Happy Monday!

I’m back at my desk again, after a lovely weekend away in York with Gary.

Aaaaaand somehow seem to have lost my words somewhere along the way. I’ve been typing and retyping this opening paragraph for at least half an hour. So much for productivity eh?

Basically: we saw a lot of things, and walked a lot, and ate SO MUCH FOOD, and started planning our next holiday. We’ve got a British Airways Companion Voucher that needs to be used before May, so we’re currently looking at the Caribbean or somewhere equally far away and sunny…

I’ve mentioned before that a lack of sunlight affects me quite badly, so it will be nice to have something like that to look forward to!

For now, I’m planning on making a big pot of chilli tonight. I’m going to top it with lashings of avocado and sour cream, and eat it curled up on the sofa with a couple of episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Blue Monday, Schmoo Monday.

Here’s what else has made me happy this week!

afternoon tea

1. York. York is one of my all time favourite cities. I’ve been five times now, and it just never gets old. I love everything about it: the friendly locals, the vibrant history, the yummy food, and (obviously) the pretty cobbled streets. Let’s just say that nobody should be TOO surprised if I turn round in the next 12 months and tell you that we’re moving…

2. Jammy scones. I do love me a good scone, and we found these EXCELLENT ones at Harlequin, near the Shambles. Warm, fresh, crunchy on the outside (hello sugar!) and beautiful crumbly in the middle. Perfection.

3. Sherlock. OH MY HOLY MRS HOBBS. What a series finale. No spoilers (promise). I just want to say that I LOVED it. It was big and bold and emotional and intense and frankly TERRIFYING at some points, but I think they did an amazing job, and Sian Brooke deserves some sort of award please.

4. 99p noodles. I got an email from Busaba Eathai this morning telling me about their Blue Monday deals, so I hopped over on my lunchbreak and had the 99p Pad Thai deal and it was as delicious as always and 99 PENCE. It doesn’t get much better than 99p noodles.

5. Coming home. I love travelling, but there is absolutely no better feeling than coming home. Warm flat, hot cup of tea, slippers on, blissssss.

6. Bargains. I love the January sales! I picked up two of my favourite basic cashmere/merino jumpers from Woolovers yesterday, for just £20 each. My old black jumper lost a battle with a zip in the washing machine last year, so I’ve been hankering after a new one for agessss. I also bought a navy one because HELLO BARGAIN.

7. Crosswords. I’ve got into the habit of picking up the Evening Standard on my way home from work, then spending the last half hour before bed filling in the Sudoku and crossword puzzles. It focuses and relaxes my brain all at once, and I find I’m sleeping better too!

8. Queen of the Tearling. I started reading this about two weeks ago, but only got through a couple of chapters before I put it to one side (I can’t even remember why.) But I picked it up again this morning and OH IT’S SO GOOD. I’m already excited for my tube journey home to see what happens next!

9. Cheese board. I finally got my long-awaited cheese board last night. We went to a pub and had soup and a roast dinner, and then the biggest and best cheese board I’ve ever seen. It was so good I even forgot to take a photo of it!


Little miss Katy


What do you think??

It’s a slightly more grown up version of my last update.

In all honesty, the name ‘Little Miss Katy’ has been bugging me a bit lately, but unfortunately the alternative domains I’ve been looking at are all taken, so I guess I’m stuck with the Little Miss.

So my thought process with this logo was: MAKE ME SEEM AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT ADULTY PLEASE. And I think I nailed it. Classic, timeless, and I can actually see myself sticking with this for a long time to come (she says optimistically).

The layout itself is more streamlined, and there’s the pretty exciting addition of a printable recipe card for my recipe posts (or at least, there will be, once I get round to updating all my old posts.)

(I’ve also got to sit and recategorise 350+ posts later this week, so wish me luck on that.)(Such fun.)

Thumbnails on the homepage are now vertical, which I think looks neater and shows my photos off better. And overall, I just think it looks much sassier and cleaner and easier to use.

Obviously this was a bit of a rush job, because I got an unexpected invoice payment through on Friday which made me a bit giddy.


But yeah. I’m happy. It’s a work in progress, but I feel so much happier.

I hope you all like it, and please let me know if there are any major glitches!

Have a very wonderful week ♥