November 14, 2016
happy things

You would be forgiven for believing that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

I feel like it maybe kind of is.

Since Tuesday, I’ve read dozens of horror reports about the after-effects of the American election.

The same thing that happened in the UK after Brexit, is now happening in the USA. People now feel like their racist, sexist, HATEFUL opinions have been validated. Others are scared and confused about what the future will bring.

I’m not going to stop reading and educating myself on all sides of the current world situation, but today I woke up feeling like I needed to take a tiny step away from it all and just remind myself that the world ISN’T a completely horrible place.

So this is a Happy Monday post with a twist.

I reached out to my Facebook and Twitter followers, as well as a bunch of my non-internet friends, and asked them all to tell me ONE Good Thing that has happened to them this week…

And I’m so pleased to share exactly one hundred and fifty counts of pure fluffy happiness ♥︎

The answers cover everything from from wedding dates to new hats, counselling, tacos, friendship, and good deeds.

I really hope it makes you smile.


happy things

1. @YuletideYasmina: I managed to get a certificate of higher education from completing part of my degree, I suppose that’s a good thing. ?

2. JT: Finished my tax return!

3. @thelovecatsinc: We decide which flat to buy so we’ll be homeowners in January.

4. @aislingsbbytes: I came out as Bisexual to my mum after 6 years of being too nervous to tell her! ?

5. Val: We are selling our house and somebody just offered us more than the asking price as two people wanted to buy it at the same time.

6. @laurenella_: We booked our wedding band! eeppppp

7. @BraveMermaid: I met this guy’s best friends and cooked my first ever roast dinner for him. ?

8. @OllyWrites: Became a freelance journalist ?

9. @JennyMartson_xo: I went for a massage & started my Christmas shopping ??

10. Matt: Made arguably the best honey and soy stir fry for dins.

11. @MsNicoleRead: I reached over 2,000 views on my blog which is a huge achievement for a small and new blogger like myself! SO HAPPY.

12. @EmmaInks: I got to hang with some awesome bloggers whilst helping charity as part of the #BloggerBoxAppeal

13. @jasxcharlotte: My happy moment from last week was going out for an early birthday dinner and discovering mini chocolate fingers! ?

14. Lauren: I found out I was pregnant after five months of trying ?

15. @AbbeyLouisaRosa: I went home and spent a lovely weekend with my family and my dogs ??

16. @KiaPeaches: I got the job I wanted ?

17. @KayleighZara: A customer left me a £20 tip and told me I was the loveliest waitress ?

18. @SamiBrown92: It was my birthday last week and I was reminded how many amazing friends I have in my life ?


19. @AmandaBootes: I had leftover tacos at 2am when I got in from work this morning.

20. Ashley: I got to sleep in twice over the weekend – the loveliest of lovely things after a tough week! ??

21. @sianreed93: My revision is finally sticking in my head for my exams on Wednesday!

22. @katie_brennan: Celebrating my best friends hen weekend in the sunny countryside with a team of WONDERFUL WOMEN.

23. @LivingLifeInDoc: I bought my first ever car!

24. @charlienin: My hard drive got fixed and I can finally blog again, hooray!

25. @sarahbobbeal: I climbed the monument in London 311 steps!

26. Gabbs: Scored the winner in my hockey match at the weekend.

27. @pipduma: I met up with some old friends I’ve known for over 15 years and we had a crazy night out catching up and reminiscing ☺️??

28. @Lalaaprincessa: I took wonderful photos for my blog and had an incredible meal at Nandos ?☺️??

29. @leighcampbell_: My sister got married and I got to spend the day bouncing around as a bridesmaid! ??

30. @cmclaire: I won a bottle of Sipsmith in a raffle! Cocktails ahoy!

31. @twocatsoneflat: I found a £10 note in a pair of jeans that I was about to throw in the washing machine ? SAVED IT ????

32. Jake: I had my first driving lesson today and didn’t crash…

33. @sirensandbells: I met my bf’s parents for the first time & despite being nervous they liked me!!!!??!!!!! And I cuddled a dog :)

34. @whoismilly: I got a ticket to see Blink 182 next year and SO EXCITED.

35. Jaime: Accidentally stumbled upon a gig in a local brewery during our walk home from dinner on Saturday evening … the band were wearing Fez hats and sunglasses, surrounded by inflatable flamigoes, and playing killer covers of Joy Division and Johnny Cash. Everyone had a good dance + laugh.

36. @Katehlouise: I ran a personal best at my local Park Run!

