Five Restaurants to Try at Victoria Station

October 30, 2014

Last night I ate all the food and now I think I’m broken. Seriously. I fear I may never be the same again.

It’s like 11:25am and I haven’t had breakfast yet. There’s half an hour until I go on my lunchbreak and I’m not even sure I can quite stomach that yet. And those of you who follow me on Twitter know how much I like my lunch!

I was invited along with a couple of other foodies to check out the restaurants at the newly refurbished Victoria Place Shopping Centre at Victoria Station in London.

You guys, we had not one, not two, but five courses over five different restaurants. The things I do in the name of blogging eh?

Victoria Place Prezzo

I’ve spent many long hours at Victoria Station in the past, usually because of delayed trains. (Thank you very much Southern Rail). And the one thing I’ve noticed is that there never seems to be anywhere nice to just sit down and chill out.

Victoria Place is a secluded little section of the station, and has the advantage of being much quieter. There are plenty of shops and actual sit-down restaurants too!

Y’know, instead of just those pop-up stalls where you buy a massive baguette but then have to try and eat it standing up and you don’t have enough hands cos you’re also trying to check Twitter on your phone and then you drop your handbag and swear loudly and everyone stares at you and thinks you’re insane? (Not that I’ve done that of course…)

But now those cruel, cruel times are finally over.

If you go up the escalator next to the Departures board by platforms 15-19, you’ll enter a whole other world. A world of milkshakes, burritos, pizza, salad and sweet sweet salted caramel cheesecake…

Victoria Place Cafe RougeVictoria Place Cafe Rouge

We started our Epic Food Journey at CAFÉ ROUGE with drinks and mini shot-glasses of yummy French onion soup, topped with grated parmesan.

The waitress then bought out teeny-tiny copper sauce pans of slow-cooked pulled duck, which were delicious.  And we finished off with a sharingboard of breads, hams, hummus and pâté.

Victoria Place Ed's DinerVictoria Place Ed's Diner

Next stop was ED’S DINER, where our lovely waiter made each of us gorgeously thick, ice-cream milkshakes, out of whatever ingredients we fancied.

I went for the Peanut Butter and Strawberry!

Victoria Place Ed's DinerVictoria Place Ed's Diner

Look at me being all saucy with the PB&J. So cheeky.

We all tried each other’s flavour combinations and I have to say the butterscotch was also really good, as was (surprisingly) the strawberry and mint. You wouldn’t think they’d work together in a milkshake, yet they totally do!

Big thumbs up for this place. I’ll definitely be taking Gary here one day soon.

Victoria Place TortillaVictoria Place Tortilla

Next on our list: tequila-based cocktails, nachos and mini-burritos at TORTILLA!

I love Tortilla. Like, LOVE. IT. Gary and I have a shared affinity for burritos that has been with us since our very first date. (You know you’ve found a keeper when you can eat a messy burrito on your first date, and they still want to see you again!)

So I’m intimately familiar with Tortilla’s delicious California-style burritos, but it was brilliant to also hear all about their history and background from their lovely Marketing lady, Hannah.

If you haven’t heard of Tortilla yet, don’t worry. You soon will! They’re a hugely expanding business, having opened something like 12 restaurants in the past 6 weeks. At the moment they’re mainly based in London, but they’re moving fast, with branches soon to open in Liverpool as well as several other major cities in the UK.

Made with entirely fresh ingredients cooked on-site each day, you can choose from a variety of rices, beans, meats and toppings to create your absolutely delicious burrito. The team have helpfully created a How To on eating them, so everyone, of any age can enjoy them!

They’ve even got the option to make your burrito a bowl, without the wrap, so even people with gluten-intolerance can join in the goodness.

I’m a massive fan of their Carnitas filling: slow-cooked, stupidly tender and yummy shredded pork. Last night I also had a try of their newest addition: Barbacoa (braised shredded beef).

Things to watch out for: the tequila in their frozen margaritas. Those babies are STRONG!

And their red-hot smoked hot sauce. Delicious. But oh how it buuuuurns…

Victoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place Prezzo

Stop Number 4: PREZZO!

At this point we were already well on our way to being full. And then out came the waiters with all the food in all the world.

Things I really liked: Penne al Pesto (delicious – with soft goat’s cheese, butternut squash and spinach), their new Roasted Pork Belly (in a marsala sauce and accompanied by diviiiine green pesto mash), the Crab Cake Salad (sooo tasty! Highly recommend this one) and their mind-blowingly amazing french fries, infused with truffle oil and topped with grated parmesan.

I literally could have eaten a whole bowl of those bad boys!

What I probably wouldn’t order again: the Spaghetti with Lobster (too unexpectedly spicy for my taste), the Caesar salad (it was basically just iceburg lettuce covered in Marie Rose sauce, and I wasn’t a fan!), and the pizzas: a Vegetarian and a Posh Pepperoni. These were OK, but just not very exciting.

Victoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place PrezzoVictoria Place Frankie and Benny'sVictoria Place Frankie and Benny's

Our last and (thank goodness) final stop was FRANKIE & BENNY’S for dessert.

By this point we were already on the point of collapse, but we managed to find our Dessert Stomachs and fit in a “little” something sweet.

Top of the Pops: the Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Holy Mother!), the peanut butter ice cream (’nuff said) and the Chocolate Fudge Cake paired with vanilla ice-cream. Apparently the Tiramisu was fab as well, but I somehow missed trying that one!

F&B also do a blueberry ice cream, which we got to try, and I have to say was absolutely delicious. The unanimous verdict was that it tastes exactly like those Petit Filous yoghurts! Very yummy.

We rounded off our very full stomachs with (of course) a cocktail. I went for a classic Cosmo, which was nice, but a little bit too sweet for my taste.

Then it was time to roll ourselves to the tube home!

Victoria Place Frankie and Benny'sVictoria Place Frankie and Benny'sVictoria Place Frankie and Benny's

It was such a fab evening!

I had an absolute blast testing out the menus at all five restaurants and it was great to meet some (more) fellow foodies.

But now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and fit some lunch into my belly.

I think that maybe, just maybe, I might actually be hungry again…


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