Afternoon Tea at the Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly

August 5, 2016
jungle book afernoon tea

jungle book afernoon tea

Themed afternoon teas seem to be having a massive boom at the moment.

From Alice in Wonderland to Great Gatsby, there’s something for everyone. (Actually that’s not true. I just Googled it and there’s no Harry Potter themed afternoon tea. This is a tragedy. Someone needs to fix this immediately please.)

A couple of weeks ago, the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel invited me down to try their afternoon tea offering.

I’d actually popped in a few days earlier for the launch night of their beautiful Riviera-themed summer terrace, so I was very excited to be heading back again so soon!

We were there to sample the Jungle Book Afternoon Tea, but after a small mix-up, we ended up getting to also try the very fancy (and actually NOT that expensive) Champagne Afternoon Tea as well.

And yes, two afternoon teas per person may seem like one afternoon tea too many – but then, I’ve never quite developed the ability to say no to extra food…

meridien piccadilly hotel afternoon tea


meridien piccadilly hotel afternoon tea

afternoon tea sandwiches

We started with a glorious glass of bubbles and a look around the room.

I LOVE this room. The indoor terrace is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, there are blue shutters and pink flowers and stripy deckchairs, AND a petanque pitch (terrain? piste? I DON’T KNOW, BUT IT’S FUN.)

They have live music on a Sunday afternoon, and I was a BIG fan. They sang really awesome acoustic, jazzy versions of current pop songs and it was glorious.

Trust me. You have not heard Taylor Swift’s songs until you’ve heard them sung jazzily and acoustic-ly.

The Champagne Afternoon Tea then arrived in a flurry of white plates and delicious smells:

The sandwiches were classic and delicate: duck egg and cress; chicken with tarragon mayo; salmon and cream cheese; and honey-roast ham and pickle. The bread was fresh and the fillings were good, but could have done with MORE of them. The bread to filling ratio was a bit disappointing.

The cakes though!

The mocha macarons were exceptional, but my absolute favourite was definitely the espresso brulee tart. Caramelized on top, soft and squidgy in the centre… perfection.

At this point we were already starting to get full, so we only tried half a fruit scone each. They were perfectly warm and fresh, served with jam and proper clotted cream, and they were LOVELY.

chocolate cups

afternoon tea treacle tart

jungle book afernoon tea

The Jungle Book Tea, however, was a whole new boardgame.

The chunky tiger-bread sandwiches were stuffed with plenty of filling (duck egg and cress, and chicken in tarragon mayo), and were absolutely delicious.

Instead of the usual fancy cake tray, we found bundles of vegetable crudites, wrapped in banana leaf and served with little pots of hummus. Fruit skewers provided a flash of bright colour, as well as an extra dose of vitamins and healthiness.

There were also chocolate biscuits, with little icing bags filled with cream to decorate them with. And if you were feeling reaaaally fancy, you could also cover them in rainbow sprinkles (and really, why would you not?).

The banana scones were warm and fresh and perfect, topped with pineapple jam (which I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did!) and (more) piped cream.

AND THEN. Tiny snake eclairs that you could also fill with piped cream!

jungle book afernoon tea

jungle book afernoon tea

jungle book afernoon tea

jungle book afernoon tea

It may not have been the most sophisticated option, but I think I actually preferred the Jungle Book tea to the sexy Champagne one.

We loved the twist on the usual classics, and had such a BLAST doing our own decorating and sprinkling!

I’d definitely go back – especially for the banana scones. I’m not actually sure I can ever go back to eating a normal scone ever again.

(Except LOL of course I will.)

(In fact…)


You know how I keep telling you that I like doing foodie tours? (As per this example and also this one)

Well tomorrow I’ll be joining the Afternoon Tea-athon. Four hours of wandering from hotel to hotel, trying out all their afternoon tea options.

I will be putting together a blog guide for them all, but if you want a sneaky preview, make sure to follow me on Snapchat (misskatyenglish) or Instagram Stories (I KNOW. I’M SORRY. I CAVED.) as I’ll be live vlogging the whole event.

Have a fantastic weekend! ♥


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