The Bangarang girls and I headed to Bucharest last weekend.

We caught an 8am flight out of London on Saturday, and left Romania at 6 o’clock on Monday morning. With a three hour flight, and a two hour time difference, that’s around 36 hours on the ground. Take away about 12 hours for sleep purposes, and that left us with roughly 24 hours of actual Bucharest play time.

And yet somehow – somehow – I managed to take 589 photos in that short period of time.

Five hundred and eighty nine. And that’s not including the pics I took on my phone!

Even after culling, editing, culling again, and narrowing them down to my absolute faaaaaavourites – I’ve still got at least 80 photos I want to share with you all. But as much as I love them, even I think that might be too many for just one blog post.

So I’ll keep working on my actual informative posts about where to go, what to see, and where to eat in Bucharest. And meanwhile, here’s a little postcard-sized taster of our weekend lady trip.

bucharestbangarang bloggers in bucharest
bucharest streets
bucharest street artstairs bucharest street art
bucharest book seller
bucharest boulevard
bucharest fishermanblogger friends
katy english
bucharest yellow taxis
bucharest banks
bucharest street art
bucharest architecture
bucharest doorwaysnaked statue bucharest

Bucharang Gang:

Charlie // Erica // Milly // Charley // Leanne // Ashleigh-Jayne (AJ)