37. @aislingbrock: I got a new job!

lovely things

38. @VikiiBell: I went climbing for the first time in months and managed to complete all of the easy climbs.


40. @gisforgingers: I got to show my Grandma my university campus! I don’t think she has been to Aberdeen before ☺️

41. @JoliHouseBlog:  before the crappy stuff, it was ma birthdayyy ?

42. @booksnbrooches: I was well enough to go out to a Christmas fair and buy my mum lunch.

43. @RhiannonTravels: Today I am grateful for the country I live in, having the opportunity to see the world, and my wonderful boyfriend.

44. @westendwilma: I got an email today from a stranger saying my review was the only one they read about a show that they felt was really honest and they appreciated it. Things like that make this all feel worth it!

45. @TheIndigoHours: I went out for breakfast at the weekend with my best friend and it was lovely :)

46. Rebekah: I went for a weekend away with the best of friends from church and we explored around a lake that was covered in mist and autumn leaves. We talked about life, love, love for Jesus, London and Netflix.

47. @MingledYarns: My parents came to visit me at uni bearing gifts of vodka and brownies. They know me so well.

48. @SiobhanRothwell: Handed in the first assignment of my masters degree! ??

49. Samantha: I’ve started Avon because I was struggling to get a job and I’ve had a lot of orders ? It’s been a good week!

50. @misswestendgirl: we’re planning a big US road trip adventure for 2017 with our besties and I’m SO EXCITED! ??

51. @RachelAnne_Bee: It was my birthday!!! My first as a mumma!! ? And it was simple but perfect!

52. @little_budget: I got the keys to my first house!

53. @Jenn_Cathro: I sold my flat ??

54. @alifeofacharlo: I got a new job!!!!!!

55. @thepinpicker: I started to plan my decorations for Christmas – I didn’t have much after my ex throw it all away (by accident apparently…) so it’s a nice fresh start!

happy things

56. Ches: Did an international dinner where each person made a dish. Katoffelsalad, guacamole and applecrumble! Lots of food and different cultures = great evening!

57. @jessandjoshcook: We booked a holiday with my sister and her boyfriend for a night in Amsterdam :)

58. @sickchickchic: I got to take my dog to the big park for the first time since I got my new lungs, it’s been 2 years since we’ve been! ❤️

59. Pete: Got a permanent contract at my job rather than a year I was on.

60. @samwell86: An email from somebody who had read my Billy Elliot review of the final night at the Victoria Palace and said how much they enjoyed my review and photos!

61. @juliarachelday: I saw two of my favourite people get married ?

62. Rich: I held and fed an owl yesterday. That was pretty cool.

63. @HayleyLoves: I lost half a stone at my first weigh in at weight watchers :)

64. @LaurenBritLoves: I went Christmas shopping post-election and it really brightened my mood!

65: Ziggie: We got our drinks taken off of a bill yesterday for a meal problem (minor) and on Friday got 20% off a bill for slow service…. every cloud!

66. @spread_sparkle: Finally started counselling and began to let go of a hella lot of stuff that’s been holding me back ☺️⭐️

67. @carpediememmie: I gave in and purchased studio lights so I can up my blog photos game! ??

68. Anna: I got to reunite with friends I’ve not seen in 3-8 years to try on bridesmaid dresses for our best friend’s wedding. Infinite love and flashbacks occurred ☺️

69. @Rosy_smiles: I’ve started actually applying for jobs in London instead of just saying I will! ???

70. @bedheadbrownies: Bought some pretty Christmas lights and other decorative bits! Needed some Christmas spirit in my life. ?

71. @vvnightingale: Went for Charlie and the chocolate factory afternoon tea and there was CANDYFLOSS ?

72. @jessieann48: I have been offered my first freelance journalism gig!

73. Sarah: Being asked to be a bridesmaid ☺️

74. @WishHopeDreams: I finally figured out where my dissertation is going. Means I can get writing.

boden lovely jumper

75. @dorkface: I sold my very first large canvas painting, and I felt like a ‘real’ artist and it was wonderful! ??

76. @damzlinthisdres: My grandad who lost the ability to speak due to NHS negligence, started talking again!

77. Shvonne: Going to China on my first long-haul trip ☺️??

78. @ZoeAlicia101: My boyfriend bought me like five different types of cheese and we stayed in on a Friday night eating them ?

79. @Izzyllaa: I visited my grandparents in Estonia. I don’t get to see them that often so it was great being able to hug them again.

