How To Dress Like Matilda

May 5, 2014
matilda world book day

I’ve always been a bookworm, even as a kid.

I was that weirdo who would get invited to birthday parties, and then spend them reading the birthday girl/boy’s book collection, drinking juice cos I didn’t like fizzy drinks.

I read a lot and I read it fast. And it’s still one of my favourite “escape” activities. All I need is a book, a quiet room and a hot cup of tea (milk and two sweeteners, tah very much) and I’m happy. Simple pleasures eh?

Roald Dahl was (and still is) one of my favourite authors. His books are brilliant, funny, clever and perfect for children and adults alike. My favourite RD character is Matilda. I love her. Always have done, probably always will. She’s a girl. She loves to read. She’s tiny, funny, super gutsy and über-smart. She has awesome magic powers.

And let’s be honest here. At some point in our life we’ve all tried to move objects with our eyes cos we were convinced we had Matilda’s powers. Am I right?

So on Saturday, I got dressed in the morning. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought: “I recognise this. I’ve seen someone wearing this. Where on earth is this from?

Matilda outfit print dress

Matilda outfit print dress

And then it clicked. I know where I’ve seen this before!

Have you ever accidentally copied a fictional character’s style?

The dress is one of my Boohoo voucher buys (£8). It’s a lovely jersey fabric and I bought it thinking of summer. Perfect for those days when you just want to throw something on with some sandals and be done with it!

For now, I’m layering it up with a t-shirt, and wearing my cosy Boohoo chelsea boots.

It’s been a gorgeous sunny weekend here in London!

I spent most of yesterday in the park with Boy, his housemates, a box of fruity ciders and several bags of Doritos. We’re a classy bunch as you can tell. But we had a ton of fun kicking a ball around, practising handstands and just chilling out.

What did you lovely people get up to over the weekend/bank holiday?


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