Dirty Burgers at Dip and Flip

September 8, 2016
dip and flip

This is not the post I had planned for today.

But I feel it’s imperative I share these photos with you as soon as possible…

Our story begins yesterday afternoon. Gary and I popped into our letting agents to sign the contract on our flat. (That happened very quickly and very smoothly by the way. Bit of an anti-climax to be honest. We were in and out in 15 minutes.)

We then popped in to a pub on our way back to the tube, to have a celebration drink (cos we have a flat! Yay!).

And then I said the words. Those magic, dangerous, delicious words…

“Shall we go for a Dip & Flip?”

dip & flip

This is a Dip & Flip, by the way.

A 100% beef patty topped with cheese, pickles, mustard, and a slice of roast beef (or lamb) that’s been dipped in gravy.

And it. is. GLORIOUS.

Gary and I first visited this temple of deliciousness way back in January, for his birthday. I took him on a very classy, dressed-up evening trip to Searcy’s at the Gherkin for champagne and nibbles… and then we got the tube home, changed into jeans and t-shirts and headed to Dip & Flip for dirty burgers and beers.

(FYI, I’m pretty sure that he definitely preferred the gravy over the bubbles.)

(And to be honest, can you blame him?)

dip and flip dip & flip tootingcheesy fries with gravy

Guys, I’m serious. This is next level stuff.

We opted for the full monty Dip & Flip, which was absolutely the messiest thing I’ve ever eaten – and quite possibly one of the most delicious. It’s not QUITE up to Bleeker St standard (my holy grail of burgers!) but the patty was cooked perfectly, the beef slices are juicy, and the gravy is just incredible.

Gary says it’s the best gravy he’s had in London. And he’s Northern. So he knows what he’s talking about.

If the full monty burger looks a bit too much, you can opt for a Dip instead, which is just the roast beef or roast lamb slices, stuffed in a bread roll and dipped, double-dipped or DRENCHED in gravy. Or choose the Flip, which is a juicy beef, crispy chicken or potato rosti burger – the latter of which comes served with a fried egg.

We also ordered a side of cheesy fries with gravy which, to be honest, could have done with more cheese. You literally can’t see any in the photo above, and that’s because it was sort of mushed under the top layer of fries, which was kinda disappointing.

But the Dip & Flip is stupendous. Like, seriously, seeeeriously good.

It’s the kind of messy food where you either have to eat it with a knife and fork, or just smush it into your face and pray your boyfriend doesn’t leave you for it.

(He didn’t, by the way.) (Which is good, y’know, what with us co-signing a year’s lease and all that…)

dip & flipdip & flip tootinglife tastes better dipped in gravy dip & flip

We visited the Tooting Broadway venue, but they also have restaurants in Battersea, Wimbledon and Brixton.

If you’re north of the river: suck it up and come over to the dark side. We have all the gravy.

You can thank me later.


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