A Berlin-Inspired Brünch in London

August 28, 2015
Berlin Bruench popup London

I love brunch.

I do.

I really love brunch.

Really, really, reaaaaally love it.

But sometimes, things can get a little bit, well… samey.

Especially if you’re like me and like to order pretty much the same thing wherever you go (Eggs Royale and a massive latte pleaseandthankyouverymuch).

So I was very, super, massively intrigued when I first spotted Vicky’s review of an authentic Berlin Brünch pop-up, based right here in London town.

Her photos looked so fab that I immediately resolved to go to the next one.

And so, a few weeks ago, I joined Vicky in wandering on down to LASSCO Ropewalk on Maltby Street for a feast that can only truly be explained in photographs…

Berlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup London

The brains behind Brünch is the lovely (and stunning!) Noemi.

She greeted us at the door with smiles and cries of welcome, and we quickly found ourselves comfortably settled at our table, drinks ordered and taking in our surroundings.

The pop-up “pops up” in different quirky venues every time, and the LASSCO Ropewalk didn’t disappoint!

It’s a vintage furniture shop with a hidden cafe at the back, complete with scuffed wooden floors, beautiful lampshades and tons of fabulous artwork scattered throughout. Warm, eclectic and achingly cool, I absolutely LOVED it.

It fits in so perfectly with Noemi’s philosophy for hosting long, lazy brunches with a cool Berlin vibe.

The first part of the food is served on adorable cake stands, and artfully decorated with fresh fruit and plenty of greenery.

We had a selection of German cold meats and cheeses, a divine smoked mackerel pâté and the most INCREDIBLE, perfectly cooked boiled eggs topped with remoulade. The eggs were cold but still gooey in the middle, and I went into an absolute paroxysm of delight over them.

(Yes. Paroxysm. It’s my fancy word for the day.)

Served alongside were dishes of German vanilla quark, sprinkled with Brünch’s signature Amaranth and Chia Granola, and pomegranate seeds.

Now, Vicky had already warned me that I was going to love this, but I was still surprised at how soft and creamy and absolutely amazing it was! We all but fought over the last spoonful and had to make Noemi promise to give us extra servings next time we visit.

We also had fresh artisan bread from St John’s bakery, and traditional German rye bread to go with chilled butter and Noemi’s home-made strawberry jam.

Berlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup London

Next came little individual pots of fruit compote, topped with custard and pomegranate seeds.

And finally, the one we’d been waiting for. The one that Noemi had been teasing us about on Instagram. The pièce de résistance.


Hot, crispy and entirely gluten-free, these were made fresh by Noemi while we sat eating our first course.

They came dusted with icing sugar and berries, or drizzled with Nutella and banana, and we put away as many as we could before our stomachs gave out.

An absolutely DELICIOUS end to a fab meal!

Berlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup LondonBerlin Bruench popup London

Oooh and I haven’t mentioned the drinks!

Brünch always serves up a selection of cool German drinks: from Club Mate to fritz-kola, and German beers. But they also provide a selection of more traditional brunch options…

So we went the slightly boring route and opted for a Bloody Mary (mine) and a Bellini (Vicky) to start with.

Once we’d finished our waffles, we ordered perfectly creamy lattes and sat back to undo our belts and sigh happily.

It was absolutely one of the best brunches I’ve ever had.

If you’re looking for something slightly different but absolutely wonderful and delicious and amazing, I really can’t recommend Brünch enough.

They haven’t announced their next date yet, so head over to their website and sign up to the mailing list, or follow them on Twitter, and make sure you don’t miss out!

(And go give Vicky a follow too. She’s a total sweetheart and her restaurant reviews and recipes are some of my faves ♥)

PS. Just for funsies: how do you pronounce Nutella?


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