October 23, 2014
Happy Moments

I’m having one of those weeks.

You know the ones. The weeks where you get elbowed off tubes and drenched by rain on your way to work, drop your coffee, have opportunities cancelled, forget your outfit for a fashion launch, realise half your blog HTML is out of sync and has to be fixed…

I know it’s nothing huge and I’m being a bit of a drama queen, but it really hasn’t been a great one.

Since I moved the blog to WordPress I feel like there’s just so much admin and tech stuff to sort through and fix. Half my posts’ format has gone all funky, half my links are broken, my views are waaay down, my bounce rate has gone sky-high, I can’t answer comments as often nor as fast as I’d like…

I feel like I can’t concentrate on what I really want to actually do, which is write and take photos and talk to you guys.

After wrestling with code for hours, my brain-juice is gone, and I’m really struggling to get myself back in a creative groove where I can write posts I actually feel happy with.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or just me, but I feel all out of sorts. Like I’ve lost my confidence.

I had a bit of a mini-meltdown about it all last night (send Gary sympathetic thoughts you guys, that man puts up with a lot!) but if there’s one thing I hear you all mention again and again when you’re talking about Little Miss Katy, is that it’s always radiates positivity.

We all have down days. Even us positive sunshine-minded folk. There will always be days and weeks when things go wrong for us.

But when the going gets tough, the tough quote Harry Potter:

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

So here you go, this is me turning on the light:

Happy Moments

10 things that have made me happy this week:

1. Watching The Princess Diaries on Monday night with peanut butter on toast and a candle burning. I needed some alone time and was very happy to have the flat to myself for an evening. And I couldn’t be bothered making supper!

2. Finding this little Pumpkin Candle Man (I’m thinking of calling him Eddie) in the £1 box at Sainsbury’s. He looks great in our lounge.

3. Climbing into my new Primark lounge-wear every night. It’s a HUGE shirt, long-sleeved, reaches to my knees and the print is a very Christmassy red and green check. Snuggly.

4. A very green, sweet chilli, fish stirfry with Gary on Tuesday. That boy is a legend in the kitchen ♥

5. Treating myself to a perfect chai tea latte from Nero this morning.

6. Going for a walk in Hyde Park on my lunch break yesterday. My phone had died and I didn’t have my camera with me, so it was just me and the leafy park. (And a hundred other park walkers…)

7. Seeing my friend Vicky’s photos of her Interrail trip. She’s having an absolute blast and I’m so happy for her!

8. Getting my nails done properly at the Chic Hangers event yesterday. Hello Essie Rue Royale!

9. Having a proper girly catchup with Lucy at the same event.

10. Hot tea and a purple Quality Street while I write this post.

Love you guys xxx


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