November 27, 2014
Turkey Head


I know, I know. I’m not American.

But come on! All the food and family and a day off work and showing appreciation for everything you love…

Hardly seems fair that they should have all the fun, right?

So I’m throwing myself into it and pretending I’m American for the day.

I might even go WILD and buy myself a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Turkey Head
2014 has been very good to me so far, and I have a LOT to be thankful for:

1. My amazing parents. Thank you for supporting me through everything, from wanting to be an actress, to moving to the UK, then moving to London, then giving up acting, and now the blogging. Thank you for always being there for me, for helping me when I’ve been (previously) super stuck financially, and for always always knowing best. And thank you for the making the best lasagne/Guinness and steak pie EVER. I literally can never ever repay everything you’ve done for me. Mum and Dad: you rock and I love you and THANK YOU!♥

2. My “little” brother and sister. Thank you for putting up with me as a bossy older sister for 21 years without killing me (which is in itself a miracle). Thank you for always being there when I really need you, for making me laugh, for all the crazy photo shoots and for all the happy happy memories. CJ and Ches: you’re the bestest siblings I could’ve asked for. I love you and THANK YOU!♥

Happy Thanksgiving

3. My brilliant boyfriend. Officially my longest ever relationship and, again, he has yet to try and kill me for being annoying/bossy/drunk. High fives to us. Thank you for all your support for every new crazy project I come up with, for putting up with my emotional crying jags, for making me laugh all the time. Also for always doing the washing up. I really love you a lot for that. THANK YOU!♥

4. All of my friends, both from England and Spain. For putting up with my craziness, making me laugh til I can’t actually breathe, sending me hilarious memes over Whatsapp, drinking wine/cocktails/coffee/juice with me, eating all the Dominos/Chinese/snails/nachos/tapas with me, for looking after me when I’m drunk, for listening to me when I cry, for giving me great advice, for telling me not to buy those jeans and for always being the cool kids. I love all of you. Thank you!!♥

Thanksgiving Friends

5. My blog readers and followers. You guys have literally changed my life around in the past 7 months. You’ve given me a whole new dream and direction, opened so many doors for me and helped me experience so many awesome opportunities I could never have imagined. Those of you I’ve met in person are all so lovely and so funny and so smart, and I’m proud and thankful to be associated with you. You guys literally rock my world. Thank you!!♥

6. I’m also incredibly thankful that my extended family, friends and I are all still here, still alive, mostly healthy and mostly happy. I’m thankful for having a great job, a great boss, a good salary, a warm home and a hobby I’m passionate about. I know I sometimes moan on Twitter about London (the tubes and buses are my bête noire at the moment!), but I’m super aware of how lucky I am to be here, and incredibly thankful to have somewhere nice to live in the city that hasn’t cost the life of my first-born child…

7. And finally: I’m thankful for pizza and wine. And cake.


So that’s that done.

What are YOU thankful for this year? Leave me a comment, I’d really love to know! (Basically cos I’m incredibly nosy.)

So… Can we eat the turkey now? :)


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