A Trip to the Cinema

July 25, 2014

Little Miss Katy OOTD Begin Again close up black and whiteLittle Miss Katy OOTD Begin Again

Last week I was super lucky and won a Twitter competition with New Look. The prize was two tickets to a private screening of Keira Knightley’s new film Begin Again.

I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out so this was right up my street!

So Gary and I legged it there from work last night. After a crazy panicked moment when I thought Oxford Circus station had been closed and Gary got lost around Goodge Street, we finally made it with seconds to spare.

I wasn’t really sure to expect. For some reason I thought it was going to be a rom-com but actually it was a really great indie film. And I really reaaaaally enjoyed it!

Keira plays Gretta, an English singer-songwriter in New York to support her newly-turned-rock-star boyfriend (Adam Levine) as he records his album. Mark Ruffalo is Dan, a middle-aged, alcoholic and once-great record-label executive.

When James Corden (Gretta’s hilarious best mate in NYC) drags Gretta up on stage to reluctantly perform one of her own songs, Dan falls totally head over heels for her music and they begin an incredible journey to record an album with summery New York as the backing track.

Tan bag, black skirt, silver watchLittle Miss Katy OOTD Begin Again black and white

Looking back on the film now, I can see that some of the plot points could have maybe done with a bit more work but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.


It’s a film about relationships. Families, couples, friends. It’s a reminder that life is never clean-cut and simple. That sometimes people come into your life for a reason. And it’s not always the reason you think. It’s funny and emotional and occasionally heart-breaking. The writing is great and the casting was flawless.

The ending is totally not what I’d expected but, actually, it ended just how I wanted to. I left feeling totally uplifted and excited about life and its possibilities.

The music is fabulous too, and totally up my street. It’s got a cool, boho, indie feel to it that I absolutely adore. In fact, I’ve had the soundtrack playing on repeat all morning!

Adam Levine’s version of Lost Stars is my special favourite.

I think music is definitely what gives Begin Again it’s special flavour. There’s something almost magical about how it draws everything and everyone together. It turns New York into a dreamy paradise. I just wanted to be there. In New York, wearing a pretty sundress and sandals, singing my heart out…

Keira is fantastic as chilled-out indie girl Gretta. I think this is actually my favourite role of hers and her vocals were surprisingly brilliant. She’s pretty and cool and right now I kind of want her to be my BFF.

Mainly so I can steal her wardrobe, which is gorgeous.

Little Miss Katy OOTD Begin Again

And speaking of wardrobes…

This heat is KILLING me at the minute. I love 30 degree heat when I’m sat by the pool in a bikini with a chilled drink and I can go swimming when it gets too hot.

I don’t love it when I’m stuck in humid, grimy, London city. And don’t even get me started on the Tube!

I read in the Metro that temperatures hit 35 degrees on Wednesday on the Central Line and that, as livestock are only allowed to be transported in temps under 30 degrees, we’re essentially worse off than a lorry full of chickens.


So I was a bit gutted that I’d stupidly chosen this Topshop shirt. As much as I love it (and I really do love it!) it’s really not the best for keeping cool. But actually the screening room was freezing so I was glad for the extra cover!

These lovely caged sandals are from New Look and they’re my absolute favourites at the moment. They only cost me a £14.99, and they’re real leather as well, so an absolute bargain.

New Look Tan Strappy SandalsWhite shirt, black skirt, gold buckle belt, pink nails, silver watchLittle Miss Katy OOTD Begin Again close up black and whiteFree beer, topless bartenders and false advertising

After the film, we stopped to take my outfit photos. I think G is really starting to see what me blogging entails and I don’t think he’s particularly enamoured by his role as photographer haha!

As we walked back to the tube we spotted this amazing sign outside a bar. It cracked me up and I just had to stop for a photo of it.

I’m so looking forward to the weekend! G and I are cleaning my balcony tomorrow before going for drinks with one of his best mates in the evening.

Then on Sunday I’m going to Lily and Anna’s bloggers picnic in Grosvenor Square. Are any of you going? Please let me know, I’d love to meet you!

Sunday evening I’m going to Wonderground, which I’m superduper excited for! I’ve been looking at the posters for ages thinking that I really should go. What have you all got planned for the weekend? :) I hope it’s fun and y’all have a great time whatever it is.

And happy Friday!


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