Sometimes I Just Don’t Have Much To Say

July 28, 2017
mayfield lavender

mayfield lavender

So first of all, my mum is probably laughing hysterically at this blog title.

I’m the BIGGEST chatterbox. Always have been. I remember mum found my nursery report cards a few years ago, and in the first term my teacher’s were concerned: oh Katy’s really shy, and we’re a bit worried. By the second term they were writing to ask my parents if I ever shut up.

I didn’t. Not for a longgg time. But I’m older now, and sometimes I do like quiet. I like being alone with my thoughts and just sitting quietly and not being “switched on”. Because sometimes (SHOCK HORROR) I just don’t have anything much to say.

And when it comes to my blog, I do sometimes get stressed, because I can’t think of anything valuable to write. And sometimes I feel a bit like if I’m not posting something useful or insightful, then maybe I shouldn’t be posting at all.

But that’s like saying that unless you’re going to write a literary novel to rival Charles Dickens, then you shouldn’t write a novel at all. It’s silly. I don’t like Charles Dickens. I like JK Rowling and Jill Mansell and Shannon Hale. They write novels about magic and romance and happy endings (ish), and aren’t any less of a novelist because of it.

I’m not a deep and meaningful blogger. I’m light-hearted and pragmatic and happiest when I’m talking about cheese and Harry Potter. And that’s OK.

It’s actually probably why I’ve been enjoying Instagram so much lately, because I get to write just four or five lines about things that have happened that day. There’s no worrying about my SEO word count, or whether it has “value”.

It’s just warm and silly and fun. Photos that I love, and short stories that make me happy.

mayfield lavender field

So here are my short stories today:

Last weekend, Jasmin and I went down to the Mayfield Lavender Fields. We skipped through the purple bushes, and bought awful coffee from the van, and I took some photos, and Jasmin took some photos, and then we came home before it started raining. I also bought some lavender biscuits and they were really good.

I’ve been playing around with the settings in Adobe Lightroom, and learning new techniques for editing my photos. I managed to turn myself into a green alien with the HSL settings and it kept me endlessly amused for a good couple of hours one boring Wednesday.

I really like my dress in these photos. It’s from La Redoute and it has POCKETS and twirls like a dream. It also gapes a little bit at the belly (it’s missing a button), and I had to order a size up because it’s cut quite small. I’m considering buying it in coral too (because it’s currently in the sale with 20% off).

mayfield lavender field sutton

What else?

Ooh! I bought a return flight to Rome today. I’m going to go and stay with my little sister for a weekend in November. I fly out early Saturday morning and fly back late Sunday night, and we plan on doing nothing but eat, walk, talk, and snap photos.

A mouse ran out from under the sofa yesterday, while I was sitting on said sofa. I screamed really loudly then ran away and sat in the middle of our bed hugging a bottle of wine until Gary got home. He lifted the sofa up (hero), but the mouse has disappeared.

I’m ordering pizza for dinner tonight because Gary’s going out and it’s payday. Then I’m going to record a guest slot on my friend’s blogging podcast. Then I’ll probably climb into bed and try to forget that there could be a mouse in there with me… *crying emoji*

Tomorrow we’re going to do a massive deep clean of our flat, so that no mice ever come back and scare me like that again. And then I’m going to go and take some photos in central London, because taking (and editing) photos makes me happy.

mayfield lavender field mayfield lavender field

Have a lovely weekend guys! ♥︎


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