. Beef goulash and dumplings. We had the BEST beef goulash I’ve ever tried in my life on Friday. Rich, deep, smokey meat served with tender dumplings and lashings of sour cream…


6. Adulting. Yesterday I did washing, ironing, and cleaned the bathroom. I made Sunday chilli and froze portions for my lunches this week. I used my shiny new slowcooker for the first time and made pulled pork. I boiled eggs for my breakfast this week. Then I sat back and watched Bake Off with a pot of tea. BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT. AN ADULTY ADULT.

7. Holiday planning. Japan is now looking possible again (yippee!), and Gary and I have also been looking at doing New York together next year (all hail Avios points and Hotels.com vouchers!). Then we’ve pretty much decided we’re going to do a quick Christmassy break to Lake Bled, and there’s also a possible trip to York in the pipeline as well… #brokebutworthit

8. Photography. I had so much fun taking photos in Budapest! It’s the first trip I’ve been on since I got the 45mm lens for my Olympus PEN, and it was such a joy to shoot with.

9. Birthday wishes. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! You are all the sweetest. I tried to reply to everyone who tweeted me and I THINK I managed it, but if I didn’t then I’m very sorry and I did read it and I did appreciate it! ♥︎

10. Mulled wine. We climbed to the top of Fisherman’s Bastion on Saturday and decided to sit and enjoy the view with hot drinks (cos it was bloomin’ freezing up there!). Gary ordered a hot chocolate, but I got really excited when I saw mulled wine on the menu and ordered that. And then halfway through drinking it realised it was only 10:30am. #adultyadult

fisherman's bastion view of budapest

This week has got very busy all of a sudden, with several culture trips, cocktail catchups and girly sleepovers planned with some of my best pals.

Busy busy busy!

I’m also super excited that the cold weather has finally arrived. The trees have started to go orange (ABOUT BLOODY TIME), work is going well, the blog is doing well, and I am a happy happy bunny at the moment.

I really do love Autumn.

Hope you all have a very wonderful week! ♥︎


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