Wonderground at Southbank

July 28, 2014
London Wonderground

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope y’all had time to enjoy the glorious weather and find fun stuff to do.

I’ve been pretty busy meeting friends, taking pics and going to events. So much so that I missed my Little Things post yesterday! Shock, horror! But hey ho. Life’s for the living etc etc.

And I’ll make up for it by giving you guys some wicked posts of everything I’ve been up to. Deal? OK.

So I’m gonna do this my way (because it’s my blog yo!) and start at the very end of the weekend: last night’s trip to London Wonderground with Official Theatre!

London Wonderground at Southbank Centre, view of the London EyeSouthbank carousel

Run by the same team who organise the famed Udderbelly Festival, London Wonderground runs from May to September in the space between Southbank Centre and the London Eye (check out that view from the terrace!)

It’s an insane mix of fairground, circus, freak show and friendly meeting place.

In the central terrace area you’ll find several bars (including an awesome carousel bar), food stalls, giant jenga, music blaring from speakers and a load of picnic tables and deck-chairs to sit down and chill out in.

Gary actually took me here on our very first date (naww) and we’ve been back several times since. But we’ve only ever sat by the bars and never gone in to any of the actual events before.

So I was super excited when Official Theatre invited me to go along with several other bloggers and review one of the acts for them!

London Wonderground main terrace, carousel barLondon Wonderground venue sign posts

After grabbing a drink and checking out the scene (pretty quiet, but it was a Sunday night), we headed over to the side-show with everyone else, only to hear that they’d closed early cos it was so quiet.

Gutted. Mainly cos I’d been looking forward to finding out what a side-show IS! (Do any of you know? Comments please!)

But ah well. We just grabbed another drink instead. It’s not hard to keep us happy!

We then headed over to the Star Flyer, a giant fairground structure that spins round as it climbs and offers a fantastic view of London.

Unfortunately I got no pics of said view or the accompanying beautiful pink sunset, cos I was too busy having a mild panic attack over the height and seat tilting… but it was very pretty I promise. (Even if it was ridiculously expensive!)

Carousel bar at London WondergroundLondon Wonderground main bar area

With our feet back on solid ground (hallelujah), we just had enough time to grab another drink and pop to the loo before our show started.

The acts featured in the main Spiegeltent theatre are a fab mix of music, comedy and crazy variety cabaret.

We’d been invited to watch Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, two guys whose advertisement read: “One is good with his fingers, the other is good with his mouth!

London Wonderground Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum poster

Minds out of the gutter, thankyouverymuch!

They’re actually a reeeeally AWESOME beatbox and guitar-playing team.

Unfortunately, Jamie’s voice had gone a bit croaky from their last gig in Germany, but it still sounded pretty good and his songs and guitar-playing were fab.

He was totally over-shadowed by his buddy Tom Thum though, whose beatbox skillz are insane. Seriously, I’ve never heard anyone with so much control over their vocal chords. Drums, bass, saxophone, singing, there was literally nothing this guy couldn’t do with his voice.

And the harmonies they were coming out with were in-cre-di-ble.

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum performing at London WondergroundJamie MacDowell and Tom Thum performing at London Wonderground

The whole show was so relaxed and chilled out. They’re such fun dudes, insanely talented and clearly enjoy themselves up on stage, which translates really well to the audience.

Personal highlight for me was their cover of ‘No Diggity‘, where all of us got totally involved and sung along. If I wasn’t afraid of getting done for copyright stuff I’d love to share the video with guys, cos the atmosphere was incredible!

They’re off to Edinburgh Festival next so if you’re up there and get a chance, definitely go and check em out. And if you can’t get to Edinburgh, don’t worry, cos they’ll be back playing at Wonderground on the 2nd of September. Try and get a ticket if you can.

You won’t regret it!

And if I really haven’t convinced you yet: they have pretty, Australian accents and aren’t hard on the eyes either. Just sayin’.

London Wonderground show postersLittle Miss Katy blue dress, tan sandals and bag, milkmaid braids

And here’s what I wore!

My favourite dress of the moment (also featured in this post here), paired with my favourite shoes of the moment (last seen here) and my old tan bowler bag (linked to similar).

Oooh and I forgot! You guys haven’t seen my new hair!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I got a little scissor-happy on Saturday and cut myself a fringe (or bangs. Whichever you want to call it.) This heat is still killing me so I used Emily’s (Cupcakes and Cashmere) tutorial for short-hair milkmaid braids and adapted it slightly by doing Dutch braids instead of French.

I was pretty happy with the result (despite my grumpy face) and it kept my neck lovely and cool!

Little Miss Katy milkmaid braids

Thank you so much to London Wonderground and Official Theatre for having us last night. Gary and I both had a fab time and it was lovely to meet all the other bloggers!


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*Our tickets to London Wonderground and JM+TT’s show were comps from Official Theatre for review purposes.


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