HOTEL REVIEW: The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

July 21, 2017
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

About a week after we booked our flights to Singapore, I showed Gary a photo of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Charlie had been giving me suggestions of things to do in the city, and one of her ideas was to have cocktails on the roof bar of this big fancy pants hotel.

Well, I showed Gary a photo of it, and that was it. Love at first sight.

He wanted to swim in that massive infinity pool, and nothing and no-one was going to stand in his way. (And I definitely wasn’t going to be the one to stop him!)

The Marina Bay Sands is that huuuuuuge three-block hotel pictured above, with a boat-shaped rooftop bar and infinity pool stacked on the top.

It overlooks the Bay, and the Gardens, and has some pretty stunning views over the city too.

The rooftop bar is free (but you’ll have to buy a drink), or you can pay to access the observation deck, but the pool itself is strictly reserved for hotel guests only…

Which is pretty much the reason Gary booked us in to stay on our last night in Singapore!

marina bay sands hotel lobby


The inside of the hotel is (predictably) as big as the outside. The reception area is a bit like an airport check-in desk, with rows of receptionists waiting to take names and give out keys.

Gary booked us an upgraded Club Room, and I’m going to say this right now before I start: it was worth every single penny.

It’s (obviously) more expensive than a Standard, but I think if you’re going to shell out £300 for one night in a normal room anyway, you may as well save up a bit extra and go for the REALLY special room, right?

Apart from a stunning room on one of the higher floors, we also got a ton of extra perks, which included being able to pre-log our check-in details before we arrived, which saved us from queueing.

They also offered us a late checkout, as our flight to London wasn’t until late the next evening. We were going to ask for this anyway, but it was lovely to have it offered without us saying anything!

So, super-fast check-in completed, we headed up to our lovely room on the 47th floor…

marina bay sands hotel club room marina bay sands hotel marina bay sands hotel club room


The room itself wasn’t quite as spectacular as the one we stayed in in Budapest. The interior decor was a bit basic: lots of brown and yellow, with dark wood furniture. We also had a desk and massive TV on a stand, which I forgot to snap.

But the bed was both king-sized and incredibly comfy. Everything was super clean, the bathroom was HUGE, and to be honest: the insane view from our big balcony more than made up for everything else!

marina bay sands view marina bay sands hotel bathroommarina bay sands views


Bedroom explored, view admired, we showered, changed and headed upstairs for the next item on our Club Room perk list…

Afternoon tea!

Every afternoon, between 2pm and 4pm, Club Room guests can head up to the 55th floor and enjoy two hours of unlimited sandwiches, cakes, pastries, tea, coffee and other soft drinks.

We chose a seat overlooking the Gardens, and had a lovely hour nibbling on blueberry scones and chicken & cucumber sandwiches.

Then we went shopping. As I mentioned in my previous post about Singapore, I didn’t pack nearly enough clothes for our 6 day trip. I hadn’t counted on the weather being so humid that I’d have to change outfits about 3 times a day, so by now, I was down to just two dresses.

One for travelling back to London, one for exploring Chinatown the next day… And nothing to wear for dinner!

So we ran down to the Marina Bay Shopping Centre, and after analysing the list of shops available (Gucci, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen… among others!), I realised that Zara was the only affordable item on the menu.

I picked up a glorious blue pin-striped dress (with bell sleeves, and a dropped and ruffled hem) for £30, rushed back to our room to change, then headed back up to Club 55 for Round Two of our room perks…

pouring champagnemarina bay sands hotel drinks and canapes


Similar to afternoon tea, every evening between 5pm and 7pm, Club Room guests are welcome to unlimited drinks and canapes.

UNLIMITED. So, of course, we arrived at 5pm on the dot, determined to make the most of it!

Our lovely waiter seated us at a table overlooking the Gardens (I’m obsessed with the view) and poured us glasses of champagne. (Because if you’re going to be fancy, you may as well be PROPER fancy and drink bubbles, right?)

The canapes weren’t what I was expecting. Instead of tiny nibbles, we had mini-bowls of shepherd’s pie and pork belly with apple puree. We had cheese and crackers and charcuterie and fruit and nuts. In fact, there was so much food (and champagne) that we actually decided to cancel dinner!

We sat back, relaxed, sipped our drinks, and watched the Gardens slowly light up as the sky got dark.

cheese and champagnedrinks and canapes with a view pouring champagne


Full to the brim with bubbles and nibbles, we wandered back to our room to watch the Gardens by the Bay light show from our balcony.

Every night, the Supergrove Trees light up as the sun goes down. Then at 8:45pm, the trees “perform” a light show, set to music.

The show changes every few months, and we were super lucky to be there at the beginning of May… just in time for Star Wars Day! (You can watch the whole show on Youtube!)

gardens by the bay at nightgardens by the bay at night


I love me a musical light show (or musical anything show to be honest! The musical fountain was my highlight from our Budapest trip), so after watching it from the Balcony, we got changed (again) and walked down to the Gardens in time to watch it again. This time from inside the Grove!

Lying on our backs, looking up at the Trees, with John Williams’ terrific score blaring, and colorful lights flashing… Guys. I did a cry. A little GOD I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW cry.

It was beautiful and stunning, and my absolute favourite moment from the entire trip.

gardens by the bay light show marina bay sands hotel at night


On our way back to the hotel, we decided to shoot upstairs and have a drink on the roof.

But two minutes after arriving on deck, we’d changed our minds. Instead, we raced back to our room, slipped into our swimsuits, and legged it back for half an hour of pool time before it closed for the night.

The water was warm, the lights were bright, and the view was unbelievably beautiful…

Like I said: worth every penny.

marina bay sands infinity pool at night


Back in our room, we showered, changed, and decided to order one last drink from room service before bed time.

Gary put in the order for two Singapore slings, and we settled in to watch Inception on the telly. (Singapore has really good English TV!)

Next thing we know, the loveliest Singaporean lady turned up at our door with an actual cocktail mixing trolley.

No pre-made drinks here guys, she wheeled herself into the room and made our cocktails right in front of us! In our room! (I was so giddy about this. IT’S JUST SO COOL.)

singapore sling at the marina bay sands hotelsingapore sling at the marina bay sands hotel

Singapore Slings are traditionally made with gin, cherry licquer, herb licquer, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine.

Would you believe that our lovely server had actually squeezed the fresh pineapple and lime juice in the kitchen before coming upstairs?!

singapore sling at the marina bay sands hotel singapore sling at the marina bay sands hotel

She gave us a quick lesson in making cocktails, poured out our drinks, and left us to toast the city.

A wonderful end to our last night in Singapore!

singapore sling at the marina bay sands hotelgardens by the bay at nightSingapore hotel review: the iconic Marina Bay Sands! (featuring the famous infinity pool)



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