80. Emma: Setting a date for the wedding and booking the venue ????

81. @okthenwhatsnext: I had a couple of lovely days out with friends ☺️

82. @danidunnexo: Well I had a cracking Honest Burger with my besties on Thursday ? oh & St Pancras have their xmas decorations up! Hurrah! ?

83. @littleworldofbeka: Leeds Christmas market has started and I had candy floss on a stick. It’s one of my favourite things at this time of year!

84. Rich: I bought a new company van to add to my fleet of zero. I’m pretty sure you can call one van a fleet!

85. @SamGriffBlog: I saw my Dad for the first time in nearly 2 years! He lives in America so I don’t get to see him that often.

86. @mscariad: I got my physio appointment within 3 days of referral.

87. Davina: My sister doing a 4 hour drive to bring me back to London and then doing shop run for Irn-Bru.

88. @PrettyPPD My cat came home and I went to see her, and I won €30 in a bet.

89. @toastywrites: I had lunch and a much-needed catch-up with two of my closest friends, and it was as if no time had passed at all ?

90. Melissa: I finished my induction for Neonatal Intensive care Nursing :)

91. @kneltweets: I’ve just booked my trains home to see my parents just before Christmas which I’m really excited about, especially as I’m spending Christmas away from them for the first time ever this year!

92. Danielle: I presented my first Marketing Workshop and didn’t throw up! The fact that people said they learned a lot was a big bonus.

93. @kristinreview: My boyfriend and I went out to an air show to look at planes and spent some time together in public… we’re big homebodies! It was a blast!

happy monday

94. @RainyCupcake93: I won €22.50!

95. Cathy: People I like working with on shift.

96. @astoldby_sophie: My nephew was born ??

97. @zarinatweets: Last night’s episode of Planet Earth II. It was stunning, awe-inspiring and inspirational to watch. And seeing the wonders of the planet makes you realise how important it is to protect it so we don’t lose any more of it.

98. @SmashleighJayne: I had a tough day at work and when I got home my bf had a bubble bath ready for me.

99. Matt: I made some medicine for some poorly elephants because that’s the kind of guy I am these days. ?

100. @xpectopatronerd: I got a new woolly hat, and it’s brilliant.

101. Ana: I was able to celebrate one of my best friends bday with her (as she lives in Brazil and she is in London for work for 3 months!) Spending time with people you love is ? So it was super amazing! ☺️

102. @Fii_fii: I actually started my TEFL course. NEW OPPORTUNITIES HERE WE COME!!!

103. @PppermintPencil: My dog finally stopped being naughty when walking without his lead (for the moment ?). Very proud dog momma ??

104. Justyna: There were few good things that happened to me but I would like to include something that my best friend did that made me happy for her – she finally has left her awful potato head boyfriend and moved out! She got her life back so it also means I got to see her more and enjoy our time together.

105. @carolineosbel: I finished my Christmas shopping today and I have never been this organised for Christmas ever so I’m proper chuffed. 

106. @hannahintblog: I lost two pounds in my weight loss quest!

107. Roberta: My little one has made his first poo poo in the toilet and we’re over the moon with excitement!

108. @sartorialscotx: A brand I really like contacted me about working with them! I’m a little baby blogger so it’s a big deal to me ??

109. Jennifer: I realised just how deeply I am cared for and that there are people in my life who would go above and beyond to make sure I’m OK and looked after. And words like ‘Thank You’ cannot adequately express my gratitude for that.

110. @thelilaclinnet: I have started to use apps to help with my anxiety and it’s really helping.

lovely boden jumper

111. @jayerockett: Well, ALWAYS Starbucks #RedCups.

112. Chloe: Finding our wedding photographer comes top with me! Though the cauliflower-cheese-cross-potato-dauphinoise comes a close second…

113. @LaurenPenington: We had our 12 week scan and saw our baby for the first time ❤️❤️

114. @tipsntricks7: I got motivated & sorted through uni work that had been bugging me for ages ??????

115. Emma: I’ve bought some new Windows for my house! Adulting life!!! ???

116. @ellievdw: I went to London for an awards night (which we unfortunately lost), but then decided to stay to get ALLL the blog content ?

117. Marika: I’m doing an MA and this whole term I haven’t enjoyed the module at all…until earlier – a proper lightbulb moment. Academia is really challenging – took something really enjoyable earlier to make me realise; YES I CAN BLOOMING DO THIS.

