HAPPY MONDAY | 10 Good Things

July 16, 2018
happy monday

happy monday

Happy Monday!

I’ve been a busy bee this week, with several freelance jobs in the diary, one 24 hour trip to Paris, and a lot of friend-in-London time in between.

It’s been full of super late nights and one SUPER early night, and lots of delicious dinners and lunches and picnics in between.

I also picked up some much-needed new jeans (mom-style ones that actually fit me!) and treated myself to these INCREDIBLE yellow trainers.

The highlight for this week though has probably been booking my flights to go see Gary next month! I’ve never flown long-haul on my own before, so that will be an adventure in itself. Then I get to see my favourite person, and then I get to spend a whole 3 weeks exploring San Franciscooooo. I’m very excited!

It’s just been a pretty awesome week to be honest.

happy monday

1. San Francisco. Woohoo! Those of you who are regulars will know that my boyfriend’s spending the summer in the States, and I’m so excited to visit him next month. I’m going to for 3 weeks and we’ll be staying in Pacific Heights, so if anyone has any great tips or suggestions for me, send ’em over!

2. Aperol spritz. I never used to like Aperol but the chilled bitterness has grown on me this summer and it’s my new favourite evening tipple!

3. America’s Worst Cooks. And in this week’s update on the trashy TV I’m watching/loving…

4. Notre Dame in the early morning sun. Paris on a quiet summer morning is just the most beautiful place in the world.

5. Lunch with Claire. We went to The Real Greek in Spitalfields where we ate chicken skewers, flatbread, yellow rice, and a delicious Greek salad which (miracle of miracles) didn’t involve olives. I’d never been here before but everything was delicious and an absolute bargain for £8.50. Plus Claire is bae and I love her and it was SO good to see her again. ♥︎

6. Chorizo and chicken croquettes. I’ve had some brilliant food this week, but I think the croquettes I had with Millie at Rake’s Cafe Bar come out on top. Crispy and salty and served with a saffron aioli, they were absolutely perfect.

7. Rubix cube. One of the guys I worked with in Paris was playing with a Rubix cube and it made me want to dig mine back out again too. I’ve managed to get my time back under two and a half minutes so I’m feeling pretty smug!

8. Early night. I went to bed at 7pm on Saturday night and it’s the best decision I’ve made in ages. I slept for a solid 13 hours and it was exactly what I needed.

9. Picnic with the girls. Prosecco and pink gin and tomato focaccia and pineapple cheese and sunshine and laughs. Boom.

10. 13000! I hit 13K followers on Instagram this week and I’m super happy about it! 13 is my lucky number, so I’m taking it as a good omen for the rest of the year. Thanks for sticking around my lovelies ♥︎


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