December 23, 2015
Glam Clam Q Grill

I miss you guys.

I miss Little Miss Katy.

I miss the whole bloomin’ blogging community.

But most of all, I miss my girls. I miss my favourite blogging ladies. The amazing people who stand by my side at every turn of life, who send hilarious voice messages and give me advice on keeping my blog alive (which I clearly have yet to listen to…) and make me feel like I’ve really found my place in the world.

So when someone (Erica) put out the idea of having a Christmas get together, I think I nearly cried. Because it was EXACTLY what I needed in my life.

Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill

We started the night with a SUPERB dinner at Q Grill in Camden.

One by one we arrived, clad in glitter and sequins and fur and tiaras. (Because if you can’t sparkle at Christmas, when can you eh?)

We started with a round of delicious cocktails: plum and lychee, peach crumble, raspberry amaretto…

Then we got on with the food!

I had the most amazing grilled butterfish served with chilli jam and green for starters.

We all agreed it was one of the best things on the menu and Q need to add it to their mains IMMEDIATELY. I need a whole huge massive plate of this in my belly. Now please.

Other starters on the table: cornbread waffles with smoked maple butter (holy waffle this was GREAT), sticky wings with bourbon bbq sauce, smoked beef fritters with chipotle, and butternut squash hummus with a toast-rack of flat bread.

Glam Clam Q GrillGlam Clam Q GrillGlam Clam Q Grill

Then we moved on to mains: I had the smoked beef hash served with a fried duck egg and the most diviiiine truffle parmesan fries.

The hash was lovely and moist, the egg PERFECTLY cooked, and the Worcester sauce gravy really yum, but still it wasn’t quiiiiite as good as the fish starter.

The other had a mix of chicken, waffles, ribs and various other concoctions, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill

We had another round of cocktails, and then realised we were running late for our next event. So we called for the bill, Torch whipped out the kiTTi cash card, paid for all of us from the kitty, and then we were off!

Super easy.

And our next venue? THE GLAM CLAM!

If you’ve not heard of it, the Glam Clam is Gizzi Erskine’s latest pop-up restaurant experience. It features an exclusive seafood menu set against an evening of live music from jazz diva Collette Cooper and the amazing drag queens from Sink the Pink.

We (obviously) skipped the foodie bit, but jumped straight in with the wine and sequins and sing-alongs and glitter beards!

Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill

In case anyone is wondering: George sequin skirt, white H&M blouse, New Look boots (ancient!) + my very very beautiful Olympus PEN e-pl 7!

And obviously I didn’t do the lipstick mirror. The Glam Clam did that bit of coolness all by itself.

Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill Glam Clam Q Grill

We had SUCH a fun evening!

The cabaret was fantastic, the queens loved us (because we were sparkly and drunk), the lip syncing was powerful and hilarious, I laughed until I cried, and the night ended with us belting out Barbra Streisand and doing the can-can on stage.

Because obviously darling.

Thank you Glam Squad. I love you.



(who I have also stolen photos from because HELLO TALENTED…)

Erica // Charlie // Torch // Natasha // Charley // Emsy // Angela // Claire // Milly


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