118. @sarah_mcpartlan: I had the first meeting for a show I am directing and people were mega enthusiastic.

119. Emma: Went to Prague and had fried cheese everyday because they don’t know what a vegetarian is.

120. @mode_lily: We built a wall in our dining room and created an exposed brick effect. So proud of us!

121. @emmyymay: Finally got the okay to drive again after 4 years of epilepsy appointments and med changes.

122. Elliot: My Wimbledon Rock Choir did a fundraising concert on Saturday in aid of putting together Gift Bags for the Homeless. We raised above £250 and had a ‘goods’ collection of about 300 gift bags to hand out to the homeless this christmas. Massive success and a huge sprinkle of pride goes to everyone who took part!

123. @LittleThings_LB: I got offered a full time permanent contract for my job after escaping a year from hell from my old employer!

124. @SarahAkwisombe: I played restaurants with my three year old. She made me take her order and ordered apple juice for ‘her kid’!

125. @MissImmyMay: I decided to send a big ole bunch of flowers to my oldest friend for her birthday, it might be the most mature thing I have EVER done and it feels really nice that she will come home from work to them this eve and it will make her day!

126. @alicespake: I started a new job in social media & marketing which I know I’m going to love ❤️

127. Jemma: I met the gorgeous son of one of my oldest friends – the first one to get married and start a family. Absolutely magical weekend ?

128. Tayrne: I had two of my boys’ friends over to sleep on Saturday and at 6:30am the next morning all I could hear was giggling and chattering!


129. @rebeccafelgate: My friend, who lives in Norwich (a.k.a. VERY FAR away from Toronto), and I have started leaving each other WhatsApp voice messages and it has been an absolute game changer! Because of the time difference, I often wake up to 10 minutes of her chatting at me in the morning and I listen on my way to work, laughing out loud so very often. Then, after I have listened to everything she has to say, I leave her a message too… and repeat. It isn’t quite the same as talking to her everyday, but it is very close and so nice to hear a friend’s voice regularly!

130. @joannefisher: I celebrated my 26th birthday with my family and friends and felt incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such kind folks ❤️

131. @pocahontasjane_: My boyfriend told me he wants to propose and that made my shitty week unbelievably happy.

132. @WriteAdamWrite: I went to my first live wrestling show on Wednesday and it was AMAZING!

133. Asked to be Anonymous: A mind-blowing first smooch on the balcony at the top of the Tate Modern Switchhouse overlooking the Thames. ?

134. Jodie: My gramps came out of hospital ?

135. @ElleBloggs: I went to see Rod Stewart on Saturday…and it was incredible! ???

136. Mum and Dad: We had our hotel room upgraded for free!

137. Catrin: My friends from Mallorca came over to visit me. We spent the days in very autumn-looking parks and I bought a pair of Doc Martins that I’ve wanted for years but never taken the plunge – but I treated myself as there was 25% off!

138. Lauren: I started writing a book… ?

139. Kate: I was given the clear to be able to keep living here with my wonderful new friends! Also, cat cuddles.

139. Laura: I near enough finished my Christmas shopping! Near enough every present has been wrapped and has nice fancy bows on too.

140. CJ: Went on a surf trip to Menorca for free.

141. Angela: For the first time in years I feel truly happy and enjoying life.

142. Judy: Got to play with my great granddaughter.

143. @qualityvintage: Being given the opportunity to sing to a couple celebrating their anniversary & seeing the love & excitement in their faces.

143. Jan: I learned something that makes it much less likely that Brexit will affect me as severely as I was concerned it might.

144. @teainthetub: A customer actually apologised to me for being rude. That NEVER happens. I was shocked.

145. Marie: My Mam and Dad and my nephew visited me and the boy in our new home in Cumbria and treat us to dinner and I got cuddles and kisses and it was amazing

146. @SquibbVicious: I spent an lovely weekend in Whitstable with my parents and other half for my Dads 60th. It makes me overwhelmed with happiness that we can do things like this as a family as I’ve never had it in previous relationships ☺️

147. Ruth: I took my niece and nephew to see Santa!! ??

148. @mielandmint: I got to spend time with my gran who’s 101! ❤️

149. @rhymeandribbons: I donated to planned parenthood and had the thank you card sent to Mike Pence’s office ?

lovely things

150. @misskatyenglish: I finally received my new phone, and I started exercising again. ENDORPHINS MAKE ME HAPPY.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part.

I hope you all have an utterly WONDERFUL week! ♥︎

*Photos by the lovely Immy May.


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