Our Last Day in Prague

May 15, 2014

Hey hey heeey.

This is Part 2 of my Prague photo journal. If you missed Part 1 you can find it HERE!

Little Miss Katy Prague City BreakLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakPrimark necklacePrague Charles bridge

This plaque can be found attached to one of the statues on the Charles bridge. It’s tradition to touch either the dog or the old woman (not pictured) for luck.

See how shiny and gold the dog is? That’s how many people pass by here and touch it every day!

We had walked past it a few times already but there’s always a massive queue of tourists lined up waiting to touch it. On Monday though it was drizzly and there was a lot less people around.

Sometimes rain isn’t so bad!

Little Miss Katy Prague City BreakPrague Trdlo

This is a Trdlo. It’s a kind of traditional sweet cinnamon roll, soft and cushiony on the inside, and crispy and covered with sugar on the outside.

I had these when I was first in Prague about 6 years ago and was super excited when I discovered them being sold at Winter Wonderland last December.

But nothing compares to the proper thing! We bought these at a little stall just under the Charles bridge.

Look at all the happy!!!

Little Miss Katy Prague City BreakLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakLittle Miss Katy Prague City Break

I bought this soft, woven scarf on our walk up to Prague castle. Look at all the purdy colours! :)

It’s reversible as well and only cost me 150 CZK (about a fiver).


Prague cityLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakPrague CathedralPrague mulled wine

Mulled wine in May. Because holidays.

Also because it was chilly at the top of that hill!

Prague cathedralPrague city

Rain makes me sad…

Prague CityLittle Miss Katy Prague City Break

We discovered this gorgeous hidden garden terrace so I convinced Gary to do a “serious” photo shoot with me…

Little Miss Katy Prague City BreakLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakPrague Golden Lane

This is the Golden Lane. It’s only accessible from Prague castle with a (kinda pricey) ticket, but it’s so cute!

The first few houses are actually little shops filled with silver and postcards and little Czech nick-nacks.

Then at the end of the lane the houses are styled like they would have been in the 1800s or so, complete with historical notes: an ale-house, a fortune-teller’s creepy living room (complete with skull and tarot cards)…

It’s really interesting, and one of my favourite parts of Prague castle.

Prague prosecco city

We stopped for prosecco on the way back to the hotel (well why not? we’re on holiday!).

Just look at that view!

Prague cityLittle Miss Katy Prague City Break

This is, unfortunately, the only pic I got of my “date night” outfit. We were too hungry to stop and take photos!

We’d looked on TripAdvisor to try and find somewhere nice but cheap-ish (not hard in Prague!) and locked on to a gorgeous little restaurant called U Kroka.

It’s #2 on TripAdvisor’s list of best restaurants in Prague and let me tell you now: it’s with bloody good reason!

It’s always super busy, so make sure you book. We went on a Monday night (luckily!) so we managed to get a table after only waiting 15 minutes.

Our waiter was a dead ringer for Bradley Cooper (seriously) and seriously, the food was out-of-this-world-incredible.

(I apologise for my sorry excuse for photos. My poor old ancient Canon IXUS 100 can’t cope with the romantic dim lighting any better than it can give me full-sized photos!)

Prague U Kroka

We had grilled local sausages with spicy mustards as a starter to share.

Then Gary had larded beef in a creamy sauce with cranberries and home-made dumplings and I had the roast duck with apple mash, home-made dumplings and the BEST red cabbage I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, I could’ve eaten a plate of it on it’s own.

We also got a side of creamed spinach to share and a couple of glasses of red wine to wash it all down.

All in all I think it was the best meal we had in Prague!

And the best part? The entire bill came to around 740 CZK which is (drumroll please): £22.


Gary and I are seriously thinking of moving to Prague forever and ever and just eating here all the time.

Prague U KrokaLittle Miss Katy Prague City Break U Kroka

(The awkward face is cos my mouth was full of delicious duck and dumplings and cabbage…)

Little Miss Katy Prague City Break

Our last day was unfortunately a bit of a write-off cos poor Gary wasn’t feeling well.

So we just had a nice relaxed walk through the town centre, where I discovered a Sephora and dragged him in on the pretext of sheltering from the rain…

I mean, it totally was raining.

And I had quite a few Czech coronas left. So it only seemed right to spend them whilst I could right?

I picked up the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus (a fab bright orange). Such an awesome summer colour and the formula is fantastic.

We then walked back down the river, over the Charles bridge and round the corner in search of the John Lennon wall.

This is totally worth a visit if you’re ever in Prague. It’s a wall that’s been covered in John Lennon inspired street art and graffiti since the 1980s.

A group of guys had brought a bag of spray cans and you could just pick one up and leave your own mark, which I thought was so fun!

Prague John Lennon WallLittle Miss Katy Prague City BreakPrague John Lennon wall

And that’s the end of our trip to Prague!

It’s a fab city and we really did have such an amazing time. I’d definitely recommend visiting if you can.

Gary and I are already talking about our next trip. Where do you think we should go? :)


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