February 12, 2015
About Time Valentine's Day

I’ve never really been one for Valentine’s Day theatrics.

As a singleton, I ignored it.

As a couple, my ex-boyfriends ignored it.

So it’s never been much of a THING for me.

Last year Gary got me a card, and I didn’t get him anything, and then I’m 99% sure we just ordered pizza and watched The IT Crowd.

Because romance.

(Not even being sarcastic when I say that it was my actual dream night.)

But then I started thinking that maybe I should put a biiiit more effort into this whole “celebrate love” thing.

And so, to prove to myself that I’m not a completely unromantic old hag, I’ve put together a list of the sort-of-romantic films I’d pick to watch on Valentine’s Day.

The kind of films that are funny and cute, and not too tragic.

Because tragic = sad, and I’m not good at being sad. Especially not if there’s a bottle of wine involved (because I am a WEEPY drunk).

And it’s Valentine’s Day. So obviously there’s going to be wine involved.

Pizza is, of course, optional.

But also highly recommended.

About Time Valentine's Day

1. About Time

This is currently my favourite romantic comedy.

The first time I watched it, I got to the end and then went back to the beginning and watched it all over again.

(And then I watched it AGAIN the next day)

Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley in Harry Potter!) is Tim, a young lad who struggles to find love and then, on his 21st birthday, finds out from his dad (the ever-fabulous Bill Nighy) that he can time-travel.

Favourite moment include when he goes back three times to have “first time sex” with his new girlfriend (Queen of the Romance Film: Rachel McAdams).

There are some tear-jerker moments in there (you might definitely-possibly need tissues for the end!) but, for the most part, this film is just heartwarming love and hilarity.

What If valentine's day

2. What If (The F Word)

Confession: I haven’t ACTUALLY seen this yet.

Daniel Radcliffe is the awkward but funny guy who falls in love with a quirky girl (Zoe Kazan) who has a boyfriend and just wants to be friends.

So far, so cliche.

But it looks funny and quirky and kind of like it would be similar to 500 Days of Summer, and that already makes it a winner in my books.

friends with benefits valentine's day

3. Friends With Benefits

I freaking LOVE Friends with Benefits.

I always forget how hilarious JT can be. Then I watch this film and I remember.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are commitment-phobe business associates who become friends and then become (surprise surprise) friends with benefits.

No feelings, just sex. That’s the deal.

Except this is a Hollywood film. So obviously that plan goes down the toilet pretty quickly. Duh.

Highlights: the flashmob.


WALL-E valentine's day

4. Wall-E

Is there anything cuter than a robot falling in love with another robot?

No. No there is not.

If you haven’t watched this film yet: SHAME. ON. YOU.

Pixar really pulled it out of the bag with this one. It’s clever and funny, and you will feel things you never thought you could feel for a piece of machinery.

I ♥ Wall-E.

Sex Tape valentine's day

5. Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are a married couple with kids.

Ten years ago, they were sex-crazed teenagers at college. Now, they’ve lost the spark, the passion and their sex-life.

So what do they decide to do? Drink tequila and film themselves doing all the sex positions in the Joy of Sex book.

Cue hilarity when the video accidentally gets shared with EVERYONE they know (including the postman.)

I love how Cam and Jason’s relationship is portrayed in this! There’s some really great home truths about long term relationships in there and it’s also really very funny.

Great one to watch in company I think! (and by company, I mean sex partner. obvs.)

Sex Tape 2

Erica, Amy and I actually went to the DVD launch of Sex Tape last month. It was Fifty Shades of Awkward/Hilarious.

(Read Erica’s full post on the event here)

We enjoyed yummy aphrodisiac cocktails and canapes (oysters and passionfruit FOR THE WIN), the girls got massages and I got my hair did à la bed-head style.

Then we watched a screening of one scene from the film, followed by a group chat with sex blogger Zoe Margolis and sex therapist Dr. Pam Spurr.

At which point Erica and I switched off and started texting each other instead.

Because we realised that aaaaactually talking about sex (out loud and with total strangers) is really freaking awkward and we’re just not very good at it.

(And lets not even talk about the goodie bag OK? Let’s just say that Ann Summers sponsored it and you can draw your own conclusions!!!)

We really really liked the photo booth though.

That bad boy saw all kinds of action from us that night!

(heehee. geddit? action. *winky face*)

PS. More of my favourite films: Chick Flicks and ones to watch when you’re feeling sick!


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