January 26, 2015
Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

So last week was a bit of an odd one.

I was off sick for two days and, even though I was back at work by Friday, my brain was seriously not in gear. After two hours of staring at the same five sentences of a blog post, I just gave up.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back I reckon :)

But I got a ton of admin stuff sorted instead and had a lovely, chilled weekend.

I’m back today, raring to go with 10 Good Things and an exciting new blog development!

Happy Monday

1. BLUE SKIES. Saturday was a gorgeous, gorgeous day in London!

2. Treating myself to a McDonalds before going to the theatre on Tuesday. Because YOLO.

3. Finally figuring out a viable and fast way of taking my own outfit photos! I really want to do more style posts on here, and I’m excited that I’ve fiiiiinally found a technique so I can do this. ALL THE EXCITEMENT.

4. Putting the world to rights with my best friend, over tapas and sangria on Friday night. Girl time is the best time.

5. My new coated denim jeans from New Look. Remember that I mentioned last week about having sizing problems with them? Well I returned/re-ordered them and they arrived and they’re beautiful and I LOVE THEM SO FREAKING MUCH.

Happy Monday

6. Wrapping myself up in my favourite faux fur blanket and watching all the Disney classics available on Sky On Demand. Being sick has it’s upsides!

7. Hitting 2000 followers on Twitter! WOOHOO! (Have you joined the party yet?)

8. London at night. Erica, Charlotte, Amy and I wandered along to the theatre on Tuesday (which was FAB by the way – review coming Thursday!) and we had to stop several times to take photos on the way. Because Southbank lit up at night is just the most beautiful of places.

9. Pork belly roast dinner, sticky toffee pudding, red wine and friends at the pub on a Sunday afternoon. (I know, I know. I’ve mentioned the Sunday pub roast dinners in every single Happy Monday post so far… but they really are the best way of finishing off the week!)


I’m so excited about this! I’ve been meaning to set it up since November and just haven’t got round to it until now.

At the moment I’m only offering 4 spots on two different packages but depending how it all goes, I may add more later. If you’re a blogger and are interested in featuring on my sidebar and having me promote your site to my readers: click the SPONSOR button in the nav bar! (it’s under the INFO tab)

Happy Monday

So that was my week.

It feels like it went by really, reaaaally quickly and I can’t believe that this is my last Happy Monday post for January.

I mean, Christmas was a whole month ago already! *shocked cat face*

Time flies when you’re having fun eh?


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