My Birthday Dinner at MeatUp in Wandsworth

November 8, 2016
meatup wandsworth beef shortrib

My birthday this year was a quiet one.

Apart from the trip to Budapest, I didn’t have a party or anything planned with my friends.

Instead, Gary and I just went for a quietly awesome dinner together, the night before we flew to Hungary.

Now, there were three things I wanted from my birthday/pre-holiday dinner: red wine, a great atmosphere, and a cheese board.

And I’m please to inform you that MeatUP, in Wandsworth, thoroughly hit the spot!

meatup beef short ribmeatup wandsworth meatup wandsworth

You’ll find this ace little steak restaurant in Wandsworth, just down the road from the train station.

It’s small and rustic, with lots of ambient lighting (which makes for AWFUL photos but EXCELLENT atmosphere) and really friendly staff. Wooden tables, ivy hanging from the ceiling beams, milk bottles filled with flowers… it’s a hipsters paradise.

It was also (surprisingly) pretty busy for a Wednesday night, so definitely book ahead!

Our waiter bought us a lovely bottle of Spanish red wine, and after carefully weighing up the menu (does anyone else spend aaaaages doing this?) we ordered…

meatup wandsworth calamari

Salt and pink peppercorn squid, smoked in-house, and served with an AMAZING caper mayo.

This was hot and crispy and utterly moreish. I could have eaten a whole other tub of the stuff!

meatup wandsworth prawns

Shrimp cocktail and grilled King prawns, served with salad and a drizzle of salsa verde.

I think I beat Gary on this one. The prawns were nice, and the shrimp’s dressing was loooovely, but overall it was a bit boring. I definitely preferred my squid!

He made up for it with his next course though…

meatup wandsworth beef steak meatup wandsworth fries


Tatler recently named MeatUP as one of their top steak restaurants in London, and it’s not hard to see why.

They change their steak menu daily. There’s a blackboard featuring the cuts and weights available that day, so Gary chose (of course) the biggest sirloin steak available.

And it was BRILLIANT.

Cooked perfectly medium-rare, it was juicy, tender, meaty perfection. It came with salad, and he chose the thick cut chips and a peppercorn sauce for his sides.

An all-round stellar plate of food.


meatup beef short rib

Just to be different, I actually didn’t order steak. I chose the sticky, smoked beef short rib, covered in a BBQ glaze.

And it was BEAUTIFUL.

The meat was perfectly pink, and so tender, it just FELL off the bone. The BBQ glaze was sweet and smoky. The fries were crispy and salty.

It was all just utterly delicious.

meatup wandsworth cheese plate

Now, I have one very simple rule when it comes to eating out: if there is a cheese plate on the menu, I order it.

There are no exceptions to this rule. I DON’T CARE THAT I’M TOO FULL OR THAT I DON’T “NEED” IT.

I will order that cheese board and I will devour that cheese board.

And this was a goooood cheese board. (Say ‘cheese board’ again…)

It came with chutney and crackers AND apple slices, and the cheeses (which are frequently rotated on the menu) were fresh and sharp and mild and melty and utterly yum.

The perfect end to a perfect birthday meal!

meatup wandsworth

So if you’re looking for somewhere a bit special for dinner, somewhere that’s not exactly fancy, but has a fab atmosphere and brilliant food, you should head to MeatUP in Wandsworth.

It’s a perfect date spot, but I think it would work great for group outings as well.

And I’ve already got it marked down for Valentine’s Day next year!

MeatUP, Wandsworth

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*Our meal was complimentary, in exchange for this review.
As always, all thoughts, photos, words and rib-loving are my own.


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