Spinach and Spicy Mustard Cheese Toasted Sandwich

November 1, 2016
sick day cheesie toastie

Flu is a vicious little bitch.

Snotty nose, cough, fever, headache… I’ve had the whole she-bang this week, and it’s not fun. Not even a little bit.

But I’m better now. And I’m attributing a big part of that to THIS. My incredible, warm, spicy, delicious and magical* Sick Day cheese toastie recipe.

*Probably not really magical.

*But maybe.

sick day cheesie toastiecheese toastie recipe

What is it about melted cheese that’s just so gosh-darned comforting?

It’s the number one thing I crave, whenever I’m feeling poorly or sad or just under the weather. Hot, gooey, bubbly cheese. On pasta, over cauliflower, in toasties… whatever you do with it, it’s always delicious.

Now, what some of you may not know, is that mustard is a well-known home-remedy for colds.

You’re supposed to make up a paste with it, and put it on a compress on your chest, to help ease congestion. The other suggestion I found was to stick your feet in a bath filled with water and mustard powder. Apparently this draws the blood to your feet, and ALSO helps ease congestion.

Personally I’d rather just eat my mustard, but hey, to each their own…

I did actually find it helped clear my nose and head a bit, but if nothing else, the heat of the mustard will cut throw any numbed-by-flu taste buds.

The final touch to this perfect specimen of a sandwich is a handful of shredded spinach – because vitamins.

And if you want to really amp up the sick day comfort eating, serve it with a bowl of Heinz tomato soup.

You’re welcome.

cheese mustard toastie cheese toastie recipecheese mustard toastie


Serves: 1 | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 15 minutes

*You’ll need a frying pan.

INGREDIENTS (serves one)

-2 slices of bread (I go for seeded because yum)

-1 tsp of butter

-1/2 tsp of English mustard

-A generous handful of grated mature cheddar cheese

-A generous handful of spinach


1. Mix your grated cheese and mustard in a bowl.

2. Put a frying pan on to heat. Butter your bread. Shred your spinach.

3. Place one slice of bread butter side down in the pan. Top it with half the mustardy cheese mixture and turn the heat down to low.

4. Once the cheese starts to soften, add the spinach, top with the rest of the cheese, and the second slice of bread. Make sure the butter side is facing out. Cook for 10-15 minutes until the cheese is gooey.

5. Now flip it! Use a fish slice and very carefully turn it over, so the other side can toast. Should only take a minute or two.

6. Serve it, slice it, cuddle up in bed, and eat it!

cheese mustard toastiesick day cheese toastiegrilled cheese mustard


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